Not all alternative treatments for cancer are appropriate for brain tumors. Avoid treatments like Essiac that can cause tumors to swell and treatments that can’t pass the blood-brain barrier.


Dear Jennifer:

Thanks for your kindness and service to humanity, spreading TRUTH on earth.
Appreciate it deeply.
My uncle currently has brain cancer and is not doing chemo or radiation .
We are juicing 2 liters of carrots per day plus:
 –Cannabis oil
Do you have any other suggestions, on top of your head ?
Off the top of my head, YES! I do have some suggestions!!! 🙂
When you’re treating cancer holistically without chemo/radiation, you absolutely must follow a protocol as opposed to just one treatment. It looks like you’re doing this already so Kudos for that! You’ve combined several treatments together and that’s the right approach to treating cancer holistically. Be aware that some holistic cancer treatments may cancel out other holistic treatments, but the treatments I talk about below can all work together. I’ve chosen a few cancer treatments to talk about below, but there are more that I could direct you to for brain cancer specifically if you feel like you want to amp up your uncle’s treatment at any point.
I have some important thoughts that I’ve shared below, that I would want to know if I were you!
You should not use Essiac Tea. Essiac causes a “reverse metastasis” of cancer cells to the original tumor. So the original tumor will get bigger and then explode and go away. That’s excellent for people with cancer of the skin or cancer in an areas of the body that won’t be damaged by swelling. But when a tumor in the brain gets bigger, it can put pressure on the brain. So ESSIAC IS NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR YOUR UNCLE because it could cause pressure on the brain (and therefore brain damage or death) while the tumor is going through reverse metastasis. 
Everything else you have listed is excellent though!!! The vitamin B17 is essential, of course. If you can take your uncle to a clinic in Tijuana Mexico where they give vitamin B17 (Laetrile) IV’s, that would be ideal. But if that isn’t possible for your uncle, eat apricot kernels or have him drink Jason Winter’s Tea (which contains an herb that’s high in B17) and even buy some apricot kernel oil (organic, of course) and put it on your uncle’s head and neck (his temples, his face, his neck) along with DMSO and Frankincense. Just be sure that you rinse his skin thoroughly with PLAIN, FILTERED WATER—NO SOAP. Most soaps and shampoos contain fragrances (which are completely unregulated—no one knows their ingredients) and carcinogens. If you have it in your budget to get a brand of soap and shampoo that does not include carcinogenic ingredients, that would be ideal (then you wouldn’t have to rinse his head and neck with filtered water before DMSO applications–also he wouldn’t be exposed daily to carcinogens through his soaps and shampoos).
See below:
Here’s a bar soap that contains no carcinogens and that happens to also contain essential oils of Frankincense and Myrrh (both anti-cancer treatments).
Here’s a shampoo (same brand) that is also non-carcinogenic.
The type of soap and shampoo your uncle uses is particularly important if you use DMSO because DMSO combines with substances and takes them directly to tumors.
Many people use Frankincense with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) to treat brain cancer. Both Frankincense and DMSO can cross the blood-brain barrier and both are excellent cancer treatments. In the no-chemo, no-radiation world of cancer treatments, these two substances are staples in the treatment of brain cancers!
DMSO is an incredible medicinal agent. Incredible. A whole new medical system could be based around it because of the way it works and what it can do. It’s one of the only substances on earth that can literally regenerate recently damaged nerve cells. It’s FDA approved and it’s not only one of the safest and least toxic medicines known to man, but it also currently has the broadest medicinal action of any pharmaceutical agent on the market. The FDA guards this secret carefully by requiring all DMSO bottles to be labeled as “solvents” so that the public is scared away from it. In reality, DMSO is derived from trees and it’s extremely affordable because it’s produced naturally as a byproduct of the lumber and paper industries. I have had incredible and important successes using DMSO as a treatment for my friends, neighbors, and family for everything from cancer to malaria. I’ve used it on major injuries and serious infections. But one of the most important things that DMSO can do is that it can easily go wherever it needs to go in the body to cause healing. It seeks out disease and infection. As you know, I’m sure already, brain cancer is hard to treat because it’s hard to get medicines past the blood-brain barrier. But DMSO has no problem crossing the blood-brain barrier. Indeed, it naturally seeks out cancer cells and infectious