Is There a Cure for Hashimoto’s Disease?


The email thread below was exchanged between Jennifer and Nancy in regard to alternative treatment for Hashimoto’s Disease.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to combine high dose Iodoral or Lugol’s iodine supplements with selenium supplementation to balance the body’s nutritional needs as a person with Hashimoto’s. Disease.

Hi Jennifer!


I was diagnosed just this March 17th with Hashimoto’s Disease. I had an ultrasound that showed an enlarged thyroid gland on the right side. I’ve been doing 6 months visits for a year with an ultrasound at each visit. I have several enlarged nodules on my thyroid, one big enough to warrant removal. I had a needle biopsy done and the results showed that it was benign. It might be longer than a year. No treatment. I am on levothyroxine for several years now. Other meds I take are: otc naproxen, osteo Bi-flex, AREDS2 just started this one this month for my macular degeneration that’s starting. I take prescription oxybutynin 2.5mg daily, toprol xl 100mg, gabapentin 100mg. Then I take a gel cap of essential oil called DDR prime. It’s a cellular complex.


I also have had 2 serious back surgeries. The last one they knicked my spinal sack. I have 2 rods and 10 screws. They fused from L3- S1. The second surgery was cuz i broke the bottom screws in half on both sides somehow. That’s my physical stress. I don’t see myself as mentally stressed tho. My faith keeps me strong.


The only symptoms from this is a visable lump in my neck. I worry a bit cuz Dr. Nabity said it could grow around things and interfere with swallowing and there’s a facial nerve too.


Thank you, Jennifer!






Hi Nancy!


I am so sorry to hear about all this. I have to start by saying that a lot of the information that I’m going to provide to you will go against what your doctor is telling you to do. And I know that it’s a big decision to go against your doctor’s advice. That being said, I’m not recommending that you go against your doctor’s advice. Rather, I’m sending you some alternative thoughts to consider about your health issues. And my recommendation is always that people follow their own gut and intuition about their health. 


This is a long message. There’s a lot of information. Please let me know if you have questions.


I may send you more information in the future, but for now, this is a good start.


And in answer to your question about iodine. Yes…I would say that your health problems are iodine-related. Also, many people believe that iodized salt will provide them with all their iodine needs. But actually salt is a terrible carrier for iodine. Prior to the 1980’s, when the obesity epidemic officially started, bread products were fortified with iodine. And bread was a great carrier for iodine. But the Food Industry in cahoots with Big Pharma made the switch from iodine fortification of bread to salt. Now, bread contains bromine. And the water supply contains fluorine. Both fluorine and bromine masquerade in the body as iodine, which causes thyroid problems including Hashimoto’s Disease.


Take a look at this image of the Periodic Table of the Elements: 


Note that bromine, fluorine, and iodine are all in the same column on the table. This means that these three elements (along with chlorine, astatine, and tennessine) share certain characteristics. Our body has a hard time telling the difference between bromine and iodine, for example. And the U.S. contains the most bromine-related products in the world. It’s in bread, citrus soft drinks, new furnishings (as a fire retardant), swimming pools (instead of chlorine these days), and…though every other country in the developed world has outlawed bromine as an insecticide because of its horrible effects on health, the U.S. continues to permit its use (most developed countries in the world have subsidized healthcare but the U.S. is unique in that it has an totally capitalistic model of healthcare–this means that the government has more interest in support big corporations that feed campaign funds and what not rather than the common man). Bromine messes up the body’s ability to use iodine—and that leads to significant health issues BUT…in every person the symptoms of iodine deficiency VARY. As a result, people have a very hard time identifying what’s wrong with them. Though a husband and wife may both be deficient in iodine and suffering from the diseases caused by iodine deficiency, the husband may have testicular cancer or enlarged prostate (for example), while the wife may suffer from issues related to obesity like diabetes or mental health issues. This confuses people who have been taught that one natural (and very affordable) substance like iodine could not possibly cure mental health problems as well as cancer. How could it be just one simple nutrient that’s lacking for both people? It seems crazy, but hey…maybe not!  



