Be aware that you may experience a number of relapses as you work with the medicines described below. Take notes on your experiences in a journal because your progress will be observable over time. As you get healthier and stronger, you may want to move on and use additional tools to get past your addiction.

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Supplements to Overcome Addiction At-Home

Amino Acids and nutrient supplements give your brain the fuel it needs to have a dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious mind. When your conscious mind and unconscious mind can talk, you can consciously work on satisfying your unconscious needs in ways that your conscious mind deems acceptable. It’s true that addiction, depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues may be fueled in part by past trauma, but most of us can muster the internal resources to cope with past traumas if we have balanced neurotransmitters and if we can think clearly. 


Many addiction rehab facilities use talk therapy to unpack these past traumas, but without adequate nutrition to help you access your current present-tense strengths, this “unpacking” may not allow you to fully release the previous trauma. Rather, you just talk about it and dredge up the past, without ever dealing fully with the unconscious mind and what it has to say. Psychologists and psychiatrists often prescribe synthetic anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications to patients that slowly lose their effectiveness over time because they’re synthetic and their unnatural chemical configurations affects the brain similarly to addictive drugs (where they never quite quench the brain’s actual needs and the brain eventually develops a tolerance to them). 


To release past trauma you may not ever need to talk with a therapist. In fact, you may no longer have full access consciously to the memories or unconscious artifacts that are providing impetus to your addiction. By taking the appropriate nutritional supplements that actually provide your brain with the exact nutrients it needs while working with practitioners and techniques to access unconscious levels of awareness for healing, you can take control of your life and overcome any addiction.



Be aware that amino acids and nutrient supplements will NOT:  


  • Change your relationships without you putting effort and intention into making changes


  • Force you to stop using an object of addiction like meth, alcohol, nicotine, social media or your smartphone. You still have put effort into quitting your addiction.


  • Make changes in your life without your conscious decision and personal volition to make those changes


These supplements WILL: 


  • Give you the mind-fuel you need to think clearly about your daily decisions.


  • Give you the opportunity to calmly work through past trauma.


  • Give you the opportunity to change negative habits.


  • Make it easier for your conscious and unconscious minds to work together to accomplish the conscious goals that you set for yourself.


  • Significantly reduce the amount of physical and emotional pain that you feel during the withdrawal process from the object of your addiction.


What to Expect During Recovery Using This Protocol:

The decision to quit an addiction is yours. You will consciously have to seek out treatments that work with the unconscious mind. You will consciously have to decide to take your amino acid and nutrient supplements at regular intervals throughout the day for at least 6 months. These supplements will not hijack your personal volition to make whatever changes you desire to make in your life. They will, however, interrupt the addiction process on a biochemical level in your brain, giving you an opportunity to make new decisions and create different, healthy habits for yourself.


Therapies that work with the unconscious mind will produce big changes in your life, but be aware that the usual trajectory of these types of therapies is that you will feel nothing at first. Therapies that work with the unconscious mind may feel initially as though nothing important has happened, but that’s because big changes take place over time in a stepwise process. When the unconscious mind is recruited into the effort, that stepwise process takes shape in a much more fluid, less forced way that may even feel serendipitous or “coincidental” in how it takes shape in your life. Things that were difficult before a session of hypnotherapy or shamanic healing become much easier after the session. You may find that what was difficult before your session no longer seems like a big deal afterwards. Opportunities for additional change walk into your life. Change happens without a lot of effort. It starts to find you such that you have to search less and less to find it.


As testament to what I’m saying, throughout the world, the use of trance states is ubiquitous for healing. Trance states (which work with the unconscious mind) is the most widely used healing system that has existed in all cultures at one time or another. Today, trance states have been repurposed and are used in more westernized settings in forms like hypnotherapy or breathwork.


No matter what addiction you’re suffering from, if you’ve realized that you have a problem and you’re ready to make a change, the recipe for making big changes can happen quickly and often they are elegantly simple:


  1. Take the proper nutrients and amino acid supplements
  2. Eat a healthy anti-addiction diet
  3. Address unconscious issues such as past traumas using tried-and-true methods of doing therapies with the unconscious mind that we’ve listed at this site.
  4. Create intelligent boundaries to make it easier for you to avoid the object of your addiction.

The addiction-related posts at this site were designed to help you understand how to take control over your life by creating proper boundaries with the object of your addiction, by caring for your physical body and your mind, and by accessing the power of the unconscious mind to reclaim your personal power.


Nutrients and amino acids help you:

  • Avoid many of the painful physical withdrawal symptoms of addiction
  • Avoid many of the emotional and withdrawal symptoms of addiction
  • Avoid obsessive thinking associated with addiction
  • Have positive thoughts to give you the opportunity to plan ahead and create a new set of habits for yourself.

Once you have control over your mind again, the choices you make are yours. We recommend that you choose one or more therapies to access the unconscious mind during the first five months of your anti-addiction therapy for best results. And you can mentally start the process of ending your addiction by making a plan for yourself (like a schedule that helps guide you through the day) at least 24 hours in advance. 



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