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What is Methylene Blue? (Prevent COVID-19)

NOTE: Use only pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue for COVID-19 treatment.


Methylene Blue is a medication that has been around for a long time. Many doctors who are in-the-know about this powerful medication that’s been a gold standard for over 100 years refer to it as a “rescue magic bullet”.  It is a lead structure or pharmacore in medical chemistry. It’s been used for a wide variety of different things from malaria to orthopedic treatment. Below are some of the diseases and disorders that Methylene Blue has been successfully used to treat by doctors all over the world since the early 1900’s:


  • Depression (Methylene Blue is a reversible MAOI)
  • Anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Malaria
  • Urinary Tract Infection
  • Hypotension (caused by vasoplegia)
  • Dementia
  • Cyanide Poisoning
  • Prevents Ifosamide toxicity (a chemotherapy medication)
  • Increases blood pressure in Vasoplegic Syndrome
  • Treats Methemoglobinemia in infants (also known as Blue Baby Syndrome) and adults
  • Treats Priapism (prolonged erection of the penis).


The medicinal effects of Methylene Blue are dose-dependent. In other words, it’s important that you follow the dosing guidelines below to achieve the best results depending on whether you’re trying to prevent COVID-19, treat COVID-19, or to get over from symptoms that are hanging on during recovery from COVID-19. 


Methylene Blue has a pH of 6 in water.


One of the primary uses for Methylene Blue in modern medicine is the treatment of methemoglobinemia, a disorder that’s most often seen in infants whose mothers have been exposed to high levels of nitrates in drinking water. This is significant because scientists have recently discovered that COVID-19 victims who died of the disease had high nitrate levels in their bodies. In the resources section of this article, we’ve linked to a map of the nitrate levels in drinking water in the United States so you can check your area to see if your drinking water has high nitrate levels.

How Does Methylene Blue Work to Treat COVID?

COVID causes a silent hypoxia, or low oxygen levels in the blood that are hardly noticeable at first. But the most serious symptoms associated with COVID have to do with this lack of blood oxygen. Methylene Blue is used to enhance blood oxygen levels, but that’s not all it can do. 


Back in 1908, Paul Erlich won the Nobel Prize for discovering that Methylene Blue (a precursor to hydroxychloroquine) could cure malaria. Remember the early days of COVID when doctors were initially using hydroxychloroquine with success and how, suddenly, no one was using hydroxychloroquine anymore? Well, some doctors in some parts of the world continued forward with using hydroxychloroquine with success. But if you don’t have access to hydroxychloroquine, you could use Methylene Blue instead to treat COVID. Hydroxychloroquine is a derivative of Methylene Blue. 


In addition to its ability to oxygenate the blood in COVID-19 patients, Methylene Blue also has the ability to fight the virus. Doctors advise using 1-3 mg per kilogram of body weight daily by mouth for the treatment of COVID-19. It can help raise oxygen levels in the blood and also prevent vasoplegia (the anaphylactic-shock-like symptoms that COVID-19 patients sometimes develop due to malfunctioning blood vessels).   


The highest intravenous dose that doctors give to patients is 7 mg per kg body weight when patients are experiencing anaphylactic shock. Do not give Methylene Blue intravenously unless you have access to sterile medications that were made for injections as well as experience injecting medications intravenously.

Methylene Blue Side Effects


  • Methylene Blue is bitter. Divide the COVID dose of Methylene Blue throughout the day.
  • Methylene Blue is a strong blue color, so it can cause users to see temporary changes in the color of skin immediately following nebulization. This color change is only temporary. 
  • Patients often report that their urine is blue or green when using Methylene Blue. This is temporary and not a cause for concern. 
  • Some patients experience bladder or urethra irritation while using Methylene Blue. Though this may be uncomfortable, Methylene Blue can be used to cure Urinary Tract Infections. The irritation should stop when the treatment is discontinued.
  • Some patients experience nasal irritation during nebulization treatment.
  • Some patients experience nausea when taking Methylene Blue by mouth. 


How to Use Methylene Blue for COVID-19 Prevention

You can use Methylene Blue to prevent COVID-19. Use a small dose of 1 to 2 drops at 0.1%-2% daily under the tongue until the end of the pandemic to prevent the disease. Let the Methylene Blue sit under the tongue for 30 seconds and then, swallow whatever is not absorbed. 

How to Use Methylene Blue for COVID-19 Treatment

The best time to use Methylene Blue for COVID-19 treatment is at the first sign of the disease or even as a mode of preventing COVID-19. Using Methylene Blue for COVID early in the disease process has been scientifically proven to significantly enhance the final outcome of the disease. To treat COVID-19 with Methylene Blue, you can administer this medication at home in two ways 1) by mouth and 2) directly into the lungs using a nebulizer.



