Can chlorine dioxide kill coronavirus? If so, how can chlorine dioxide cure cancer as well as the flu? What about HIV or herpes? I have been using this stuff for a long time on my family and I have personally used chlorine dioxide in the following ways:

It can be used to cure other diseases and disorders also, but the list above is JUST what I’ve used it for personally.

The idea of a panacea like this seems improbable to most Americans, but chlorine dioxide is a medicine with a very simple mode of action in the body against pathogens from coronavirus to cancer. Nearly any disease that’s caused by an infection can be cured with chlorine dioxide as a result of its simplicity.


Everyone already knows that certain cancers can be caused by pathogens (like human papillomavirus or Helicobacter pylori), but there are actually many cancers that are caused by pathogens. That’s important because if have a type of cancer that’s caused by an infection, you can cure it using chlorine dioxide. But don’t worry too much about that. Let’s talk more about coronavirus and chlorine dioxide:


How can chlorine dioxide be used to cure coronavirus? And does it really work?


The answer is yes. This is how chlorine dioxide works. You put a drop of MMS (Sodium Chlorite) with a drop of activator (an acid like vinegar or lime juice) in a glass bowl. Wait for 1 minute until the sodium-chlorite + activator mixture turns an amber color. Then you add water. It doesn’t matter how much water you add because it’s the same amount of medicine that you’ll end up drinking whether you add 1 cup or 3 cups of water. The amount of water you add to this mixture (which turns into chlorine dioxide) should depend mostly on personal taste and comfort. Don’t drink so much that you make yourself sick, but don’t drink so little that the smell of the chlorine dioxide is completely off-putting to you (a bit of peppermint or eucalyptus oil just inside your nostrils right before drinking will help cover the smell). Adding the tree medicine, DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) to the chlorine-dioxide-water mixture will make the medicine even stronger and more targeted.

So, MMS is Sodium Chlorite. Adding the acidic activator turns the Sodium Chlorite into Chlorine Dioxide. If you’re using Chlorine Dioxide Solution (known as CDS), you don’t need to add an activator. You just put the CDS in water (to taste) and take it. Essentially, MMS and CDS are the same medicine, but you have to activate your MMS first before it will work. There’s a lot of confusion about the difference between MMS and CDS and how to use these two substances, but both work by oxidizing pathogens. They both give the body an opportunity to catch up to the disease and take care of it using the body’s own immune system. 


When you drink the chlorine dioxide, it goes into your body and it turns into salt (NaCl) and oxygen. The salt is processed the way salt is always processed by our bodies (it gets disassembled and the chlorine is used in one way and the sodium in another). But the oxygen goes into the blood and it also works its way through the digestive system to combine with pathogens and cause them to explode. DMSO can carry the oxygen directly to the pathogens because DMSO is a tree medicine that has the ability to directly seek out what doesn’t belong in the body. It knows where the pathogens and diseased areas of the body are located and it’s attracted to them. This is why DMSO has been combined with low-dose chemotherapy medication by some doctors in a treatment called DPT (DMSO Potentiation Therapy) for cancer. By combining the chemo with DMSO, chemotherapy medications can be taken directly to cancer cells which means cancer patients suffer far fewer side effects from the chemo, though the strength of the treatment is maintained. DMSO makes your CDS/MMS treatment stronger and more targeted. 


DMSO is FDA approved and its a medicine that has the potential to utterly change medicine, particularly pharmaceuticals. But let’s not digress too much. We’re talking about chlorine dioxide for coronavirus.


When coronavirus encounters an oxygen atom from the chlorine dioxide, it explodes. BOOM! So when you take chlorine dioxide every hour, you can kill hundreds of thousands of coronaviruses as well as any other disease-causing pathogen in your body. Once a person gets infected with a virus, they multiply quickly, so you need to keep taking the chlorine dioxide every hour to give your immune system time to catch up and manufacture antibodies. 


Maybe your immune system isn’t working properly because you have cancer or some other major disease. Or maybe your immune system often overreacts and you have a lot of allergies or an autoimmune problem. That doesn’t really matter. When you take chlorine dioxide, the immune system seizes the opportunity to overcome the enemy. You may have more than one infection at a time. In fact, many scientists believe that all viruses are buttressed by bacteria and that viral infection will only happen if a particular bacteria invades the body too. That’s why people often catch the flu (viral), but end up with pneumonia (bacterial). And it can explain why the common cold (a virus) often deteriorates into a sinus infection (bacterial) or bronchitis (bacterial).


But again, let’s not digress.