Before I launch into how to treat symptoms of Hashimoto’s, I want to mention something called Neural Therapy. Neural Therapy uses procaine injections to restore blood supply to organs like the thyroid that aren’t being properly nourished. I may mention it again to you in the future. Blood supply and healing go together. Most health issues take form around a reduced or altered blood supply to the area that’s ailing. Neural Therapy is administered by specialized medical doctors and it is available in some bigger cities in the U.S. It can be life-changing, though few people know about it. There are some ways to enhance blood supply to the thyroid gland at home without the injections, but I’ll talk more about that later. 


If you wish to continue taking your prescription medications indefinitely, let me know and I’ll send you some information about biomagnetism. Consider using an infrared light on your thyroid gland daily for 5 minutes twice a day in the meantime. The thyroid gland is particularly responsive to infrared and red light therapies, but don’t overdo it—5 minutes is enough 2 times per day.




Technically, the definition of an enlarged thyroid gland is “goiter”. If a person’s thyroid gland is enlarged even slightly, the very first possible diagnosis that doctors traditionally considered back in the pre-American Medical Association days was GOITER. But that all changed after the creation of the AMA in the early 1900’s and the realization that iodine deficiency is a hugely profitable disease for the healthcare system. It’s one of the most common problems and for that reason Levothyroxine is the second most prescribed drug in the U.S. 


For an enlarged thyroid gland iodine supplements will heal the problem (Lugol’s or Iodoral are the two products that today contain the necessary combination of potassium iodide and molecular iodine/iodide). A goiter is caused by a deficiency of iodine, which is extremely common today, especially in the U.S., and particularly in the area of the U.S. where you live because the soil is deficient in iodine. Nebraska is located in the Goiter Belt. Here is a link to a map of the Goiter Belt: 


Follow this link to read an in-depth article about iodine deficiency and bromine. The article is about breast cancer specifically, but the information is actually generic in terms of how a lack of iodine impacts the body and how exposure to bromine can cause a lack of iodine. Iodine deficiency has a broad and far-reaching impact on people’s health and symptoms vary from person to person: 

Our Amazon links to powerful cures like Lugol’s Iodine often disappear mysteriously after we publish.
Support our outside vendors by purchasing Lugol’s Iodine here. 


An iodine deficiency leads to a downward spiral of negative health effects. Iodine, through its impact on the ovaries/testicles and the thyroid gland, basically affects almost every part of the body from bone formation to the ability to think clearly.


That being said, taking iodine supplements was a real life-changer for our family. I honestly don’t know how we were surviving without the supplements. The brain fog went away. We all lost about 10 lbs even as we stopped exercising so much. And our general health improved. But at first the iodine supplements made us feel worse instead of better. Again, read the article above to get the gist of how bromine and fluorine exposure can make iodine deficiency worse and how this can lead to health issues like Hashimoto’s Disease. This article will also help you understand why iodine supplements might at first make you feel worse instead of better.


Relevant Information about Your Prescription Medications: 

There are certain natural treatments that you use that won’t interfere with prescription medications. But to be honest, because most prescription medications cause side effects that basically amount to a “new disease”, it’s usually a goal to get off as many of the prescription medications as possible. Prescription medications are expensive and they’re designed to cover up symptoms, not to cure disease. And some of the most powerful and yet elegantly simple natural medications like DMSO CANNOT be used unless you’re free of prescription meds. 


Taking prescription medication is usually (though not always), like financial debt. If you go to a financial consultant with $200,000 in debt and you ask for them to help you figure out how to save money, they’ll tell you that you need to work down that debt first. The interest on debt is always higher than any interest you might make on money that you’ve saved or invested. So you’d need to pay down the debt first. And health is like that too. If you’re taking a prescription medication that causes side effects that are bad enough to warrant taking additional prescription medications to cover up the symptoms, then you have a Health Debt.  And this debt, which basically involves the use of synthetic substances that do not claim to heal you, that will not lead you to better health, that are harming you as they cover up symptoms of an already diseased state, will need to be reconciled and worked down before you can really reclaim your health and develop some physical resilience. So going off the prescription medication is a top priority, but some prescription medications must be slowly worked down to a very low dose before you stop taking them. It might be necessary to recruit a doctor to help you reduce your prescription medications, but that depends on what you’re taking. 


But whether you decide to stop taking your prescription medications or not will be your decision, of course. I work with a lot of people who decide to stick with prescription meds even though those medications are causing them to get sicker and sicker over time. It’s hard to go against the advice of a doctor and I understand that. We’ve all been taught that the doctor knows more than we do, and that is a true statement in that doctors do know more about prescription medications and how to perform surgery. Doctors do not know more than their patients about the patient’s own health and the patient’s experience of living inside their own bodies, however. Nonetheless, you have to make the decision about prescription medication for yourself, but before you can make a choice, you have to realize that you have a choice.


