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Emails to Robert: Can Alternative Medicine Cure HIV? (PART 6)

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Oct 20, 2020


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How to Cure HIV (Part 6)

Onion Curing a disease like HIV is a lot like peeling an onion. Often the core of the disease is covered up by years of neglect, damages done by pharmaceuticals, poor nutrition, depression, stress, and a variety of other issues that have built up over the years. Curing this disease takes time and most people have to experiment to find the right combination of treatments that work for them. BUT DON'T EXPERIMENT BLINDLY! You might hurt yourself more, or cancel the various treatment out accidentally (CDS and MMS, for example, are cancelled out by the presence of vitamin C and other antioxidants).
ROBERT: Hello Jennifer:
It's been a while since I wrote to you and I'm still doing the solution. I bought an in-home HIV test kit and it came out positive. I'm disheartened and disillusioned. I'm thinking I need to do a couple of intravenous treatments as I now don't think the solution works effectively orally. I think I'm just gonna stop kidding myself and leave well enough alone ... Anyhow this will probably be my last post to you considering its not working. Thanks for all your input anyway. Hugs

JENNIFER: Hi Robert,
It's so good to hear from you! :) :) :)
Listen, I'm so sorry to hear about your test results, but here's the thing:
Since the time we were young, we've been taught that if you're sick, you go to the doctor and you get a pill. And then you take the pill. And the pill will make you better. This isn't true, but nonetheless, it's what we've been taught.
When we're young and we're taught to believe something, we believe it on an unconscious level. It's really really hard to un-teach ourselves these things. They sit in our brain in these hidden locations like boogie men and they jump out at us and you put it...disillusionment. Our beliefs can either buttress our faith in healing or they can eat away at it. But I think you and I both know, in our guts, that the body CAN heal.
But while SOME people are able to cure HIV with only MMS and CDS, SOME people need to do more than that to get past this infection. You mentioned, for example, that you have gout. that tells me that you have some health issues that you may need to peel away at in layers to finally cure yourself. BUT THIS THOUGHT GOES AGAINST WHAT YOU WERE TAUGHT AS A CHILD. So you have this internal conflict that's happening on deep levels. And that makes you feel like giving up. I completely understand that!
Even as I type this, I have an "elbow problem". This problem has been there for maybe a month? Maybe two months? (I'm in the UAE now, by the way, waiting on pins and needles for my son-in-law to arrive here on a relief flight, having recovered, as far as I can tell from a meth addiction using something I'd never heard about a year ago). Intuitively, it makes sense to me that this problem is caused by stress. Because I've got this scary, nagging event coming up tomorrow. I only just tuned into my problem about 2 weeks ago because I've been trying to ignore it, ya know? Trying to get on with my life. And once I started tuning into it, I noticed that my shoulder and my wrist on that same arm also hurt sometimes...and that I have this nagging little headache because my upper back is all tight and sore too. So I started paying attention to the problem and the more I've paid attention to it, the more it CHANGES. The word "arthritis" pops into my head every now and then, but I'm lucky because I don't fully believe in arthritis anymore. I mean, I believe in joint pain, but I believe that people can heal themselves. So...mostly, at this moment, I'm just watching/observing my elbow because I have this stressful stuff and...I'm curious about how the pain will CHANGE when/if my son-in-law and my daughter get reunited tomorrow (please pray/think positive thoughts for them, btw!!!--we need all the good vibes we can get!!!)
Improbability is not the same as Impossibility, but people get those two things confused all the time. So the thing is, Robert, I think you're going to need to work on your overall health more and you may need to take a break from the MMS and then go back to it. With cancer, one of the most difficult things to explain to people is that they have to do a PROTOCOL!!! In other words, they can't really rely on just one thing to get them past the problem. And HIV is like that.
I've been waiting to hear from you. There are other treatments to try and to add to your existing CDS protocol when you're ready.
My first question to you after having gone through this protocol is:
1) Do you feel like your health has improved since you started taking the CDS? In what ways has it improved?
2) If you don't feel like your health has improved, then...have you noticed any changes in your health?
These are not rhetorical questions. I would honestly like to know the answers to these questions.
I need to add that in terms of healing and curing HIV, that for you, up until you resolved the conflict about receiving disability payments, you had some "secondary gains" that you were benefiting from by HAVING the disease. And this is a powerful thing on an unconscious level! I mean, those secondary gains stop people in their tracks all the time! The disease becomes like a friend or an ally that you work with and around and you incorporate it into your personality. Disentangling yourself from HIV is a spiritual thing as well as an emotional and a physical one, right?
So, I have a plethora of suggestions, but I'll try to hone in and send you just a few...otherwise this message will be like a book., beyond these two questions, I'm also curious about whether you're eating apricot kernels (for the vitamin B17) and taking Lugol's Iodine supplements or not? Are you taking pancreatic enzymes?
