Shilajit: Protect Yourself from Viruses and Infection

In a world where pharmaceutical companies buy advertising spots spreading the propaganda that medicine should be super-targeted toward very specific diseases (i.e. your cold medicine won’t work to treat food poisoning) and that these medicines can, at best, provide a band-aid treatment, rather than a cure, it can be hard to understand or believe in the idea of a panacea that works to treat many diseases. Panaceas are a myth, right? I mean, that’s what we’ve been taught. Millions…no—BILLIONS and BILLIONS of dollars have gone into making sure that you do NOT believe in a panacea, so as I write this, I feel like I need to apologize for humic extracts, fulvic acid, and shilajit.


If you’ve already read a bit about humic extracts and fulvic acid and if you already know that shilajit contains fulvic acids then you’re probably familiar with the fact that the real magic of these substances is that they are extremely small molecules so they pass very easily across cellular membranes. They’re like the drop dead gorgeous girl who can slip past the bouncer at the bar even when the bar is at maximum capacity. And she can even get access for her intelligent and beautiful friends (read: trace minerals).

Fulvic acids (which are found in humic extracts and shilajit) are a type of medicine that can cure many different diseases because they can gain access to cells and provide nutrients that our food supply no longer contains. Fulvic acid makes vital, health-giving nutrients bioavailable to the cells.


Bioavailability, after all, is a problem when it comes to vitamin and mineral supplementation, but Shilajit (which contains high levels of fulvic acid), help human cells get what they need. And I think that, despite the seemingly improbable claims behind this substance, the explanation for Shilajit’s broadly curative properties is something that would resonate with most people in the developed world. We all know that our food supply is not only lacking, but that it is making us sick. It therefore stands to reason that if you take a supplement that starts to replace what’s been lost, you have a chance at regaining your health, whether you’re trying to cure HIV, diabetes, herpes, or cancer.


A Word on Panaceas

When I started this blog over 15 years ago, I didn’t really know what I would be writing about. I had yet to travel to the 40+ countries where I would visit health facilities and sit down with local curanderas, shamans, exorcists, and other types of traditional healers. I had been trained in the conventional model of medicine, so my mind opened very slowly to the things that I’ve written about on this blog. At times, I’ve felt total and complete gratitude for the information (like when I already knew about the no-chemo, no-radiation cancer cures for my husband’s melanoma) and at times I’ve felt angry that our archaic (yes, archaic) healthcare system still exists and still subjects patients to treatments that are like torture (which is worse, the treatment or the disease?).


So, over the course of many years of watching, learning, and trying different things, I’ve made my peace with Panaceas. I know them from personal experience and from having guided others through their use to cure HIV or cancer or diabetes. I take these medicines with me when I travel to and live in third world countries where I have to battle on a regular basis with deadly diseases like malaria and dengue. The panaceas are real, but they require a commitment and often, they are not used like magic bullets. They’re combined with a healthy diet and supplements and sometimes other medicines like MMS, DMSO, alkalinizing medicines, or even vibrational medicines.


In this article, I talk about humic extract for HIV as well as for cancer, herpes, and diabetes, but in reality, this medicine would be a powerful part of a treatment for protocols for a very wide variety of different diseases. One of the things that most caught my eye about fulvic acid/shilajit when I first started researching it was the fact that it had a strong, healing effect on the digestive system. The digestive system causes a lot of woe for a lot of people and there are few medicines that can heal a bleeding ulcer in the stomach or duodenum, or that can get rid of bleeding ulcers without the need for surgery. Having had loved ones who have suffered from bleeding stomach ulcers and who received poor treatment at hospitals, I was very interested to know that a medicine exists that can help stop an ulcer from bleeding and also heal the ulcer at the same time.


But again, this is a medicine that can be used to treat a number of diseases because it generally promotes good health at the cellular level. Below I talk in more detail about shilajit, humic extracts, and fulvic acid for HIV and other diseases.


Humic Extract and Fulvic Acid Health Benefits

Humic extract, shilajit, and other fulvic acid products provide a number of important health benefits to average people with good health, but for HIV patients, people with herpes or diabetes, and cancer patients (and patients with many other diseases), their value is even more pronounced. Humic extracts have been widely used in Ayurvedic, Siddha, and Chinese medicine and there are currently a number of German humic-fulvic based medicinal products on the market as well. In veterinary medicine, humic extracts are used to prevent or treat diarrhea or enteritis in animals, which is not surprising because this medicine has a strong positive impact on the digestive system. As an alternative treatment for HIV, herpes, diabetes, or cancer humic extract and fulvic acid plays a dynamic role in the restoration of health.


