How to Use Chlorine Dioxide As an antibiotic / Antiviral medicine


IMPORTANT NOTE: Scientists have recently realized that COVID-19 (as well as many respiratory infections) need to be treated in 2 phases. Phase 1 takes place during the first 2-3 days of acute infection when symptoms are not that severe. During this initial phase of the COVID infection, treatment with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide are appropriate to lower the viral load. However, treating the infection with Reactive Oxygen Species medicines like Chlorine Dioxide beyond this initial 2 to 3 day window could worsen symptoms. During Phase 2 of the infection, when coughing begins, it is vital to supplement with Vitamin B3 at no less than 3000 mg per day (1500 mg in the morning and 5100 mg in the evening). Patients should also take medicines to counteract the effects of the cytokine storm during this stage of the illness. We provide a list of potential antioxidant options that you can use to treat a cytokine storm at home. 


As an alternative to using Chlorine Dioxide, it is possible to use a Methylene Blue, Vitamin C, and NAC protocol for Phase 1 treatment and then continue with this Methylene Blue protocol through Phase 2 for COVID-19. 







Can chlorine dioxide kill coronavirus? If so, how can chlorine dioxide cure cancer as well as the flu? What about HIV or herpes? I have been using this stuff for a long time on my family and I have personally used chlorine dioxide in the following ways:



It can be used to cure other diseases and disorders also, but the list above is JUST what I’ve used it for personally.


The idea of a panacea like this seems improbable to most Americans, but chlorine dioxide is a medicine with a very simple mode of action in the body against pathogens from coronavirus to cancer. Nearly any disease that’s caused by an infection can be cured with chlorine dioxide as a result of its chemical simplicity.



Everyone already knows that certain cancers can be caused by pathogens (like human papillomavirus or Helicobacter pylori are two famous examples), but there are actually many cancers that are caused by pathogens. That’s important because if you have a type of cancer that’s caused by an infection, you can cure it using chlorine dioxide. But don’t worry too much about that just yet. Let’s talk more about COVID-19 and chlorine dioxide.


How can chlorine dioxide be used to cure COVID? And does it really work?


The answer is yes.


This is how chlorine dioxide works. You put a drop of MMS (Sodium Chlorite) with a drop of activator (an acid such as vinegar, hydrochloric acid, citric acid, or lime juice) in a glass bowl. Wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute until the sodium chlorite + activator mixture turns an amber color. Then you add water. It doesn’t matter how much water you add because it’s the same amount of medicine that you’ll end up drinking whether you add 1 cup or 3 cups of water. The amount of water you add to this mixture (which official becomes chlorine dioxide once the sodium chlorite and the activator have activated) should depend mostly on personal taste and comfort. Don’t drink so much that you make yourself sick, but don’t drink so little that you don’t experience the healing effects of this medicine.


If the smell of the chlorine dioxide is completely off-putting to you, put a bit of peppermint or eucalyptus oil just inside your nostrils right before drinking will help cover the smell.


Adding the tree medicine, DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) to the chlorine-dioxide-water mixture will make the medicine even stronger and more targeted.


Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) or Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) has two parts: sodium chlorite in one bottle and some kind of acid activator (citric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.) in another, second bottle. When you add the acid activator to the sodium chlorite and mix, the end product becomes chlorine dioxide.  


Essentially, Miracle Mineral Solution and Chlorine Dioxide Solution are the same medicine. Miracle Mineral Solution is the name given to the package of two solutions: sodium chlorite and an acid activator. Chlorine Dioxide Solution, in contrast, is the name given to the sodium chlorite and the acid activator after the two have been mixed together. 


It isn’t possible to order Chlorine Dioxide Solution pre-mixed. It is packaged in two bottles because Chlorine Dioxide is explosive and it doesn’t ship well as a pre-mixed solution. Mixing the two bottles together yourself is very easy. Put one drop of the sodium chlorite with one drop of the acid activator. To double the dose, put 2 drops of the sodium chlorite solution with two drops of the acid activator, and so on and so forth.