I'm going to list on some HIV treatments that come to mind off the top of my head, without prioritizing them (each one links to an article at AlivenHealthy about each of these, by the way):
Rife Therapy (I have a Rife Machine and you could send me a piece of your hair or fingernail and I could put it in this machine and use the "Spooky" setting once I get back to Mexico, if you're interested in that--no charge).
Bob Beck Micropulser (this is a little electrical device that you wear on your wrist that electrocutes pathogens--Bob Beck was a doctor who worked on regenerating human limbs--he's a genius and I actually brought his biotuner and TENs machines with me on this trip because they really do work).
Entelev/Protocel/Cancell/Jim's Juice - Jim Sheridan (a different Jim than that guy who developed MMS) created this chemical concoction that you use BY ITSELF to cure different diseases. It basically (if I remember correctly), steals the energy from pathogens.You would take this stuff for a period of time and then take a break from it and then do some rejuvenating therapies (like Laetrile therapy, etc.). This stuff is fairly powerful. I think you can buy Cancell on Amazon, but if not, you can contact a Protocel distributor in the U.S. to find out how to get it. There's not a lot written about it for HIV, so you wouldn't really find it on a search online, but as far as I understand it, it would work against HIV.
Humic Acid/Fulvic Acid/Shilajit - Right before I left Mexico, I started researching this stuff for HIV. This is something that's really interesting. It enhances overall health and it works by making it so viruses can't get into cells to reinfect them. So, as I understand it, it's not the kind of thing that will kill the HIV, but rather it would make it hard for the virus to replicate. So, it seems to me that it would combine well with something like CDS because the CDS would kill the HIV and then whatever stragglers were left would have a really hard time multiplying because the Shilajit makes it hard for them to gain access to the cells.
Ozone Therapy - I think there's ozone therapy available in Mexico for a reasonable cost. Basically ozone therapy works exactly like MMS/CDS--it oxidizes the pathogens except it does it by removing the blood from your body, ozonating it through a machine and then putting it back in (if that makes sense).
Kambo - This is a traditional indigenous medicine that I can administer in Mexico. It's the venom of an Amazonian frog and it causes your body to amp up its immune defenses. They call it the Jungle Vaccine.
Ayahuasca - I have a good friend in Mexico who administers Ayahuasca at an affordable cost and the Ayahuasca is really good. It's hard to find Ayahuasceros you can trust, but I trust Karolina! Ayahuasca can treat HIV and it can help you disentangle things like inner conflicts, spiritual intrusions, and issues with secondary gains. It can also help you understand your illness better so you can cure it yourself.
Diet Therapy - So the thing is...making diet changes is probably the most important thing you can do, but it's also the most complex and the easiest thing to accidentally screw up. I'm a big believer in diet therapies, but it's important that people make diet changes they can live with, literally, for the rest of their lives. It might be valuable for you to do a full-on Gerson type of diet or something extreme like that. I know you mentioned juicing before, but man...juicing is a lot of work and it would be easy to accidentally inactivate your CDS if you're juicing at the same time because the vitamin C in the juices would deactivate the oxygen and...if you're doing a 13-juice-a-day type of thing you'd have little time to do both juicing and MMS see the problem. But I think that a juice fast might be a good thing to maybe do next (if you're open to it) along with 40 apricot kernels a day, 12 drops of Lugol's 2% on the wrist every morning, and pancreatic enzymes 3 times per day. If you did a 2 week juice fast (with some 100% tart cherry juice daily) and watched your gout to see if you notice any changes and just work on your general health and then maybe do the Cancell protocol next, that would be...I don't know...worth considering.
Budwig Diet - This is not a diet per se, but rather a recipe for one thing. You take cold-pressed, extra virgin flaxseed (linseed) oil and mix it with cottage cheese in a blender. Then, you drink it in the sun. I know this sounds strange and personally, I loathe the taste of this stuff, but Dr. Budwig was one of few experts on fats and oils and she has been able to cure all kinds of diseases by having her patients follow this protocol of drinking this stuff several times a day. It works because, over time, if you eat certain types of unhealthy fats, your cells start to use these unhealthy fats to build their membranes, which makes their membranes weak. Weak cell membranes then lead to weak immunity. When you drink the Budwig Quark Recipe, your cells slowly replace the bad fats with the healthy flaxseed fats (the cottage cheese and exposure to sunlight/vitamin D makes the flaxseed more bioavailable). As your cells replace their cell membrane fats with these healthy oils, their voltage goes up (because the healthy fats make the cells more electrically conductive and communicative with the other cells around them). Sick cells have a low electrical voltage. Healthy cells have a higher voltage.
Okay, so, in the spirit of not overwhelming you, I'll stop there.
I really think that if you approach the cure for HIV like peeling an onion, that you'll eventually get to the core of it all.
I look forward to hearing from you soon! (I will hopefully be traveling to Tanzania and then Kenya in the next week, so if you don't hear back from me immediately, that's why.)