Often, I recommend that people seek out an alternative healer they trust to work with them as a guide and/or confidant through the process of healing if they have a complex set of health needs because healing never proceeds in a straight line. There are steps forward and steps backward and when you take those steps backwards, it’s important that you don’t doubt yourself or your chosen path. You need to be able to keep moving in a generally forward direction emotionally, even when you physically feel worse sometimes during the healing process.  


So below I comment on your prescription medications…

Levothyroxine / L-Thyroxine:


Levothyroxine is one of the most commonly prescribed medications in the United States. It doesn’t heal the thyroid gland. Rather, it is like taking doses of the hormone thyroxine, which is normally produced and then excreted by the thyroid gland. But Levothyroxine is not chemically exactly like the body’s version of thyroxine. It’s synthetic, so it is chemically just slightly different from natural thyroxine.


Medications like Levothyroxine that are chemically similar to what is normally produced naturally in the body can cause additional health problems over time. For example, imagine that the thyroid gland is a person with arms and legs, a head, and it’s own thoughts. It’s job is to make thyroxine. But suddenly, there’s no demand for thyroxine anymore because production has been outsourced to India. The thyroid gland then has no job. It’s out of work and it might even become lazy and depressed. There’s no reason for the thyroid to remember how to make the thyroxine or to even try to make thyroxine because–the supply has been outsourced. 


After a person starts taking Levothyroxine, they start to experience new health problems. They need additional prescription meds or maybe even surgery. While the thyroid gland is getting lazy, bone health, the kidneys, or the brain may suffer. This is how the U.S. healthcare system works. It is the only healthcare system in the developed world that is 100% based on capitalism. Essentially, the U.S. healthcare system is only profitable if people are sick, so medications are geared at causing lingering health problems, rather than at making people healthy again.


Unfortunately, Levothyroxine is a synthetic version of thyroxine which means that the body will eventually revolt against it. Synthetic hormones tend to work well at first, but eventually the body will notice that Levothyroxine is slightly different on a chemical level and then there will be mutiny. Again, this is profitable for the U.S. healthcare system, but patients certainly don’t want this to happen when they start taking this drug. Most patients have no idea what’s in store for them when they start taking a prescription medication and by the time negative health effects from the drug really take hold, they don’t have the strength to fight back.


There’s a bio-identical version of thyroxine that you could take instead of Levothyroxine. These bioidentical thyroxine products are called Naturethroid or Armour. They contain T3 and T4 in the proper ratio to help people like you feel good from one day to the next. Bio-identical thyroxine would be less damaging to the thyroid gland.



IMPORTANT: If you start taking iodine supplements like the ones I describe below, your thyroid gland may feel like working to produce thyroxine again. Then, you’ll need to stop taking the Levothyroxine.  Be aware that doctors are very against iodine supplements because they learn only about RADIOACTIVE IODINE in medical school (which is a diagnostic tool that’s very very different from iodine itself in that it kills the thyroid gland). Most doctors, except perhaps Integrative Medicine doctors without a strong background in nutrition, will know nothing about iodine as a supplement and will generally be afraid of it.


Oxybutynin, 2.5 mg daily:


When we lived in the states, I had bladder problems constantly. I now believe this was due mostly to my constant exposure to bromine. When you start taking iodine and the bromine starts to be purged out of your body in large quantities, your bladder might feel quite irritated as a result. You can imagine how this process being exposed to bromine and then of bromine passing through your body constantly could cause constant, low-level bladder irritation even when you aren’t taking iodine supplements. Iodine supplements will help protect your body from absorbing bromine and it will cause your body to protect the thyroid by generally rejecting both bromine and fluorine when you’re inevitably exposed to these substances.


Take sea salt in water to offset bladder irritation while you detox from bromine. (See the article I link to above about iodine for more info about sea salt).


Also, have you heard of D-Mannose powder? 


D-Mannose is a sugar that keeps microorganisms from attaching to the bladder wall. It’s a life-saver for cystitis. But maybe your doctor prescribed the Oxybutynin for some other purpose other than cystitis. If that’s the case, let me know and I’ll look more closely at that usage for Oxybutynin.