Both MMS and CDS work by oxidizing pathogens. They both give the body an opportunity to catch up to the disease and take care of an infection by boosting the body’s own immune system.



When you drink the chlorine dioxide, it goes into your body and divides into separate pieces. The chloride iodine combines with sodium ions to form salt (NaCl). The salt is processed the way salt is always processed by our bodies (it gets disassembled and the chlorine is used in one way and the sodium in another). The leftover oxygen oxidizes pathogens and kills them.


If you add Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) to your MMS / CDS mixture, it can carry the oxygen directly to the infectious pathogens because DMSO is a tree medicine that has the ability to directly seek out what doesn’t belong in the body. It knows where the pathogens are hiding and and where the diseased areas of the body are located and it’s attracted to them. DMSO is able to permeate cell walls, so it has free access to move through the body to seek out and destroy pathogens that are hiding deep within tissues or reservoirs.  This is why DMSO has been combined with low-dose chemotherapy medication by some doctors in a treatment called DPT (DMSO Potentiation Therapy) for cancer. By combining the chemo with DMSO, chemotherapy medications can be given in tiny doses and  taken directly to cancer cells which means cancer patients suffer far fewer side effects from the chemo, though the strength and effectiveness of the treatment is maintained. DMSO makes your CDS/MMS treatment stronger and more targeted. 


DMSO is FDA approved for use in pregnant women with cystitis. Both CDS / MMS and DMSO can be used during pregnancy and lactation. Both CDS / MMS and DMSO can also be used in infants and young children.


When the COVID-19 virus encounters an oxygen atom that has been released from the chlorine dioxide inside the body, the virus explodes. BOOM! So when you take chlorine dioxide every hour, you can kill hundreds of thousands of coronaviruses as well as any other disease-causing pathogens in your body. Once a person gets infected with a virus like COVID-19, they multiply quickly, so you need to keep taking the chlorine dioxide every hour to give your immune system time to catch up and manufacture antibodies against the virus. 




How to Treat the COVID-19 Cytokine Storm

Experts have learned that COVID-19 occurs in two important phases. During phase I, the virus is multiplying rapidly and chlorine dioxide can be taken hourly or 3 times per day in higher doses, to keep the viral load at a minimum. When you take chlorine dioxide during phase I (which typically lasts 2 to 3 days), you give the body time to fight back against the virus and create antibodies. 


Phase II of COVID-19 begins with a cough. Coughing is a sign that the cytokine storm has started. Many diseases involve a cytokine storm and the symptoms of a cytokine storm can vary from disease to disease. But nonetheless, in COVID-19, once the coughing starts, it’s important to stop taking CDS / MMS! The body’s immune system produces its own oxidants that are nearly identical to the oxidants that are released by CDS. During a cytokine storm, the body has thrown in all of its immune defenses against the disease in an imbalanced effort to overcome the virus. You don’t want to contribute to the hyper-active immune response by adding more oxidants to the body. Instead, you want to quell the cytokine storm by removing oxidants and using medicines that specifically counteract the cytokines that are being released by the immune system. 


Here’s how you can treat a COVID cytokine storm:



How to Treat COVID-19, Cancer, Diabetes, HIV, and More with One Medicine

Maybe your immune system isn’t working properly because you have cancer or some other major disease. Or maybe your immune system often overreacts and you have a lot of allergies or an autoimmune disease. Having another disease like cancer, diabetes, HIV, Lyme Disease, or any disease that seems incurable according to western medicine may very well respond to Chlorine Dioxide. The dose that you would take to treat COVID and cancer at the same time is the same as the dose you would take just to treat COVID. 


