DMSO is a byproduct of the paper and lumber industries. In other words, it comes from trees and those who use it know that it “has it’s own wisdom”. It knows what parts of your body need healing and it works at the cellular level to gain access to ailing cells and make them healthy again.

Introduction: What is DMSO?

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for any other disease or injury.

Dimethylsulfoxide or DMSO for short, could change the face of medicine today if it was used properly and if doctors were aware of its utility in medicine. It is an FDA-approved medicine, but one that few people know anything about that. The FDA tries to be very hush-hush about this substance that can protect you from radiation (during cancer treatment or nuclear fallout) and that can also regenerate nerves and potentiate/strengthen antibiotics to make them less toxic and also more powerful (check with a knowledgeable DMSO doctor about which antibiotics would combine well with DMSO). In fact, doctors who are in-the-know about this substance and how it works claim that DMSO is not just a medicine, but rather it is a “Medical Principle”. A whole new system of medicine could be based around the use of DMSO because of the way it works with other substances, including pharmaceuticals as well as at-home remedies.

For this reason, DMSO has to be used with caution. If you’re taking other prescription medicines, check with your doctor before you use DMSO. DMSO is an over-the-counter substance but it can be used in powerful ways to strengthen your prescription meds or cause them to behave differently in the body. Making prescription meds stronger can also happen by accidents if patients fail to recognize and account for this medicinal effect. By itself, DMSO is approximately as non-toxic as water, but when combined with other things (like certain ingredients in soaps, such as fragrances, or even the dyes in certain fabrics), it can easily strengthen these toxins and take them into the body. So always wash your skin with filtered, fresh water before applying it to the skin and leave the skin open to the air for 15 minutes until the DMSO dries. When taking DMSO, you can combine it with MMS/Chlorine Dioxide, but always check with a DMSO-doctor who can tell you if its safe to combine it with other types of medicines like pharmaceuticals or antibiotics.

Though I’m not an expert on DMSO, I have a lot of personal experience using this substance. I discovered it when I was researching alternative cancer cures for my husband. To this day (5 years later), he still uses DMSO on the small spot where he developed melanoma that was healed by DMSO along with Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)/Chlorine Dioxide (at first) and later a combination of Frankincense essential oil, baking soda and apricot kernel oil. I never leave home without DMSO because it is useful in so many different health-related situations involving both diseases or injuries. It is an antimicrobial / antibiotic, it kills pain, it reduces inflammation, it heals nerves, it protects the body from radiation, thins the blood (slightly), and it can penetrate organs and systems of the body that are otherwise hard to reach (the brain or the bladder, for example). Transplant organs are soaked in DMSO before transplantation because the toxicity level of DMSO is so low and it’s positive effects on cells is so high.   Below I’ve listed some of the most amazing benefits of DMSO below, but keep in mind, this list is not exhaustive—it is merely what I can recall off the top of my head. DMSO has the broadest medicinal action of any medicine currently listed in the Physician’s Desk Reference which is why everyone should stock this stuff in their medicine cabinet:

  • Nerve Regeneration Alternative and Nervous System Repair:

DMSO can repair nerves that have been injured or severed. It can repair nervous system damage. In Oregon, Dr. Jacobs (an advocate for the widespread use of DMSO in healthcare) used DMSO to treat spinal cord injuries. One notable case involved a man with a C5 injury. Most people with a C5 injury like his don’t survive, let alone walk again. But this man, because he was given huge doses of DMSO intravenously i, not only survived but walked out of the hospital after treatment. But the family had to really fight to continue getting the DMSO treatments for this patient. The FDA doesn’t want anyone to know about it.   NOTE: I have heard (though I have not verified for myself) that DMSO is used regularly in both South Korean and Chilean hospitals.

  • Nervous System Disorder Treatments: Alternative Treatment for Down’s Syndrome:

According to a study that was discussed in Walker’s book “DMSO: Nature’s Healer”, Down’s Syndrome children who are administered DMSO in large doses by spreading it on the skin will, over time, begin to show fewer physical signs of Down’s Syndrome and they will also score higher on IQ tests than Down’s Syndrome children in a control group.

  • Alternative Treatment for Wound Healing and Disinfection:

I can personally attest to how quickly wounds heal when they are treated with DMSO. I have had construction workers in Mexico nearly cut off a finger in my presence and I have seen it healed (without damage to the nerves) within a few days after DMSO treatment. DMSO fights against infection and is much less painful to use on a wound than alcohol.