organisms. So consider having your uncle switch to some non-toxic soaps and shampoos (so that DMSO won’t combine with the toxic carcinogens in the soaps and take them into the brain!) and then apply DMSO to the head and neck along with Frankincense and vitamin B17 oil. This is a powerful treatment. You can also take all of these substances internally with water. Be aware that DMSO absorbs water from its surroundings (air, skin, the digestive system), so have your uncle drink plenty of water during the treatment. If his skin gets red and dry from applying DMSO, you may need to add some water to the mixture or even directly to his skin to avoid this problem. Just know that if DMSO makes his skin red, it’s because it’s very drying (and likely not an allergy) and water will take care of this problem.
If I were you, I would combine DMSO with apricot kernel oil and frankincense in roughly equal parts, adding clean, filtered water if its drying to the skin.
The potency and healing value of Vitamin B17 can be negated by vitamin C. This is hard to understand for a lot of people because vitamin C in high doses is really really good for cancer patients. But if you eat vitamin C and vitamin B17 at the same time, the vitamin C can “burn up” the vitamin B17. A lot of vitamins and minerals work this way…they have antagonists and protagonists. But because the vitamin B17 is so important, when you take it by mouth always take it by itself so that you don’t accidentally burn it up and negate its effects. Applying it to the skin the form of apricot kernel oil along with DMSO will ensure that the B17 gets directly into the bloodstream without getting burnt up.
Next, I would recommend looking into High pH Therapy. High-pH Therapy has an excellent cure rate, it impacts the whole body, including the brain, and it won’t interfere with the other treatments your uncle is doing. There are several different High pH Therapies that you could choose from:
Consider contacting the Wolfe Clinic (listed at this link) for guidance and/or to order Cesium from them to do the therapy. I have ordered Cesium through Amazon that I keep on hand because my husband had melanoma some years back. We couldn’t get Cesium easily because we live full-time in Mexico where it isn’t widely available, so I used baking soda to raise my husband’s pH instead. He applied the baking soda to his melanoma (along with coconut oil, apricot kernel B17 oil, and frankincense) and also drank baking soda with water according to a specific schedule. It took 3 days for the melanoma spot to dry up and fall off. That was 4 years ago. He never had chemo or radiation treatments. Needless to say, if you can’t get your hands on Cesium, you could always either 1) use baking soda to alkalize the body or 2) buy a Kangen machine to make alkaline water.
If I were your uncle, I would choose one of the following from the High pH Therapy Category and add this to the protocol you’re currently doing along with the use of DMSO, Frankincense, and vitamin B17 oil (both topically and internally):
Carrot juices are great, but nutrition is so important for people who have cancer! If I were you, I would look into the Gerson Diet, which uses carrot juices and green juices along with some supplements. You can learn how to do it online. Or, look into the video Forks Over Knives (the book version is called The China Study) for a crash course on a cancer diet that’s pretty balanced overall in terms of nutrition. It isn’t extreme in terms of deprivation although, if I were you, I would do a whole foods, organic diet, that includes less than 5% of animal products. The TWO MOST IMPORTANT things you can do for someone with cancer diet-wise is 1) remove sugar from the diet–use monk fruit or stevia (pure stevia–often erythritol or dextrose is added) in place of sugar because sugar feeds cancer and 2) take stress off the pancreas by a) not eating TOO MANY animal products (while taking a vitamin B12 supplement since animal products are the only source of B12) and b) taking pancreatic enzymes since all excess pancreatic enzymes from our digestion circulate through the body seeking out cancer cells and dissolving the fibrin sheath that protects them from our immune system. Pancreatic cancer is considered a death sentence because of the essential role that pancreatic enzymes play in cancer prevention and treatment. If you create a diet that includes colorful fresh fruits and vegetables that are either juiced or steamed and have your uncle take vitamin B12 supplements and pancreatic enzymes, this would maximize the nutrients he’s getting. Switch from regular salt to Himalayan sea salt for trace minerals and avoid all additives. Use just basic spices.
Also, give him an iodine supplement and a magnesium supplement. Iodine is one of the most important minerals our bodies need to have a healthy immune system. Start with Iodoral 12.5 mg and move up to Iodoral 50 mg after about 2 months. And every cell in the body needs magnesium to function properly.