Use 0.1% Methylene Blue in an at-home nebulizer to increase oxygenation of the blood in the early stages of the disease. One to two drops per day in a nebulizer is the current recommended dose through this route of administration. Put one drop in the nebulizer cup and use it throughout the day, as needed, and simply add another drop to the water in the nebulizer cup if you use it up throughout the day. 



First Protocol: How to Cure COVID-19 At-Home

Take 1-2 milligrams per kilogram of body weight or 500-780 mg per day (in divided doses) if you’re an average sized adult. Divide this dose throughout the day to diminish any unpleasant effects on the stomach. Take this dosage for 7 days. This Methylene Blue product contains 0.5 mg PER DROP, so you may want to purchase several bottles so that you have enough on hand to treat yourself with 500-780 mg per day for up to 7 days. 


In Tanzania, a country in Africa that didn’t recognize the COVID-19 disease as a legitimate health problem, the health authorities recommended the use of Artemisia annua as a treatment for the disease. My family and I stayed in Tanzania for one month in September 2020 and we didn’t wear masks or worry about the disease while we were there. It was like a vacation from COVID! And people were quite healthy and had every reason to believe that Artemisia would work to cure the disease.

And you can use Artemisia annua to cure COVID-19 too. In fact, Artemisia annua combines well with Methylene Blue. These two medications work well together. Doctors have combined synthetic artemisinin (derived from Artemisia annua) with Methylene Blue for years in the treatment of malaria. 


Additionally, eat raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels for their amygdalin content (amygdalin, also known as vitamin B17 is a powerful cancer cure–the same doctor who invented chemotherapy also discovered that the vitamin B17 in apricot kernels, grape seeds, apple seeds, and other types of seeds can cure cancer and even believed, before he was dismissed from Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital, that cancer was nothing but a vitamin B17 deficiency). Amygdalin has a powerful effect on overall health. It is the bitter flavor in the apricot kernels and the bitterness can upset the stomach in high doses (so take only 4 to 5 of them at a time).


The amygdalin will enhance your immune system in a general way. Eating 4 to 5 bitter apricot kernels twice daily is an excellent way to prevent COVID according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but these magical little nuts will also help you prevent cancer (so why not keep eating them even after the pandemic ends?). Back during the SARs Coronavirus epidemic, TCM doctors in China recommended that their patients eat bitter apricot kernels and take ephedra to keep the immune system and blood vessels working properly. Just be sure to eat the kernels separately from the vitamin C. If you eat apricot kernels at the same time that you take vitamin C, these two treatments will cancel each other out. So, consider eating your apricot kernels in the morning when you first wake up and again at night right before bed to prevent COVID or to keep the disease from becoming serious if you’ve already got it. 


In other words, using this FIRST COVID TREATMENT PROTOCOL you would take the following medications:


  • 1-2 mg/kg of Methylene Blue divided into 6 doses throughout the day
  • Artemisia annua (take 1 pill with each dose of Methylene Blue)
  • Raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels (taken separately from the other medications)


If you don’t have access to Artemisia annua for some reason, you could replace the Artemisia with vitamin C and N-Acetyl-Cysteine as an alternative SECOND TREATMENT PROTOCOL. Be aware that these two treatment protocols should not be used together. Choose either the FIRST treatment protocol or the SECOND treatment protocol. Otherwise, you risk canceling out the medicinal effects of your treatment. 

Second Protocol: How to Cure COVID-19 At-Home

Below is the SECOND TREATMENT PROTOCOL that you could use to cure COVID-19: 


In addition to Methylene Blue at 1-2 mg/kg for COVID, you can also take vitamin C at up to 6000 mg per day and N-Acetyl-Cysteine (also known as NAC) at up to 6000 mg per day. This combination treatment can be given in 4 to 6 divided doses throughout the day. Eat the raw, bitter, organic, apricot kernels at a time that’s separate from the other medicines, like when you first get up in the morning before you brush your teeth and eat breakfast.



Methylene Blue: COVID-19 Loss of Smell Treatment

If you’ve lost your sense of smell due to COVID, consider nebulizing Methylene Blue. According to this study, Methylene Blue was able to help with loss of smell due to Parkinson’s Disease. In this study, mice were given 1 mg/kg of Methylene Blue per day in their drinking water to restore smell, but if you’ve experienced loss of smell due to COVID-19, you might consider following one of the COVID-19 prevention protocols above while also nebulizing Methylene Blue. Though the use of Methylene Blue for COVID-19 loss of smell hasn’t been studied, it’s use for the treatment of smell loss in Parkinson’s patients seems to indicate that it this medication has a positive effect on nerve tissues in the nose and the sense of olfaction perhaps in part due to its strong anti-oxidant and pro-mitochondrial function.


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