  • Cat Bite Treatment:

I have used DMSO in combination with micro-doses of antibiotics and MMS to heal a serious cat bite that otherwise would have required orally administered antibiotic treatment.


  • Tropical Disease and Alternative Malaria Treatment:

I once used DMSO along with MMS to cure malaria when I was on a trip to Myanmar. The disease was gone within 24 hours, though some digestive issues lingered a few days past that. I took massive doses of the MMS though (18 activated drops, 3 times over the course of 24 hours). Note that at super-high doses, MMS can cause the immune system to become slightly compromised so moderation is best with MMS / Chlorine Dioxide. I do NOT recommend taking 18 drops of Chlorine Dioxide / MMS in 3 consecutive doses over the course of 24 hours. On the other hand though, for serious diseases, taking an 18 drop dose may be necessary, especially if the disease involves a cytokine storm. CDS / MMS should be taken in high doses early in the course of an infection (such as COVID or Ebola) that tends to develop into a cytokine storm that could be deadly. 


  • Alternative Influenza Treatment (also colds):

I have used DMSO with MMS / Chlorine Dioxide to cure influenza and colds. Often, the illness will go away within 24 hours after I take the first dose. (However, if I have cold or flu symptoms because I’m going through a die-off reaction, DMSO and MMS won’t help.)


  • Alternative Treatment for Coronavirus Cough:

I’ve used baking soda in water as a nebulizer treatment for persistent coughs. If you decide to use DMSO as a part of this kind of nebulizing treatment, put a drop of DMSO just inside the nostrils and sniff it up into the nose and sinuses. Don’t put the DMSO in your nebulizer unless you’re 100% certain that the DMSO won’t dissolve the plastics.


A nurse contacted me several months ago for help with a lingering coronavirus cough. The doctors at the hospital where she worked wouldn’t help her and nothing she knew of was helping. I suggested that she breathe drops of DMSO (3 to 5 drops) up into her nostrils and then she administered baking soda in water 5 times per day. Within a few days, the coronavirus cough that had held on for 8 weeks finally went away. DMSO can also be combined with Azithromycin as a potential treatment for coronavirus.

  • Alternative Treatment for Cancer:

I’ve combined DMSO with frankincense essential oil, apricot kernel oil (vitamin B17), baking soda, and coconut oil to treat melanoma successfully within only a few days (though I would recommend continuing with the treatment indefinitely, even if the spot disappears or gets very light and becomes clearly benign). DMSO helps anti-cancer treatments such as frankincense penetrate the blood-brain barrier and get inside brain tumors too. It can be taken internally to seek out and destroy cancer cells. Dr. Thomas Hesselink talks about how high pH therapy, Chlorine Dioxide, and DMSO can be used together to specifically seek out acid-producing cancer cells to kill them, even in hard-to-reach areas of the body.


  • Alternative Treatment for Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections:

I’ve used DMSO to treat urinary tract infections and cystitis. DMSO goes through the body and literally seeks out pathogens. When you combine it with something like MMS or a very low dose, large-molecul-antibiotic that can combine easily with DMSO, you have a very powerful treatment that’s also non-toxic. (Find a doctor who is knowledgeable about the use of DMSO with antibiotics to learn more about how to combine DMSO with antibiotics for the treatment of chronic urinary tract infections). About 40% of the DMSO that you consume by mouth or that you put on your skin will end up in the bladder, which is positive if you’re suffering from a bladder issue. In fact, the FDA has approved DMSO for use in treating cystitis in pregnant women. This treatment involves the insertion of a catheter into the bladder to put DMSO inside the bladder, but when you drink DMSO in water, about 40% of it ends up in the bladder too. I usually feel relief from cystitis relatively quickly (within 30 minutes) using DMSO.


DMSO has a drying effect and you can apply it to the outside of the ear, or even just the outer area of the ear canal to strengthen an existing ear infection treatment or to get a head start on treating an ear infection if you or a child has chronic problems with ear infections. Dilute the DMSO down to 0.1 to 0.25% by putting 2.5 to 5 drops of DMSO in 100 drops of water. Then put a drop of this low concentration DMSO in the ear. Also spread 40-60% concentration DMSO around inside the ear canal and behind the ear where blood vessels that supply the inner ear travel. But apply DMSO gently to the interior of the ear! Dropping full-strength DMSO willy-nilly into an infected ear can be extremely painful (and it can cause damage to the hairs in the inner ear). The goal is to put the DMSO in an area where blood vessels will take the DMSO into the inner ear to treat ear infections so spread it on the neck below the ear and in front of the ear on the cheek for best results rather than dropping DMSO directly into the ear in a large dose.