The key is to not take so much chlorine dioxide that you make yourself feel worse than coronavirus makes you feel. Moderation is key and the number of drops you take will depend on your experience with chlorine dioxide and how your body reacts to it. You’re giving your body the opportunity to catch up to this disease and create antibodies when you take chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide by itself won’t be able to kill the pathogen. You need your immune system to do this.


Chlorine dioxide is used worldwide as a water purifier (because it has the ability to kill a broad spectrum of pathogen-causing diseases), but it’s used in extremely low doses for this task. When you take a higher dose of chlorine dioxide, and you kill pathogens in your body, your body must clear out the dead pathogens. This causes a detoxification reaction, especially if you have a heavy load of infectious organisms in your body. Detoxification creates work for the liver and the kidneys and you need these organs to overcome coronavirus (or whatever it is that ails you). 


Enemas can take the edge off detoxification reactions. Though some experts recommend using coffee enemas for detox, just pure clean water also works well. With a 1000 mL enema, you put water into the body (which helps the kidneys and reduces dehydration) and you encourage your large intestine to purge whatever organisms or toxins are clogging up your system. Get an enema bag and always use pure, clean water for enemas. Do 1 to 3 per day when you’re sick. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Enemas have been used for centuries in healing (in ancient Greece they used fast flowing rivers and a hollow bamboo stick to rinse the insides). They’ll change your life.


For a deadly case of malaria, I would take up to 18 drops of chlorine dioxide and DMSO at one time, but it’s unpleasant to do something like this. Malaria is more unpleasant than a big dose of chlorine dioxide though. So you have to weigh out your situation and the disease in question (if you know what it is)….18 drops at one time is usually the maximum. You’ll want to wait 24 hours before taking more if you take this dose. But remember, (this is important), if you take TOO MUCH chlorine dioxide at one time, it can cause your white blood cells to explode. These guys are essential players in immunity. So balance is key. Put on your critical thinking cap when you use chlorine dioxide and learn how you react to it before you get sick with a deadly disease. Take a tiny dose (½ a drop to 1 drop) the first time when you’re not sick (if possible). Work up to 3 drops per hour during a time when you’re not ill so that you know how your body normally reacts to this medicine when you aren’t officially “sick”. Chances are, you’ll experience a detox reaction even if you aren’t “sick”. But after you’ve gone through this process, you’ll recognize detox for what it is. Then you’re ready to use this medicine when you’re actually ill. 


Finding balance with this medicine is all about paying attention to yourself. 


Inevitably, you will feel worse at first when you take chlorine dioxide as your body works to purge the infectious organisms from your body. Enemas help. Drinking a lot of clean, pure water also helps make this process faster and more comfortable.


Don’t take vitamin C when you’re doing an MMS protocol. It will deactivate the chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide, after all, is an oxidant-medicine. It works by oxidizing things (combining an oxygen with the pathogen causes oxidation or the “explosion”). But Vitamin C is an antioxidant. So it will work AGAINST oxidants like chlorine dioxide. Avoid all antioxidants while you’re using an oxidant-type of therapy like chlorine dioxide. Taking vitamin C is normally a good thing, but just don’t take this vitamin while you’re taking chlorine dioxide. And be aware that any food or drink that contains vitamin C, as well as supplements like multivitamins that contain vitamin C and other antioxidants can also reduce the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide.


And remember, unlike antibiotics, which eradicate all kinds of positive bacteria and intestinal inhabitants that contribute to your immunity, chlorine dioxide, when taken in moderation, will kill only pathogens, leaving our immune system not only INTACT, but awake and alert to the problematic infectious microorganisms. The goal of taking chlorine dioxide is to start killing the infection while alerting the immune system to the problem. It will ultimately be your immune system that will take over and overcome the disease, whether its coronavirus or cancer, but chlorine dioxide can help keep the infection at a low enough level to make it much easier for your immune system to overcome it.


If you have coronavirus and cancer, taking chlorine dioxide is a good choice because it will treat both problems at the same time. But if I were you, I would add vitamin B17 into your treatment protocol by eating at least 40 apricot kernels per day (in batches of 4 to 5 at a time, or they’ll upset your stomach). Vitamin B17 will help rebuild your immunity (if you have coronavirus, getting high doses of vitamin B17 will also help you). Take Lugol’s Iodine either as drops that you put on your skin or in pill form (Iodoral) and  pancreatic enzymes will add another layer to your defense. The pancreatic enzymes break down the walls of invading organisms and rogue cells (like cancer cells) that don’t belong in our bodies. As such, pancreatic enzymes are a bit like antibiotics. I do this regime every day of my life to stay healthy (and I recently traveled through 8 countries and spent a month in Tanzania where there is no social distancing or mask-wearing at all–I was also exposed to a person who had literally just tested positive for COVID, but I didn’t get sick). 




