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What to Do When Talk Therapies Don’t Work

Working with the unconscious mind is powerful and though you may go in for therapies like hypnotherapy or EFT and initially feel like “nothing happened” the work unfolds over time. Therapies that mobilize the unconscious mind causes changes that take shape in surprising step-wise changes that happen without the kind of conscious effort required with talk-therapy. Though talk-therapy can produce results over time too, unconscious therapies tend to work much more quickly and serendipitously. 


Below we list therapies that you can seek out to work with the unconscious mind and we make some special notes about each one in terms of addiction, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and phobias but you can seek out these treatments to work with just about any issue that you’re struggling with. For example, my husband and I have used Ayahuasca to help work through relationship issues that I needed to work through with my daughter right after she got married. Ayahuasca therapy helped my husband and I see literally through my daughter’s eyes and it also helped us to reconnect in new ways as a solitary couple after having spent years working together to raise kids. 


Another reason why people seek therapies with the unconscious mind like the ones described below is to work through grief. Unresolved grief is a common problem in society today because many religious systems don’t acknowledge or deal with life beyond the death of the physical body. Yet many people feel that their loved ones are still connected to them and trying to communicate with them beyond the death of the body. Therapies that deal with the unconscious mind can help people connect with loved ones more directly or with spirit guides to help you open lines of communication with loved ones who have passed over. I have observed many sapito sessions, for example, where people interact directly with guides or loved ones who have passed over. Ayahuasca, Magic Mushrooms, and Iboga also take people to other realms accessible only via the unconscious to reconnect with loved ones who have died.


If you feel called to seek out therapies that work with powers that go beyond the conscious mind, take on this work as you would world travel. Let it lead you and attempt to let go of a regimented approach and instead be guided by chance encounters and serendipity. 



Ayahuasca is a plant-medicine that is also known as the Grandmother plant or the Vine of the Soul. The spirit of the plant communicates with those who take this medicine to guide them through the backdoor of their own mind toward healing. Ayahuasca is used to work with PTSD and addictions allowing those who take it to better understand the memories or mechanisms underlying their addiction, but Ayahuasca also heals the brain. Ayahuasca can be used to work through relationship problems, cancer or other major health issues to root out spiritual causes, and it can be used to work through major depression, phobias, and other issues that haven’t responded to talk therapy. 



Originating in Gabon, Africa, Iboga has a more fatherly spiritual vibe. Ibogaine, a derivative from the iboga root, is used in a number of different addiction treatment facilities in Mexico such as Clear Sky Recovery in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Iboga and Ibogaine are regularly used to deal with addictions and major depression as well as relationship issues. I knew a healer who went for Iboga / Ibogaine treatment because she didn’t understand why she wasn’t meeting her soul mate. The experience can take time to process and change happens after the experience in surprising ways. The healer had a thriving practice, but she eventually cut ties with some toxic people she knew and moved to Costa Rica and met a love-interest there.


  • Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms were originally used in Oaxaca, Mexico and the best shrooms are found here. People often self-administer the mushrooms, but first you have to find a reputable place to buy them in San Jose del Pacifico. They’re in season from July through October. During the off-season you can purchase them preserved in various forms. Magic mushrooms are usually used to gain insight into psychological or relationship issues. Your intention in taking the mushrooms will dictate how this medicine works with you.



  • Neural Therapy 

Neural therapy is administered by medical doctors. It involves procaine injections to trigger points that are storing negative stressful emotions. This type of therapy works with the Sympathetic Nervous System and it bypasses the brain working only with how emotions are stored in the body. Studies have shown that Neural Therapy can cure PTSD, but neural therapy is much more powerful than that. It can also be used to cure cancer, severe infections, and chronic pain of any kind by causing blood vessels to open up in the afflicted area of the body. Opening up the blood supply to underserved areas often leads to healing, not just physically, but emotionally. Long-standing chronic pain can be cured in one appointment and the effects are often long-lasting though multiple sessions may be necessary to achieve a permanent cure. Our bodies often store negative emotions that haven’t been properly processed in the tissues. Neural therapy can release these emotions, leading to miraculous healing effects that work directly with the unconscious and its physical manifestations in our bodies.



  • Sapito 

Sapito is a frog venom that’s harvested in Mexico. It creates an altered perception and trance state for the user that lasts between 5 and 45 minutes. Sapito is a medicine that’s often used in Mexico to treat addiction, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. The DMT in Sapito causes users to feel a sense of connection and it can help people connect with deceased loved ones or spirit guides.



  • Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a special psychotherapy technique that allows both the practitioner and the patient to gain access to the patient’s unconscious mind with ease. Typically, hypnotherapy treatments work much more quickly than talk therapies that only access the conscious mind. Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression therapies are commonly used to help people understand long-standing patterns of behavior in relationships, work, or even health-related issues. Both of these therapies often call in spirit guides to help the patient access higher-levels of healing from the collective unconscious.


  • Shamanic Healing (Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Journeying, Etc.)

In shamanic healing, a healer utilizes trance states that are often accessed by using a drum to go to other dimensions of reality and heal the patient’s unconscious issues. This type of therapy can be done online. The patient often plays a passive, observational role. Shamanic practitioners deal with issues such as ancestral healing, soul loss, spiritual intrusions (addictions), health issues caused by loss of spirit animals, and more. Don’t knock it until you try it, but seek out a shamanic healer who has a vibe that feels good to you. This type of therapy can be done for just about any mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual health issue.



EFT makes use of acupressure points and meridians that have an impact on emotional blockages in the body that can lead from emotional problems to physical problems such as addiction. A variety of EFT therapists provide their services online. 



Online EMDR Therapists like D.C Metro in Maryland offer a type of therapy involving light and sound that releases negative unconscious drives and emotions that may create obstacles to addiction recovery. EMDR was originally developed to cure PTSD, but it can be used to deal with just about any mental or emotional issue including relationship issues. 



  • Breathwork

Michael Stone is a certified holotropic breathwork practitioner who offers affordable online breathwork sessions that you can do from the comfort of your own home. Access his online breathwork sessions here. Breathwork is a great way to experience psychotropic effects similar to those of Ayahuasca or Sapito but in a completely natural way, by simply changing your breathing pattern.




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