Remineralize Teeth with Vitamin K2 and D3

When the dentist told me that I had cavities despite adhering to a sugar-free diet for the past 7 years, I was floored. The cavities were, of course, located near some old fillings that I’d had redone in the past 5 years to remove the mercury amalgam and replace it with biocompatible resin fillings. But still, how was that possible that I had cavities? He recommended that I get my fillings redone again. But this time, I didn’t just jump into the dentists chair. I decided to do some research first.


The first thing I found was a book called Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel. I read a few chapters and felt more frightened than before reading it. I didn’t finish the book because it was talking about how I needed to eat liver for every meal. His diet recommendations mostly didn’t jive with the diet information that I painstakingly have mapped out for cancer and other degenerative diseases. So I stopped reading. The main take-away that I got from this book was that Bone Broth probably could be good for remineralizing teeth and a person who didn’t want to eventually end up with gout or cancer could drink Bone Broth regularly for good results. Again though, I didn’t read the whole book so perhaps it’s exceptionally inspired. Rather, I moved on to a new book that seemed to connect up much better with the research I’ve done on supplements and diet for general health:


Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life is an excellent read if you’re hoping to remineralize your teeth. This book talks specifically about vitamin K2, vitamin D3, vitamin A, Calcium, and a few other nutrients and how they work together to build bones (including teeth). I had been taking vitamin D3, but didn’t realize that while my body would absorb calcium from food (I do NOT take calcium supplements because I knew that to do so could cause my arteries to clog up with calcium deposits) but that it would not necessarily deposit the calcium in healthy places. Vitamin K2 (NOT vitamin K1, which is an entirely different vitamin that has to do with blood health) tells the body where the calcium needs to go.

So while vitamin D3 helps my body absorb Calcium. Vitamin K2 tells my body where to put the calcium. So I suppose I have some plaque build-up in my arteries now, but apparently, if I start taking vitamin K2 with my D3, the plaque build up should be 50% gone within 6 weeks. AND, I should start seeing a difference in my teeth. 

I’ve stopped using toothpaste because toothpaste mostly contains glycerin and the glycerin clogs up the little microtubules in teeth that makes it possible for nutrients like Calcium and Phosphorus flow freely through them to cause remineralization. Instead, I’m using Chlorine Dioxide with DMSO as a mouthwash followed by brushing and then at least 10-12 minutes of coconut pulling. I add baking soda, Clove Essential Oil, DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide), and Calcium Carbonate to the coconut pulling regime so that my teeth get to interact directly with some calcium each day. As a rule, when the mouth is alkaline, the teeth are remineralizing. So the baking soda and calcium carbonate create that alkaline environment that makes the “tooth juices” flow from the inside to the outside of the teeth through those microtubules. An acidic mouth environment, in contrast, reverse the flow through those microtubules which generally has a negative effect on tooth health.

I’m not going to overcomplicate things while I’m remineralizing my teeth. I already drink Green Tea throughout the day (which is also slightly alkaline). I’m putting some Thieves Essential Oil mix on my gums throughout the day because I have some receding gums too. The clove oil is acidic, but studies have shown that, despite this fact, clove contains gallic acid that just simply works well against the bacteria that cause receding gums. 


I have a series of other products that my family members are trying in regard to their own personal tooth remineralization treatments and I’ll be updating the site with our experiences and information about these various products. 

If you have Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), or just regular bouts of heartburn, you’ll want to work with this problem at the same time that you remineralize teeth and work on your receding gums. You can use DMSO and Patchouli Essential Oil to treat the Helicobacter pylori infection that is often at the root of GERD and acid reflux issues. Treating acid reflux to help teeth remineralize is possible using these tools.

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