Hi Jennifer

Just one more thing. I thought you might be interested in how the person supplying me with CDS is helping people cure themselves of covid-19. Here’s his daily protocol:
Add 120 ml of CDS to 1.2 liters of purified water. Drink 100 ml of the CDS/water solution every 15 minutes for 2 hours in the morning and again every 15 minutes for 2 hours later in the day.
Repeat this every day until your symptoms disappear, usually 2 to 3 days.
One more thing (That’s two things now). Do you know what the shelf life is for CDS? I know it should be stored in the fridge. The last thing I want is to recommend CDS to someone and they don’t get to it for 6 months only to find that the efficacy is down to 50% of what it was.
All the best

Hi Larry!

Excellent! I appreciate this information… I’ll post it to the site so other people have this protocol!


My family and I decided to give the above protocol a try after posting this and after years of using MMS to cure cancer, malaria, food poisoning, influenza, and the common cold, I felt like the dose above was too high. Once in Thailand, my husband and I contracted malaria and took 18 drops of MMS (pluse the activator) in three doses. We took the first dose, waited 1 hour, took a second dose, and then waited overnight (about 12 hours) and took a third dose. I still felt awful (probably due to detox), and I was a little delirious by that time, so I took another two 18 drop doses that next day. I developed severe diarrhea and while the malaria was gone, I still felt horrible and I learned that taking a dose that’s too high can actually cause a person’s immune system to be weakened. 

Taking MMS and CDS is not supposed to cure the disease by itself. It’s supposed to keep an infection in check so your body’s immune system can get rid of the disease. Taking super-high repetitive doses like this can actually be counter-productive in this respect. It can cause your immune system to be weakened if you take too much at one time. Rather, I recommend that, if you’e using CDS for COVID, take about 50 mL of the above mixture recommended by Larry above with 20-50 drops of DMSO for your first dose (this is about the size of a shot glass, but add some water and take a big wiff of some Eucalyptus essential oil or some other fun-smelling stuff to cover the smell after you finish drinking it) . Do the same for the second dose 90 minutes later if you feel like your stomach can handle it (if not, start taking 3 DROPS of the CDS mixture + 9 DROPS of DMSO as described in the next sentence).

If you get through those first 2 doses, wait for 6-8 hours and note whether you feel better or worse. If you feel okay (not WORSE than how you felt before you started taking the medicine) start taking 3 DROPS of the CDS solution + 9 DROPS of DMSO with water (to taste) every hour thereafter for 8 hours per day until you recover completely. 

Do 1000 mL enemas up to 3 times per day to lessen the detoxification symptoms that you’ll inevitably experience taking a dose this high. (If you develop a headache, do an organic coffee enema to purge the liver.) Enemas are the key to making this treatment tolerable and an efficient way to heal from a major disease.

You know, I’m not sure exactly what the shelf life is for CDS, but I’ve been working with MMS for about 4 or 5 years now to cure various diseases. I carry it with me all over the world and I don’t refrigerate it. I do try to protect it from light though (I store it in a dark container or a closet). Maybe CDS requires refrigeration because it’s already been activated, but my MMS has not required refrigeration. And I’ve used it after traveling through extreme heat and humidity for months at a time. At the end of one such trip, my husband and I caught malaria and used the MMS to cure it (thank you MMS!). I would guess that MMS would last a really long time (at least 5 years, but probably longer) as long as it isn’t exposed to a lot of sunlight just based on my own experience. I always make sure to carry it in brown bottles. I have no personal experience with storing CDS though.
Thank you again for this information, Larry!


NOTE: Incidentally, the people of Tanzania in Africa aren’t worried about coronavirus because they have their own oxidant therapy that they’re using: Artemisia annua, a plant that gives off oxygen in the form of hydrogen peroxide (food grade hydrogen peroxide is another treatment that works through the same mechanism as CDS and MMS). Artemisia annua (also known as wormwood), has also been used to cure cancer along with food-grade hydrogen peroxide. These are all treatment methods that would work to combat coronavirus using the same basic idea as Chlorine Dioxide/Miracle Mineral Solution: oxidation of infectious microorganisms. Oxidant therapies are like broad-spectrum antibiotics without the awful side effects. But they’re more than that too. They can be used to cure diseases like cancer that have been dubbed incurable.


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