Essential oils can be combined with DMSO, an FDA-approved substance that’s derived from trees, to cure H. pylori.

DMSO and Essential Oils to Cure H. pylori


NOTE to the Reader: This is one article in a series that talks about Helicobacter pylori. Helicobacter pylori is a bacteria that can cause a variety of different health problems, not just stomach ulcers or stomach cancer. People who have suffered for years with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) might be surprised to learn that their symptoms may be caused by an infection with this ubiquitous bacterium. Indeed, if you have a chronic, itchy rash that plagues you day and night, you might be suffering from a vitamin C deficiency that causes your blood vessels to become leaky, allowing for the passage of histamine–this problem is related to H. pylori in a very roundabout and technical way, but if you treat the problem using an H. pylori protocol, you might be quite pleased with the results. Morning sickness, seasickness, and motion sickness (particularly severe versions of these disorders that result in excessive vomiting) can sometimes be explained by the presence of H. pylori in the stomach. Clearing up the H. pylori infection can help you resolve a wide variety of issues from stomach cancer to migraine headaches. 


Essential Oils for H. pylori Infection

Below is a list of essential oils that have been researched to find their anti-Helicobacter pylori effects. As I make this list, I can’t help but recall the story of how vitamin C was “discovered” by Europeans who often got sick with scurvy on their long sea voyages. Native Americans gave them tea made of pine needles to cure the problem. It worked! But the medical establishment at the time resisted the idea that a disease as devastating as scurvy could be cured so easily. Various people suggested sending citrus fruits on the ships to prevent the disease, but the intelligentia simply wouldn’t have it. It took hundreds of years for the cure for scurvy to be “found” (or rather recognized) by the Powers That Be. Vitamin C deficiency plays a big role in the development and maintenance of H. pylori infection and the essential oils listed below include pine needles listed as Number 5 in terms of potency to remind readers to take their high-dose vitamin C as part of every H. pylori treatment protocol.

All of the essential oils listed below can be combined with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) to potentiate their effects and to help them penetrate through the biofilm that often protects H. pylori in the stomach. Combine them in a 1:1 relationship, but read up on DMSO first so that you understand how to use it safely.

I’ve listed the Essential Oils for H. pylori below in order of potency, according to scientific research: 

I talk in depth about Patchouli Essential Oil in a previous article about herbal treatments for H. pylori. Patchouli tinctures and essential oils exert a strong anti-bacterial effect against H. pylori. Use them with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) to further potentiate their effects and push through biofilm in the stomach lining. Combine this treatment with high-dose vitamin C and an alkaline diet or high-pH treatments for best results (high dose vitamin C is necessary to repair the damaged stomach lining).

The same study that examined 26 essential oils looked at oregano essential oil for H. pylori. This oil ranked second behind cedarwood. Though oregano essential oil for H. pylori is third in line behind patchouli and cedarwood in terms of its strength and efficacy according to current research, it’s still a strong medicine that can also treat Candida albicans at the same time. Combine oregano essential oil with DMSO to strengthen its effects and DMSO to ensure that it can penetrate biofilm in the stomach lining.

  • Silver Fir Essential Oil  for H. pylori 

Studies have demonstrated that Silver Fir essential oil has a bactericidal effect against H. pylori. It is not as strong as patchouli, oregano, or cedarwood essential oils for H. pylori, however. If you have some Silver Fir essential oil on hand, however, you can combine it with DMSO to make it stronger. Use it with vitamin C treatment to strengthen the stomach lining.


  • Pine Needle Essential Oil  for H. pylori

Pine Needle essential oil, of course, brings to mind that original vitamin C deficiency treatment given to European travelers by Native Americans. But studies have shown that the concentration of vitamin C/ascorbic acid in the needles and shoots of conifers like Pinus sylvestris, is lower than other natural sources of vitamin C. Don’t let this stop you from using Pine Needle essential oil for H. pylori infection though. Take vitamin C supplements and let the other components in Pinus sylvestris cure the infection and heal the stomach lining.



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  • Lemongrass Essential Oil for H. pylori (Cymbopogon schoenanthus L. Spreng, Poaceae)

Though the anti-H. Pylori effects of lemongrass aren’t ranked as high as Cedarwood Essential Oil or Patchouli, you can combine lemongrass essential oil with DMSO to potentiate its effects in a pinch. Use it with a high-dose vitamin C treatment for H. pylori.


  • Thyme Essential Oil for H. pylori (Thymus vulgaris L. Lamiaceae)

Thyme is not ranked as high as Oregano essential oil for H. pylori, but combine it with DMSO to enhance its antibacterial effects in the body. 


  • Lemon Balm Essential Oil for H. pylori (Melissa spp, Lamiaceae)

Studies have shown that lemongrass essential oil can be taken to kill H. pylori. Combine lemongrass essential oil in a 1:1 relationship with DMSO to strengthen the medicinal effects and enhance its ability to penetrate biofilm in the stomach. 

CONTINUE READING HERE about Foods That Can Be Used to Kill H. Pylori. 



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