ROBERT: Hello Jennifer:
Sorry it took me awhile to respond but I was really upset when I saw the + sign on my home test still indicating my permanence with HIV. I followed the protocol to the exact specifications of what I read at site and just wanted to stop everything after still being diagnosed positive.
Upon further investigating on my food choices I found an ORGANIC product that is actually quite harmful [that I was eating] and I may seek a lawyer to find out if theres anything that can be done to find them criminally negligent. As you know I was doing weeks worth of salads with vinegar and oil as dressing because ALL OTHER DRESSINGS have sugars and gmo'd canola or other other nasty things. So I bought some organic balsamic vinegar oil that I later discovered it had a warning sign in fine print on the back that says the product can expose me to chemicals like LEAD and can cause cancer. Why is this product even on the store shelf if it has that claim?
To answer your questions about what I was taking I've attached the pics for that (NOTE: we've attached the product links below rather than Robert's images):
Hi Robert,
It's good to hear from you! :)
It's very hard to eat well in the U.S. A LOT harder (and a LOT more expensive) than eating well in Mexico. I'm going carbon my daughter on this email. I've talked to her already about you. She works with clients on diet to help them come up with suitable alternatives for foods that are bad for them. She can help you with reading food labels, finding the right foods in restaurants, and avoiding things like refined sugars without feeling totally deprived. She and I have been working together for years on these things and food and diets are her specialty.
I'm just getting ready to fly to Kenya tomorrow so my daughter and son-in-law can apply for his Mexican visa. We just got our negative PCR tests back for coronavirus (whew!) and hopefully we'll be getting back to Mexico soon? (I hope so.) Anyway, I'm thinking about what you've sent to me and my daughter will help you sort out a diet.
I did want to mention that you can't do the high pH baking soda protocol to cure HIV halfway! In fact, if you take just a little of the baking soda and do this protocol halfway, you end up with a pH in the range that makes it EASIER for pathogens like HIV to grow.
I'm excited to hear what happens with Cancel/Protocel. Look into Humic/Fulvic Acid. This is something that seems like it would combine well with CDS because it protects cells in a general way from being infected by viruses. So while the CDS would kill HIV, the Humic/Fulvic Acid would prevent reinfection of healthy cells with HIV. Humic/Fulvic Acid is one of the big things that people talk about as an HIV cure. I wrote an article about Humic Extracts and Fulvic Acid some time ago when I was researching alternative HIV cures.
Also, REMEMBER---with Protocel/Cancell, you'll use it BY ITSELF. DO NOT COMBINE THIS STUFF WITH ANY OTHER MEDICINE or the other medicine could cancel out the treatment. Keep your diet the same for now until you finish with the treatment, but plan to make changes and re-introduce all the supplements after you finish with it.
And if Protocel/Cancell doesn't work...the next thing in line will be Sutherlandia OPC. I'm in Africa right now and I've been asking everyone about it, but can't seem to find any. There is some for sale on Amazon though in the U.S.
Also...have you been having anything new or weird going on with your gout?
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I'm still here and thinking about your situation and very much interested in your experiences with Protocel. I'm glad you haven't given up! :)
I also just bought some digestive enzymes (pic too big to insert) that I am taking and I also do shots of baking soda in the mornings:
Super Enzymes 180 Capsules Yeast Free by Now Foods Buy NOW Super Enzymes Here
I took a break after I saw my + results from my in home test kit because I was disappointed. My next attempt will be to do the Cancel/Protocel that you suggested but will have to wait till I get my next next paycheck by the 3rd Friday coming up. Tomorrow's check needs to pay bills so getting the Protocel will have to wait till then. I already looked up the place and the price for my next purchase. I will do that protocol for 4 months and test myself again. In the mean time I'm doing the CDS with the Iodine, apricot seeds and the enzymes. Initially when I started doing the CDS I felt like it was lifting my spirits whenever I felt depressed. It seemed like my body aches were dissipating but it could also just be my own mind trips. My next Iodine purchase will be the Lugol's you mentioned so as to be EXACT with the supplement enhancements.  I don't do the enemas anymore I just drink the CDS. If I go back to the CDS I really wanted to do it intravenously as that would definitely get to the virus but where would I get IV starter kit etc.? Also if I go IV route then I don't use the DMSO. Also how long should I be using the mix of DMSO in the CDS? Can I keep doing it indefinitely? Healing is frustrating if its even happening. Anyhow thats enough from me. Like I said I will do the Cancell protocol next but won't start till 3 weeks.
Hi Jennifer:
GOOD MORNING I'm writing to give you an update and input on other things I'm trying before I get the Protocel this Friday. Anyhow I listen to news and natural news agencies outside of main stream media. One is Alex Jones' Infowars and listening to his broadcast one day he talked about how hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) pushes zinc into the cells. Of course this peaked my curiosity and I thought I'd give it a try as an adjuvant to the CDS. I was able to find a distributer online (shipping is exhorbitant) and am using a 30 day supply. I take a pill in the morning and drink it with the CDS solution. One day I will just drive down to Mexico and buy it there as its supposedly sold over the counter. I also saw an article on Parl