There are many many supplements that I would recommend for your uncle, but I’ll stop with those two for now. Carrot, celery, and beet juices contain a lot of nutrients that are bioavailable. Green juices complement the carrot, beet, celery combo. A good multivitamin is important too.
Enemas are so important for cancer patients! Enemas keep the detoxification process moving along. If you don’t do enemas, your uncle’s liver and kidneys, and other detoxifying organs will struggle under the weight of the toxins that will be leaving his body. If you can find a business nearby for your uncle to do colon hydrotherapy (which is a more powerful version of an enema) to kick off his at-home cancer treatment, that would be ideal, but if not, that’s okay too. He should plan to do a filtered, clean-water enema every day at first or up to 3 times a day if he starts to experience detoxification symptoms (which can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, or cold and flu-like symptoms). The enemas will do amazing things for him…don’t neglect to do them! Get a good enema bag or bucket (not those little pre-filled enemas they sell at the pharmacy) and do either filtered water enemas or coffee enemas (maybe coffee enemas a few times per week with filtered water enemas the rest of the time)…he should use between 500 mL and 1000 mL for every enema. Enemas have been around for centuries and they’re a real life changer. It’s like bathing the digestive system and liver which confers huge health benefits (though many people resist them at first).
Here’s a link to an article about coffee enemas: https://alivenhealthy.com/2019/06/01/coffee-enemas/
Remove heavy metals from the body. Get mercury fillings removed. Use Thai mineral salts and baking soda instead of regular deodorants that contain aluminum. I resisted having our mercury fillings removed for a long time. There are places like Mexico where you can get this done at an affordable price. It has made a huge difference in my health! At American BioDental/American Holistic Care in Tijuana, Mexico, you can get your dental fillings removed and then do IV therapies a la carte at an affordable price.
Protocel – this is a stand-alone treatment that you would do at the beginning of your uncle’s treatment (you’d quit doing all other at-home cancer treatments) and then, after the cancer is cured, you would start a cancer protocol that includes at the very least vitamin B17, pancreatic enzymes, and iodine supplements in high doses along with a sugar-free diet. So, it’s still a protocol, but at first, Protocel must be taken BY ITSELF and then it’s followed with a cancer protocol.
Rife Therapy – This is a vibrational therapy that you could add onto your cancer protocol for your uncle. My husband is a computer programmer and he’s helped a few people get set up using a Spooky2. Rife had so much success treating cancer and other “incurable” diseases that his treatment was banished from the U.S. In 2005, someone found an original Rife machine in a wall and someone reproduced it. It works slowly and gently and it can work against cancer as part of a protocol with all the other treatments I’ve mentioned above.
Bob Beck Therapy – Bob Beck was an orthopedic surgeon who stumbled upon an electrical cancer cure called the Micropulser by accident when he was given the task of reading Russian research on cancer several decades ago. He was in search of ways to regenerate limbs (and discovered some pretty amazing things, by the way), but realized that small bursts of electricity kill the cancer-causing microorganism. Back in the Greek and Roman era, a man with cancer was spontaneously cured when he was given an electric shock by a torpedo fish. So this isn’t a new discovery really, but rather a discovery that’s been carefully covered up.
I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with information…one of the biggest challenges people face when they decide to do at-home treatment is just realizing that they have to attack cancer from several different angles at once. And that treating cancer is about reestablishing good health! Cancer is a sign that there are several different things going wrong in the body, which is why conventional treatments rarely work (because they’re terrible for people’s general health). Diet and supplements are extremely important, but this is a big topic and you have to start with a few things, learn more, and then add supplements where needed and remove toxic foods that are causing illness. But you’ve got a good start! The fact that your uncle hasn’t had chemo or radiation therapy bodes very well for him!
If you have questions about combining certain holistic treatments, don’t be shy about asking me. Typically, a loved one has to become the “cancer expert” when a patient decides to do at-home holistic treatments. If you don’t understand how or why a treatment works, I can help you with some of those answers with just a quick email if I’ve already done the research on it!
Finally, is it okay if I post this email (sans names and identifying information) to the AlivenHealthy site so other people can benefit from this information? I haven’t specifically written about brain cancer, but this article is targeted and others might appreciate the info. If I have your permission, I’d like to post it for others!