DMSO absorbs water, so it can dry out the eardrum if you overuse it and obviously you don’t want the eardrum to get unnaturally dry. Use DMSO in moderation and remember that it sucks water out of the skin and can cause redness if too much moisture is removed. Add a drop or two of water with the DMSO if it is too drying.

One of my favorite uses of DMSO is for sinus infections. I often put water and a sprinkling of baking soda in a nebulizer and I use that for sinus infections. But before I nebulize with this baking soda and water mixture, I put a drop of 70% DMSO in each nostril. In the middle of the night, if I wake up with plugged sinuses, I put just a drop of the 70% DMSO just inside my nose. Then, I wait for 5 minutes and reliably, my sinuses pop open. Not only does the DMSO treat the infection itself, but it also relieves the inflammation in the sinuses. Just remember that it can make the nose dry if you reapply it too often or at a concentration that’s too high. Add water, if necessary, to prevent this problem from happening. You can also put the DMSO in your nose and then breathe deeply and forcefully into your sinuses to take it directly into the areas that are ailing.


  • Alternative Treatment for Arthritis: 

A lot of people with arthritis have found relief using DMSO by putting it directly on the joints that hurt. It not only combats pain, but also reduces inflammation, and actually works to heal the joints.  There are a number of doctors who quietly use DMSO in their practice for arthritis patients. A book by M. Walker called DMSO: Nature’s Healer provides a list of some of these doctors. Dilute the DMSO down to a 40 to 60% concentration when applying it to the skin to prevent overdrying.

Where to Buy DMSO  

DMSO is sold over-the-counter and you can find it on Amazon. Be aware that many DMSO products are NOT no-odor DMSO which means that when you take it or use it on the skin, that you’ll smell like a rotten oyster for about 24 hours. It’s a very strong odor and you won’t smell it yourself! (The people around you WILL notice, though). No-odor DMSO does not have this problem, thankfully. If you can’t get no-odor DMSO, you can give DMSO in small doses to the people that you’ll be near on the day when you take the medicine. If they also take DMSO, they won’t smell the DMSO anymore.


How to Use DMSO

DMSO can be used in many different ways. It can be combined with other substances though you should use caution and talk to a doctor before combining it with most substances—NEVER take DMSO with other prescription medications because it can strengthen them and cause them to become toxic.   NEVER put DMSO in an enema. DMSO penetrates into cells and tissues and takes large molecules that it’s exposed to with it! If you put it in an enema, it will take all the toxins that are on their way out of your body via the large intestine and take them back into the bloodstream. So enemas and DMSO should never ever be used together!   By itself, DMSO is one of the least toxic medicinal substances known to man (with a toxicity level similar to that of filtered water) and it is also currently the medicinal substance with the broadest spectrum of action on the human body. So, if you have DMSO in your medicine cabinet, chances are, you’ll use it all the time if you know how. When DMSO goes into human cells, it has a generally detoxifying, disinfecting effect on the cell which means that it can heal diseases that can’t be touched by regular antibiotics. So while it takes time to learn how to use DMSO, it’s definitely worth it!  


DMSO + MMS as an Antiobiotic and Antiviral Medication:   Usually, I combine DMSO with MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution, also known as Chlorine Dioxide) to create a strong antibiotic or antiviral that has an extremely broad spectrum of action. There are many different protocols/recipes for using DMSO and MMS together, but you’ll need to learn how to use MMS to treat disease first. DMSO should be added to the MMS mixture after it has been activated for at least one minute and after the water has been added. I usually put in 3 times as many DMSO drops as activated drops of MMS in my antiviral or antibiotic mixtures.   