Humic Extract Health Benefits:


  • Anti-HIV; Humic Extracts can block HIV infectivity
  • Anti-herpes
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-dyslipidemic
  • Enhances spermatogenesis
  • Diminishes the symptoms of dementia
  • Analgesic (pain-killing)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immunomodulatory (it regulates and stimulates the immune system)
  • Balances hormone levels
  • Fulvic acid eyedrops can be used to treat corneal ulcers (92.6% success rate)
  • Supplies/transports nutrients to the cells
  • Supplies/transports electrolytes to cells
  • Relieves oxygen deficiency
  • Catalyzes enzyme reactions
  • Creates electrochemical balance in the body at the cellular level
  • Anemia treatment
  • Diabetes treatment
  • Altitude sickness treatment
  • Digestive / Gastrointestinal Benefits
    • Taken internally (by mouth), it can be used to treat stomach or duodenal ulcers.
    • Taken internally (by enema), it can be used to treat colon ulcers.
    • Taking humic extract internally (by mouth) resulted in a 95.6% success rate at controlling acute gastrointestinal bleeding.
    • Humic extracts can be used to treat hemorrhoids.
    • Treats hyperacidity
    • Treats diarrhea and dysentery
    • Treats colitis
    • Detoxifies the liver
    • Can eliminate symptoms of food poisoning within minutes / hours.



Fulvic Acid and Shilajit for Digestive Problems Including Bleeding Ulcers

Several years ago, my mom had a bleeding ulcer. The ulcer was located just past her duodenum where the contents of her stomach dumped into the small intestine. Unfortunately, a gastroscopy showed that her bleeding was likely coming from the junction where the pancreatic and liver enzymes were dumped into the small intestine making it a complex situation. Doctors dilly-dallied and didn’t know what to do. They withheld food from her for 36 hours and then forgot to give her the blood transfusions she needed (because she continued to bleed out while they struggled to decide what to do).


On day 1, my mom was located in North Platte, NE at Great Plains Regional Medical Center and they did what they could to keep her stable, but they weren’t equipped to find the actual source of the problem or to fix it (because Great Plains is a small hospital). So they transferred her to Bryan Memorial Hospital in Lincoln, NE under the assumption that the higher levels of technology at that hospital would somehow save her. She arrived late that night to the hospital, but no doctor came to see her. It was late and my mom was groggy and tired, so I said very little about it that first night.


The next day came. Lunch rolled around and still, no doctor. I went to the hallways to voice my complaints loudly. “My mother is bleeding to death and she has been here now for nearly a full day. When is a doctor going to come see her?”


Still, she hadn’t eaten.


Of course, they were charging her thousands of dollars for this “treatment”. I threatened to have her moved to a new hospital, but they said I couldn’t do that without a doctor’s order. So I set to work at getting a doctor’s order and after many phone calls, I was finally able to get the order to move her to Omaha.


Lo and behold as news spread to the break rooms that I had successfully found a doctor to get my mom moved to a hospital in Omaha (more than 24 hours after her arrival in Lincoln and several thousand dollars in hospital bills later), a doctor arrived in my mom’s room. He scheduled yet another gastroscopy, though she’d already had one which seemed like a risk and a discomfort (and an extra, unnecessary cost) that simply wasn’t necessary since she’d just had a gastroscopy less than 48 hours prior.


The gastroscopy was scheduled. I kept my mouth shut because I was, to some extent, just glad that a doctor had finally arrived.


This gastroscopy, just like the one before it, was “inconclusive”.