When you take chlorine dioxide, the immune system seizes the opportunity to overcome the enemy. If there are multiple enemies, chlorine dioxide goes after all of them at the same time. After all, you may have more than one infection at a time. In fact, many scientists believe that all viruses are supported inside the body by bacteria and that viral infection will only happen if a particular bacteria invades the body too. That’s why people often catch the flu (viral), but end up with pneumonia (bacterial) later. And it can explain why the common cold (a virus) often deteriorates into a sinus infection (bacterial) or bronchitis (bacterial) over time. 


Determining the Proper Dosage for Chlorine Dioxide

The key to dosing chlorine dioxide properly is to only give yourself the number of activated drops that make you feel better and better despite a COVID infection. Moderation is essential and the number of drops you take will depend on your experience level with chlorine dioxide and how your body reacts to it. When you take chlorine dioxide, you’re giving your body the opportunity to catch up to this disease and create antibodies. The chlorine dioxide by itself won’t be able to kill the pathogen entirely so this isn’t ever the goal. You need for your immune system to do some of the work. Luckily, chlorine dioxide helps overcome infection in part by recruiting immune system defenders to take action. 


There are many ways to dose Chlorine Dioxide. Below are links to some of the experts who have developed dosing systems for Chlorine Dioxide:


  • Jim Humble – Jim Humble was the man who discovered that CDS / MMS could work to cure major diseases like malaria and cancer. He maintains a web site at Jim Humble developed a system for using CDS / MMS that is intuitive and based on tuning into how the body is feeling during treatment to determine the proper dosage from day-to-day. 
  • Andreas Kalcker – Dr. Andreas Ludwig Kalcker has developed a system for using CDS / MMS that is precise and organized. He advocates that patients prepare CDS in advance rather than preparing each dose at the time that patients’ intend to use it. This system is convenient for people with a busy schedule and his precise recipes give many people the confidence they need to use this medicine in powerful doses. He maintains a web site at
  • Thomas Hesselink – Dr. Thomas Hesselink has created a web site with an impressive description of how chlorine dioxide works and how to dose chlorine dioxide using body weight as a guide. His site is located at 


Chlorine Dioxide as a Water Purifier and a Medicine

Chlorine dioxide is used worldwide as a water purifier in municipal water treatment plants because it has the ability to kill a broad spectrum of pathogen-causing diseases, but it’s used in extremely low doses for this task. When you take a higher dose of chlorine dioxide, you kill pathogens in your body, your body must clear out the dead pathogens. This causes a detoxification reaction, especially if you have a heavy load of infectious organisms in your body. Detoxification creates work for the liver and the kidneys and you need these organs to overcome COVID (or whatever disease you might be trying to overcome). 


Most people have consumed chlorine dioxide solution in water many times without knowing it. And when you buy the chlorine dioxide “kit”, you have the power to mix your medicine at an extremely low dose, if you choose to get started using this medicine. Indeed, you can mix the chlorine dioxide at the water purification dose the first time that you use it and then later, increase the dose in increments that you feel comfortable with. Using this approach, you can prove it to yourself that chlorine dioxide is safe for human consumption.



Sea Water 

Another important detoxification tool that can enhance the power of chlorine dioxide solution is sea water. Food grade sea water contains trace minerals that can help keep the body thoroughly hydrated while using CDS. Hydration is particularly important during COVID-19 and Long Haul COVID. Indeed, taking daily doses of sea water can help you avoid many of the symptoms of Long COVID as well as Post-COVID Vaccine Syndrome. 

Sea water exerts an effect on health in part by boosting the flow of energy through the fascia in the body. Though fascia is typically not dealt with by conventional medicine doctors (unless they’re Neural Therapists or Osteopathic Doctors), fascia is the primary organ that acupuncturists and other Eastern practitioners deal with. Super-hydrating the fascia with sea water is roughly equivalent to boosting one’s “qi” according to Eastern medicine doctors.