Check out this article about over-the-counter cystitis treatments: 


And then, I talk more about DMSO below. DO NOT TAKE DMSO WITH OTHER PRESCRIPTION MEDS BECAUSE IT CAN SOMETIMES MAKE THOSE MEDICATIONS STRONGER. DMSO is easily absorbed through the skin, but you can drink water combined with DMSO and about 50% of the DMSO will end up in the bladder. The DMSO has a soothing effect on the bladder and it’s also an anti-infective for UTIs. Just be sure to buy the odor-free DMSO! Otherwise you’ll smell like an oyster!


Toprol 100 mg

I would need to know more about why you’re taking this medication before I can comment on it’s use. It’s a beta-blocker that’s used to treat high blood pressure, angina, and heart failure and it works by blocking epinephrine. Epinephrine (another word for adrenaline) is important for our health, so blocking it would cause globally negative health effects over time.


I’m curious as to whether you’re taking it for high blood pressure, chest pain, or kidney problems or for some other reason. Please let me know! 🙂


Taking Vitamin K2 with vitamin D3 (both are in the Thorne multivitamin I recommend below) will result in the removal of about 50% of the calcium plaques in your blood vessels within about 6 weeks. This is likely to lower your blood pressure. If you’re taking Toprol for blood pressure, I would recommend eating beets and/or taking a dried beet root supplement to naturally lower your blood pressure:

Again, though, be aware that your blood pressure may go down if you start taking the Thorne multivitamin and a beet root supplement so be prepared to incrementally take less of your blood pressure medication over time. Consider telling your doctor what you’re doing.


Don’t take DMSO unless you stop taking your blood pressure medication completely. But don’t just stop taking it abruptly! You’ll have to wean yourself off this drug slowly if you decide you want to do that.


Be aware that blood pressure medications like Toprol can cause significant digestive upsets. Many people who take beta blockers also end up taking drugs for heartburn or other digestive issues


Gabapentin 100 mg


This is another medication that I can’t comment on in great detail without knowing why it was prescribed to you. If you’re willing to give me more details about this, I’ll do some more research on this drug just to see how it’s contributing to your health problems. There may be more natural alternatives to Gabapentin that would work toward healing what ails you, rather than just covering it up, but it depends on the symptoms you’re treating.


What I Would Do If I Were You:


I would NOT have the needle biopsy done right away because the nodules are likely to disappear if you start taking iodine (see below). That being said, I understand why you might feel an urgency to get a biopsy done. Cancer is my specialty disease and I have strong feelings about what to do and what not to do. My husband had melanoma a few years ago, but we treated it ourselves at home. Mexico is a Cancer Cure Mecca—there are a number of medical facilities in Tijuana that cure cancer without chemo, radiation, or biopsies (which can disrupt cancer cells and make them metastasize). We offer a 4-volume reference manual of cancer cures that are available all over the world and we worked with several of them directly. By the time my husband developed this spot on his face, I’d already been to a number of no-chemo, no-radiation facilities in Mexico because I’d had a personal interest in cancer cures from having worked in the medical industry in my pre-med days and I’d already traveled the world to see indigenous healers in a number of countries perform miracles too, so I had that as an advantage as far as believing in cancer cures.


The Cancer Cure Catalog reference manuals contain some Bigger Picture sub-themes including diet, pH of the body, nutrient deficiencies, herbal treatments, and vibrational medicine. The book categorizes each of the treatments for cancer, but the fact is, after learning about these themes, it has become very clear to me that most diseases and even addictions can be cured using pH, nutrient therapies, herbs, and vibrational medicine. 


Hashimoto’s is an auto-immune disorder, which indicates that there’s a bigger problem going on in your body. I would personally never recommend a soy-based diet to anyone because soy is a very common allergen, but if you feel that this diet is working for you, then that’s the most important thing. For people who have a massive health issue like autoimmunity happening, I recommend the Gerson diet and/or juicing. There are Gerson facilities in Europe and Mexico. Dr. Gerson specifically acknowledges the important role that the thyroid gland plays in overall health. He was the first doctor to demonstrate success at curing cancer and he eventually had to leave the U.S. because his methods threatened the big pharmaceutical establishment.