Then, a doctor came in peddling fluoroscopy, a radiation type of diagnostic tool that basically would be like exposing my mom to cancer-causing radiation for 2 hours straight. I resisted it. I argued against it. The doctor narrowed his eyes at me. I asked him why they wouldn’t just do exploratory surgery and try to find the problem and then, if possible, fix it during the same surgery rather than exposing my mom to anesthesia for fluoroscopy. I questioned him about it and he couldn’t explain his reasoning to me and instead got angry and left the room. The problem was, there was no justification for using fluoroscopy. It is a gimmicky upsell for sick people who want to believe they can buy health in the form of some kind of magic they don’t fully understand (which is the right way to think about it from the tribal perspective where a shaman travels to the netherworlds on your behalf, but in conventional medicine, faith in tech is usually misleading, if not deadly (See The Bleeding Edge documentary for more information). I won the argument fair and square with the fluoroscopy doctor and he left the room. I cried with relief (because I didn’t want my mom to be exposed to anesthesia and then radiation for 2 hours with nothing to show for it. Whew! That was a near miss…


But then, the doctor returned, this time with some kind of liaison to convince me that I was simply wrong and ill-informed. The cost of the fluoroscopy session was over $10,000.


My dad was confused about it all. Should he listen to me or should he listen to the doctor? He just wanted his wife to be okay. He agreed to the fluoroscopy treatment because not just one but TWO doctors were in his room saying that it was good. It was okay!


So they wheeled Mom went into the fluoroscopy room and 4 (not 2) hours later, they came back out to inform us that fluoroscopy had officially revealed nothing of interest. The results were “inconclusive”. In other words, it had failed to find the location of her bleeding and my Mom had, as I had predicted, been exposed to radiation for 4 hours (not 2) for nothing. Actually—these results cost her over $10,000.


She received another blood transfusion because she was on day 3 of no results and no treatment.


I had a talk with my dad. Dad got angry with me for “antagonizing the doctors”. I made my position clear: I wanted for them to do exploratory surgery to find the bleeding and then cauterize or sew up the problem, like they used to do back in the good ole days before tech made medicine so expensive and just plain stupid.


Dad got angry with me. He was scared and he didn’t understand what I was trying to do or how (or if) my actions were “helping”. So I gave mom a hug and left them to make their own decisions about treatment. A new doctor came in as I headed out the door. Dad liked him because he had bright pink shoes which seemed “hip” and “cool”. The doctor made some jokes and Dad was fully at ease.


Forty eight hours later, they cut mom open, did exploratory surgery, found the bleeding and cauterized it. This was the treatment I’d been asking for since my mom had been admitted to the hospital back in North Platte. In fact, they could’ve done that surgery back in North Platte if it weren’t for the fact that everyone thinks we need to push on tech to get good healthcare results.


And…just for fun, as part of the surgical treatment they removed Mom’s gallbladder, though it had never caused her any problems for her entire life.


So, basically, Mom endured five days of near starvation, internal bleeding, 3 gastroscopies, a colonoscopy, and one 4 hour fluoroscopy session before the doctors finally ended up doing what I’d asked them to do in the first place.


This is why fulvic acid and shilajit excites me. This medicine can heal bleeding ulcers in the digestive system. A situation involving a bleeding gastrointestinal ulcer could’ve been prevented in the first place by a substance like shilajit / fulvic acid. Though surgery may sometimes still be necessary, it’s empowering to have a substance like this on hand that can work wonders on the digestive system.


Shilajit and fulvic acid have had great success at treating bleeding hemorrhoids and generally balancing the digestive system, which probably explains a lot of its success at treating other diseases like cancer, HIV, and herpes. Our immunity depends to a large extent on gut flora and the health of our digestion and our body’s ability to absorb the nutrients that our cells use to create health.


Taking shilajit or fulvic acid supplements might help people prevent bleeding ulcers and the healthcare nightmare I just described above.


Fulvic Acid Basics

Fulvic acid is a humic extract. It carries complexed minerals in trace amounts into the cells. When minerals, metals, and trace elements become complexed with fulvic acid, they become bioavailable and they often behave much differently in the body than their original, non-organic, non-complexed form. For example, though aluminum is considered to be a heavy metal to be avoided, research has shown that a certain amount of aluminum (in the right form and quantity) is necessary for the survival of newborn human infants by activating the enzyme succinic dehydrogenase. Studies saying that high levels of aluminum are responsible for the development of Alzheimer’s have been disputed by less popular, alternative research that’s demonstrated that people with Alzheimer’s disease have similar aluminum levels in their brains as healthy individuals. Experts on this topic say that heavy metals sometimes have positive effects on the body, but that it depends on the source of the heavy metal and what they’re combined with on a molecular level.