DMSO for Skin Conditions or Injuries:   The main thing you need to know about DMSO when using it on the skin is that it permeates the skin very easily. And if you put DMSO on the skin and there are other toxic substances on the skin at the same time (like perfume or residues from the dish-soap you normally use), the DMSO will take the toxic stuff into the body too. So always rinse your skin thoroughly before using DMSO on your skin, but only use clean, filtered water for washing and skip the soap or use Bronner’s non-toxic soap as an alternative. NOTE: If you must use soap before applying DMSO, use a type of soap or shampoo that is free of fragrances and other toxic ingredients. Soaps that are UNSCENTED still contain fragrance ingredients. Essential oils found in Bronner’s Soaps are generally safe for use with DMSO. SheaMoisture produces a non-toxic soap product at the time of this writing, but check the label to make sure that they have continued with the same ingredients. Bronner’s is a more reliable non-toxic choice for soap.

Also, if you put DMSO on your skin and then dress immediately afterward, the dye from your clothing could combine with the DMSO and be taken into the body. Some dyes contain toxic substances, so always let your skin air dry after you apply DMSO. DMSO is a drying agent. It absorbs water from whatever it comes into contact with. That means that if you apply it repeatedly to the skin (or even just once, in some cases, if the skin is already very dry), your skin could turn red and develop a rash. This is just a dry skin reaction and not an allergic reaction (DMSO is extremely non-toxic). But, you can actually burn your skin using DMSO because it literally sucks the water out of it, and not just the top layer of your skin, but deeper layers as well. Apply it with a bit of clean, filtered water to prevent the drying effects that can occur with chronic, repeated uses of DMSO. And if you develop redness the first time you use it, just put water on your skin and that will likely clear up the rash.   Some people have combined MMS and DMSO to cure psoriasis.   Be cautious about using DMSO on burns because of its drying effects on the skin. Though it could be extremely beneficial for mild burns, too much could actually cause additional burning. If you decide to use DMSO on your skin, combine it with pure, clean, filtered water and use it in moderation, always monitoring the skin to make sure it is healing and not being affected negatively by the treatment.   


DMSO for Nerve Treatments and Brain Diseases and Disorders:   DMSO has the amazing ability to penetrate through cell membranes and one of its most famous effects on the body is that it can repair nerves and brain tissue. It works best when applied as soon as possible after a nerve injury when the injury is still fresh. A major nerve injury would warrant regular, ongoing intravenous treatment with large doses of DMSO administered by a doctor. Miraculous results are possible. Some people have used DMSO with MMS to treat Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.   


DMSO for Eye Infections: DMSO should be diluted down to at least a 25% concentration before you administer it into the eyes. Again, DMSO is very drying so this can cause irritation if this treatment is overused.


DMSO for Athletic Injuries: DMSO is regularly used by Olympians and professional athletes to heal wounds quickly. Typically, the DMSO is applied to the skin over the injury. DMSO practitioners will apply and then re-apply the DMSO using an undyed cotton cloth along with enough water to prevent drying/burning of the skin. DMSO can be put on the skin over a back injury to not only reduce inflammation and heal damaged nerve tissues, but also to heal vertebral disc issues. If you have severe back pain caused by a disc, also consider using Methylene Blue as a treatment.


DMSO for Cancer Treatment:   DMSO can be used as an alternative brain cancer treatment to take substances into the brain that otherwise couldn’t penetrate the blood-brain barrier. But it can also be used as a stand-alone treatment for most cancer-types including melanoma. DMSO has the ability to penetrate the sheath that protects cancerous tumors to get into the malignant cells and cause them to revert back to normal cancer cells. Brain cancer patients often combine the use of DMSO with frankincense (which can also penetrate the blood-brain barrier) and apricot kernel oil (which contains high levels of vitamin B17). Cancer patients could drink the DMSO with clean, filtered water and they can also apply it to the skin (just be sure the skin is clean and you allow the DMSO to dry thoroughly before dressing)!


DMSO is regularly used at low-chemo, no-radiation cancer cure clinics where it is combined with chemotherapy agents in tiny doses to deliver chemo directly to the cancerous tumors without causing the horrible side effects and health deteriorating effects of large doses of chemotherapy that are normally prescribed. This type of cancer treatment is known as DPT or DMSO-Potentiation Therapy


For more information about cancer cures that are being used as no-chemo, no-radiation cancer treatment centers throughout the world, visit this link. 


How DMSO Interacts with Other Medicines and Substances

Here is an important link to information on the solubility data of DMSO and how it reacts with a variety of different substances including pharmaceuticals.   

Summary: If you have DMSO and Chlorine Dioxide / MMS in your medicine cabinet, you’re prepared to work with just about any disease or injury you might encounter. These are powerful medicines and you’ll need to read up on how to use them because they work differently than the medicines that your doctor might give you.

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