Check out this important article about vitamin B17/amygdalin. Any persons with a disease that involves physical degeneration or autoimmunity would likely benefit from vitamin B17 supplements. Everyone should take vitamin B17 and eat seeds in a purposeful way to prevent and/or treat cancer.


I have more to say about vitamin B17 in regard to cancer after I finish talking about iodine. Iodine deficiency is very common and it can take some time to correct the deficiency.

Our Amazon links to powerful cures like Lugol’s Iodine often disappear mysteriously after we publish.
Support our outside vendors by purchasing Lugol’s Iodine here. 


Lugol’s is a liquid. You can put it in water or you can just put a drop of it on your skin. I usually put it on my wrist in separate droplets, but you might consider putting a few drops directly on your thyroid gland at the front base of the neck. Take it in the morning. It’s energizing and it can keep you up at night if you take it after 4:00 PM. 


I would start with Lugol’s because you can take a very low dose at first and work your way up from 1 drop per day to 20 drops per day. Also, the liquid version is a little cheaper than Iodoral, however, it is harder to dose it exactly the same every day, so you may want to switch to Iodoral for 6 months to a year after your thyroid starts functioning again and you start to feel better. The Iodoral will help your thyroid get used to and settle down health-wise with a constant, reliable supply of daily iodine.


How to Take Lugol´s – start with 1 drop per day for a couple of days and then increase by 1 drop per day while paying attention to bromine detoxification symptoms (please read this article  about iodine at AlivenHealthy). 


Notice how you feel each day and consider keeping a journal that notes all of your health-related issues from feelings of anxiety to pain in your hip joints. You may need to either stop taking the Levothyroxine or lower the dose over tiem. Consider talking to your doctor about what you’re doing–ask about bioidentical thyroxine as an alternative to Levothyroxine– but be prepared for the doctor to be against the use of iodine or the bioidentical alternative to the pharmaceutical. It’s important that you understand that your doctor gets a commission for prescribing pharmaceuticals (think of all the pens and clocks, and other paraphernalia in doctor’s offices that doctors get for free from the Big Pharma reps that remind doctors to prescribe certain medications to their patients–on the other hand, doctors get no special spiffs, like all-expense-paid beach vacations, or bonuses if you take iodine or bioidentical hormones).


If your doctor is not a source of support for you as you transition to natural substances for healing, then check in with a family member each day and just…discuss what’s going on in terms of your health. The progress with something like Lugol’s is slow, but that’s because you are healing and not just covering up symptoms. It could take 6 months to a year or so for you to really see a big difference in how you feel. Take the iodine RELIGIOUSLY every single day because you’re exposed to bromine every single day. And remember—healing takes more time as a process than the process of just covering up your symptoms.


How to Take Iodoral – 


There are 2 doses you can take: 12.5 mg and 50 mg. Work up from 20 drops of Lugol’s (at first) on your wrist or in your water and eventually replace this with the 12.5 mg dose of Iodoral. Take the 12.5 mg dose of Iodoral for 2 weeks to a month. Then, take ½ of the 50 mg dose of Iodoral for 6 months to a year or more. Continue taking no less than 20 drops of Lugol’s iodine daily or 12.5 mg of Iodoral daily for the rest of your life.  


IMPORTANT: If you read the article that I sent you above about iodine, you’ll note that there’s a characteristic rash that happens when people take iodine if they’ve been exposed to bromine (you have definitely been exposed to bromine). This rash is called “bromaderma”. I got it when I first started taking iodine and so did everyone in my family. Doctors, if they see this rash, they will tell you you’re allergic to iodine. But bromaderma is caused by bromine being released by the glands into the bloodstream when iodine is finally available in sufficient quantities as a result of supplementation. The rash will go away after your body purges bromine. Be aware that there may be bromine in your water supply. If you have reverse osmosis filtered water, then think about the water you use for showering. Both fluorine and bromine can be absorbed through the skin and if you have thyroid problems, you should try to filter both your bathing and drinking water so that it doesn’t contain fluorine or bromine. 


Vitamin B17, DMSO, and Frankincense Essential Oil:

Read this article about how to use vitamin B17 with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) and frankincense essential oil.