Without an adequate supply of fulvic acid, toxins build up in the human body. So fulvic acid detoxifies. And it increases the bioavailability of minerals to cells at the same time. Because of its small molecular size, fulvic acid is able to gain entry into human cells where it then catalyzes the entrance of health-promoting minerals and nutrients that are necessary for the cell’s survival. So fulvic acid has the ability to clean out cluttered and toxic cells while inviting healing minerals into the cell at the same time. These effects are similar in some respects to dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), a substance that’s derived from trees. DMSO has a similarly broad range of medicinal effects on the body and it could also be considered a panacea in a lot of ways, but unlike shilajit / fulvic acid’s effects on the digestive system, DMSO is famous for it’s ability to regenerate nerves.


What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a a natural substance made of ancient plant and animal materials that seeps out of rocks in the Himalaya and Hindukush mountain ranges on the Indian subcontinent. It is high in fulvic acid content. The substance is known by other names such as Mumijo, Mumie, Mineral Pitch, Shilajatu or even vegetable asphalt in part because it is a dark, viscous substance that looks a bit like tar.


Fulvic acid and humic extracts are sometimes sold as liquids and shilajit is sold in capsule form as well as in small bottles designed to make it possible to dip into it using a tongue depressor or a spoon. A tiny bit of the substance clings to the spoon or the tongue depressor and can be dipped into and then dissolved in a glass of water for drinking.


While fulvic acid is a small molecule that can easily gain access to cells, it has become famous for its ability to bind with certain minerals to take them into cells (making the minerals bioavailable). Shilajit contains high levels of minerals along with fulvic acid. Some experts say that shilajit (fulvic acid + minerals) is the mythical SOMA medicine that the gods and Hindu brahmins drank in ancient India.


Shilajit or Fulvic Acid for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) or AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease)

Humic extracts have been researched heavily in terms of their effects on HIV. In one study, 20 HIV positive people took Shilajit at varying doses up to 9,000 mg per day. In the study, the patients were also taking anti-retroviral (ART) drugs, but the Shilajit led to health improvements that were beyond what was possible using only the anti-retroviral medication.


The Shilajit led to less nausea, diarrhea, and weight loss and it even enhanced the patients’ responses to the anti-retroviral drugs they’d been prescribed. Researchers noted that the Shilajit seemed to protect the liver and the kidneys from the ravages of the pharmaceuticals they’d been prescribed. The resistance of the HIV infection to the antiretroviral medications was lowered by the Shilajatu (Shilajit).


Shilajit and Fulvic Acid for Herpes, Human Cytomegalovirus, and Human Respiratory Syncticial Virus Infections

Studies have shown that Shilajit has a dose-dependent inhibitory effect against Herpes Simplex 1 Virus, Herpes Simplex 2 Virus, Human Cytomegalovirus, and Human Respiratory Syncticial Virus. The humic acid in Shilajit inactivated and interfered with the infectivity of the virus. This particular study demonstrated that Shilajit has anti-viral capabilities across a broad spectrum.


Shilajit for i

 Studies have shown that Shilajit (Fulvic Acid) can assist with certain aspects of weight loss in obese patients. One study demonstrated that patients taking 250 mg of oral Shilajit twice daily (with exercise), experienced skeletal muscle adaptation through the upregulation of certain genes that impact skeletal muscle elasticity, repair, and regeneration. Shilajit has adaptogenic and anabolic properties. Other studies have shown that supplementation with Shilajit increases physical energy.


Several studies have shown that Shilajit acts as a physical “revitalizer” that has performance-enhancing effects on the body. As a result of increased production of ATP, people often report lessened fatigue after taking the substance for a period of time. The key components that seem to be responsible for these enhanced performance effects include: dibenzo-a-pyrones and fulvic acid.


Shilajit / Fulvic Acid Dose Information

Shilajit / Fulvic Acid has been administered at 0.5 oz (15 mL) up to 6,000 mg per day without causing significant side effects. In a few research participants, high doses caused mild symptoms of distress including headache, diarrhea, and sore throat. At lower doses (15 mL or 0.5 ounces), the primary medicinal effect observed was diminished inflammation in the body. Healthy people who are not suffering from a major illness often choose to take about 500 mg of Shilajit daily. Studies have followed research participants who have taken this dose for up to 3 months and observed no adverse health effects in healthy adults. People who are suffering from cancer, HIV, diabetes, herpes, or another major illness may opt to take the 6,000 mg per day dose for more pronounced curative effects.


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