Thanks a lot Jennifer! Appreciate it. He has been feeling better in the past 2 weeks.

I am taking time to digest this useful wealth of information from you.

Yes, feel free to post this email to your AlvenHealthy site.

I believe he was having Herxheimer or die-off , from the large doses of Artemisinin and Fenbendazole (pet de-wormer drug) that we were giving him last week.

Have you heard of Joe Tippens (fenbendazole)?
We are thinking of pulsing , every 3 weeks using the following:
Protocols that can be pulsed every 3 weeks:
-Curt Graydon Artemisinin Protocol
-Jim Gordon Herbal Protocol
-DCA, Caffeine, Vit B1 Protocol
-Fenbendazole + Cimetidine (Tagamet)
-Mebendazole + Cimetidine
– LDN (Low dose Naltrexone)
I have not heard of Joe Tippens, but I am familiar with fenbendazole. When my family and I lived in the states, we used Valbazen, a pet dewormer with a related type of medicine. It worked very well, but the detox reaction was strong and lasted for 5 to 7 days when we were doing our very first parasite cleanses.
I’m not familiar with all of the protocols you mentioned, but I’ll comment on what I do know about and you can decide what to do from there!
-Curt Graydon Artemisinin Protocol
I don’t know about Curt Graydon, but I do know about Arteminisin. Arteminisin is an oxidant, so if you use it to treat cancer, you can only use it with other oxidant-friendly therapies. Oxidant therapies work by releasing oxygen radicals into the body. As Artemisinin is digested down it becomes hydrogen peroxide (essentially) and so it works a lot like hydrogen peroxide therapy. You could use Artemisinin therapy with a hydrogen peroxide cancer protocol because these two therapies would complement each other.
-Jim Gordon Herbal Protocol
I am not familiar with Jim Gordon, but I just did a Google search and it looks like Pau d’Arco is part of his cancer protocol. There are several species of Pau d’Arco, but the species Tabebuia impetiginosa is a powerful cancer medicine. Also, the ketogenic diet is an excellent cancer diet choice.
-DCA, Caffeine, Vit B1 Protocol
This is a protocol I’m not familiar with…I could do some research on it, but it sounds like DCA is a type of pharmaceutical?
-Fenbendazole + Cimetidine (Tagamet)
-Mebendazole + Cimetidine
Years ago, I did some research on Tagamet. My dad had been taking it for years and…I’m not a fan of that drug. It has weird effects on hormones and can cause men to develop gynecomastia (enlarged breasts). So, just be aware of that. And the drugs that you mentioned above that end in -azole are anti-parasitics. Generally speaking, it’s best to NOT take anti-parasitics consistently. Rather, it’s best to take them for 3 days once a month for about a year and then back of to bi-monthly and eventually bi-annually. Taking anti-parasitics on a regular basis can lead to drug-resistant parasites, which is a bad deal. You could take an -azole one month for 3 days and then take pyrantel pamoate for 3 days the next month and keep switching like that. But parasites reproduce on a monthly cycle so after you do a 3 day treatment, you’re not really killing anything because these meds don’t kill eggs. Cloves (an herb and a spice) can kill eggs in between treatments with anti-parasitics.
– LDN (Low dose Naltrexone)
I don’t have any experience working with Naltrexone, but I would be curious to hear your experiences with it if you decide to use it.
I HIGHLY suggest using Frankincense if you can afford to add that into your protocol. This is specifically beneficial for brain cancer patients, but of course, it’s up to you! 🙂
Please keep me updated on things!