One of the things I always recommend to any American who’s struggling with health issues is vitamin B17. In the U.S. foods are hybridized to not produce seeds. But there’s a vitamin in seeds like grape seeds, apple seeds, and the little almond-shaped kernels found in plum pits, apricot pits, and peach pits that we all need. The same man who developed chemotherapy (Dr. Sugiura) also discovered that this vitamin can cure cancer in 80-100% of patients. He initially studied rats and found that he could reliably cure cancer by giving the rats high doses of vitamin B17 (which is also known as Laetrile or Amydgalin). This research was covered up by Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, but some journalists and nurses worked together to sneak the data out. At any rate, if you want to prevent or cure cancer, and really, any degenerative or autoimmune disease, you should be taking vitamin B17.


But vitamin B17 as a product (Laetrile) is illegal in the U.S. because it reliably cures diseases that are extremely profitable for the healthcare system. So, as an American, you should look for apricot kernels, grapeseed oil, and things like that as supplements. I would recommend that you eat 4 to 5 raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels 5 to 10 times throughout the day. They are very very BITTER and if you eat too many all at once, they can upset your stomach (4 to 5 of them is the right amount). You can find them crushed in pills or you could get a mortar and pestle and crush them up yourself and put them in vegetable glycerin pills if you don’t like how they taste. Though they’re bitter and can upset your stomach in high quantities, in small doses, they have a significant healing impact on the digestive system overall.


Taking Apricot Kernels by Mouth:


In addition to taking Lugol’s or Iodoral, I would also recommend that you take a good multivitamin along with vitamin B17 in the form of apricot kernels. You will need the good multivitamin to be able to absorb the vitamin B17.




Multivitamin Information:


A word about the Thorne Research Multivitamin that I’m recommending. Here’s the link: 



This multivitamin is one of few products that contains both vitamin D3 and vitamin K2. It may seem like a small detaill, but if you take a multivitamin that ONLY contains vitamin D3, you will eventually develop heart or circulatory problems. Without vitamin D3, your body can’t absorb calcium. But if you have enough vitamin D3, but not enough vitamin K2, your body will deposit the calcium in areas where it doesn’t belong (for example, the blood vessels). Vitamin D3 makes it so your body can absorb calcium. Vitamin K2 makes it so your body knows where to put the calcium. This is relevant in terms of your back problems. Taking vitamin K2 will help your bones get stronger. It’s vital that you take both vitamin D3 and K2 together in the right proportion. As a general rule, I advise people against taking calcium supplements. Vitamin D3 primes the body to absorb plenty of calcium from food. Note that there is only a tiny bit of Calcium in the Thorne Research multivitamin because this company is current on the scientific vitamin research.


Applying DMSO, Frankincense Essential Oil, and Apricot Kernel Oil to Your Thyroid Gland:




Here are links to each of these products:



Frankincense Essential Oil: 

Apricot Kernel Oil: 


Take a few minutes to read this article about DMSO.  


If I were you, I would make a mixture of 1 drop of DMSO, 1 drop of Frankincense Essential Oil, and 1 drop of Apricot Kernel Oil and I’d apply this every evening to my neck area. Make this mixture in a GLASS BOWL. Add a few drops of water if your skin gets dry. DMSO absorbs water out of the air and out of the skin, so it can cause a rash if your skin is already dry. If this happens to you, simply add 10-20 drops of filtered, clean water to the mixture.


DMSO is a magical substance. I never go anywhere without it. It fights infection, it helps skin heal if it’s been cut, it can be combined with certain antibiotics or other medications that have become obsolete due to antibiotic-resistance and those antibiotics will work against infection again, it can be combined with essential oils to make their medicinal qualities stronger, and to take them deeper into cells (DMSO makes cells permeable), and it can be used for kidney or bladder problems/infections because about 50% of it ends up in the renal system and eventually the bladder. But most amazing is DMSO’s ability to heal and regenerate nerves. In very large doses given by IV, people who had C5 fractures have not only survived, but have been able to walk again. These patients must be given enough DMSO early on after their accident. DMSO has an innate healing effect on the brain and nerves. 




The Osteo BioFlex that you’re taking contains Boswellia serrata which is Frankincense. Keep taking this supplement.


The DDR Prime drops also contain Frankincense and other helpful oils. I would keep taking that too.


The AREDS2 are also good. I would keep taking it if I were you. Have you heard of Oclumed Eye Drops?


Have you heard of the CAN-C Eye Drops? 


Check out this article about alternative therapies for cataracts and eye diseases


I hope this helps, Nancy! 




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