How to Cure Malaria with CDS

For a deadly case of malaria, I would take up to 18 drops of chlorine dioxide and DMSO at one time, but it’s unpleasant to take a big dose like this. And I would never recommend that a person take a large CDS dose if it is their first time using this medicine. The detoxification reaction could be worse than the symptoms of the disease you’re trying to treat! 


Malaria is more unpleasant than a big dose of chlorine dioxide, so you have to weigh out your situation and the disease in question (if you know what it is). Taking 18 drops of CDS at one time is usually considered the maximum. You’ll want to wait 24 hours before taking more CDS after a big dose like this. But remember, (this is important), if you take TOO MUCH chlorine dioxide at one time, it can cause your white blood cells to explode. These guys are essential players in immunity. So in other words, you could actually cause (temporary= harm to your immune system if you take too high of a dose. Balance is the key. Put on your critical thinking cap when you use chlorine dioxide and learn how you react to it before you get sick with a deadly disease. Take a tiny dose (½ a drop to 1 drop) the first time you take it when you’re not sick (if possible). Work up to 3 drops per hour during a time when you’re not ill so that you know how your body normally reacts to this medicine when you aren’t officially “sick”. Chances are, you’ll experience a detox reaction even if you aren’t initially “sick”. But after you’ve gone through this process, you’ll recognize detox for what it is. Then you’re ready to use this medicine when you’re actually ill.


Finding balance with this medicine is all about paying attention to yourself. 


Inevitably, you will feel worse at first when you take chlorine dioxide as your body works to purge the infectious organisms from your body. Enemas help. Drinking a lot of clean, pure water along with doses of sea water also helps make this process faster and more comfortable.



Avoid Antioxidants during CDS Therapy

Don’t take vitamin C when you’re doing an MMS protocol. It will deactivate the chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide, after all, is an oxidant-medicine. It works by oxidizing things (combining an oxygen with the pathogen causes oxidation or the “explosion” that kills the pathogen). But Vitamin C is an antioxidant. So it will work AGAINST oxidants like chlorine dioxide. Avoid all antioxidants while you’re using an oxidant-type of therapy like chlorine dioxide. Taking vitamin C is normally a good thing, but just don’t take this vitamin while you’re taking chlorine dioxide. And be aware that any food or drink that contains vitamin C, as well as supplements like multivitamins that contain vitamin C and other antioxidants can also reduce the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide.



CDS and Immunity

And remember, unlike antibiotics, which eradicate all kinds of positive bacteria and intestinal inhabitants that contribute to your immunity, chlorine dioxide, when taken in moderation, will kill primarily pathogens, leaving our immune system not only INTACT, but awake and alert to the problematic infectious microorganisms.                                                                                                                   

The goal of taking chlorine dioxide is to start killing the infection while alerting the immune system to the problem. It will ultimately be your immune system that will take over and overcome the disease, whether its coronavirus or cancer, but chlorine dioxide can help keep the infection at a low enough level to make it much easier for your immune system to overcome it.



If you have COVID-19 and cancer, taking chlorine dioxide is a good choice because it will treat both problems at the same time. But if I were you, I would add vitamin B17 into your treatment protocol by eating at least 40 apricot kernels per day (in batches of 4 to 5 at a time, or they’ll upset your stomach). Vitamin B17 will help rebuild your immunity (if you have COVID, getting high doses of vitamin B17 will also help you strengthen your immune system). Take Lugol’s Iodine either as drops that you put on your skin or in pill form (Iodoral) and  pancreatic enzymes will add another layer to your defense. The pancreatic enzymes break down the walls of invading organisms and rogue cells (like cancer cells) that don’t belong in our bodies. As such, pancreatic enzymes are a bit like antibiotics. I take these medicines/supplements every day of my life to stay healthy (and I recently traveled through 8 countries and spent a month in Tanzania where there is no social distancing or mask-wearing at all to prevent COVID–I was also exposed to a person who had literally just tested positive for COVID, but I didn’t get sick).


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