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ROBERT: Heres a pic of the solutions I bought.


Here are 3 links for how to make the HIV treatment using CDS and the interview between Mike Adams and Andreas Kalcker about chlorine dioxide and the Lets Talk America interview with Plague of Corruption writer Dr Judy Mikovits all intertwined.

Andreas Kalcker interviewed by the Health Ranger about chlorine dioxide, science and truth

How to make CDS ? with Andreas Kalcker

The Health Ranger 5/19/2020 – Let’s Talk America

Hi Jennifer:

So tomorrow is my first day for starting my 1 month protocol. It will probably be for the rest of my life if things turn out positive and I go negative … lol. Since you indicated the importance of diet I will throw in some things I do for mine. First off I won’t use the word diet anymore because thats not a proper term for food health and maintenance. I will either just say nutrition or food health or other forms thereof but never diet as that term is restrictive in its connotation and I want positive food outlooks.
Today I started my breakfast with organic oatmeal in unsweetened flax milk with blueberries all sweetened with honey. Honey is the only sweetener I use and I just use it for my oatmeal. Oatmeal is my staple breakfast but sometimes I deviate to eggs and potatoes. I also sometimes cook turkey sausages for the vitamin b-12 maintenance. I just bought groceries and will be making a huge pot of salad that will be my lunch and dinner. Most of the vegetables are organic and I found a raspberry vinaigrette dressing that has neither soy nor canola oil. Its called Walden Farms and I literally looked through most of the dressings on the shelf to find it. Americans are being poisoned with high fructose corn syrup, other hidden sugars (in EVERYTHING) canola and soy oils also in quite a bit of products all highly processed all extremely genetically modified. My usual meals are always one big pot of something that I eat for 3-4-5 times that week till its all gone. This week will be salad. My salads always have 2 different fruits or more included as well as either sunflower seeds, pecans or almond slices thrown in the mix.
Tomorrow I start my at-home HIV treatment and I will begin with just drinking a portion of the pint mix and use the other pint as an enema. Once I get enough chlorine dioxide mixed to have as storage I will use a quart for the enema.
On another note I’ve tried twice to purchase the dimethylsulfoxide (hope that’s right) from the link you sent me but they keep refunding my money without explanation. For now I will settle for just the vitamin B17 and chlorine dioxide mix.

Hi Robert!

I’m just working on posting this email now.
I’m glad to know about the problem with the DMSO link. I need to look into that! Maybe this DMSO link will work?
Okay…I’m going to read the next email you sent to me now… 🙂
I hope to God this stuff isn’t toxic it smells rather strong …
It does smell toxic and actually it can hurt your lungs if you breathe it in, so avoid breathing it! Though you can do an MMS treatment specifically that involves breathing it into the lungs, it’s important to do the right dose of the stuff for a lung treatment. But drinking it in higher doses is okay!

Hi Jennifer:

I woke up this morning very excited to start working on my HIV cure. I took my first drink of the mix and its AWFUL. It definitely tastes like chlorine. I was very hesitant because of its smell and taste but once I got it down I was ok. Nothing happened except the after taste that lingered in my nostrils while I worked. I got home and decided to do the enema with the other jar already mixed. BIG MISTAKE! It was way too strong a mix to do an enema with. I wasn’t able to hold it at all and my insides felt like they were on fire. I almost went to the ER the pain was that intense.  Then I went back and re-read how you did your mixes and your taking drops. My mix was 2 different settings of 5 ml absorbed in water over night so all together it was a 10 ml mix. This needs to be diluted next time I do it but Im gonna wait a couple of days for me insides to heal. Starting from the already made pint mix I will fill the syringe with 10 ml of that and dilute that with a pint of distilled water and use that as the enema. If it’s comfortable I will slowly increase the dose. OUCH. So far I’m on my second drink of this elixir. Live and learn.

Hi again, Robert!

Even plain filtered water can make your intestines cramp the first time you do an enema! Start with a smaller amount of water, perhaps and just use filtered water at first. I do enemas anytime I’m sick. They can really hasten a person’s recovery from just about any illness. I would say that half of just about any infection is actually detoxification from the infection. But at first, you’ll have lots of impacted feces up in your large intestine. And when you send water up in there and the impactions start to loosen, your intestines will cramp. Some of the cramping will be caused by air bubbles too. You might be surprised at what comes out and how much you have trapped up there.
After you’ve done enemas for a week or two with some success, it’ll be time for a parasite cleanse! Since you’re using chlorine dioxide, this will kill parasites too. But you can also use pyrantel pamoate as an anti-parasitic too (parasites are an important topic if you want to cure HIV). You’d take it according to the weight chart on the bottle, once a day for 3 days. Then, you’ll wait for a month and do it again. With the CDS, as soon as you release some of the impactions via enemas that are most definitely lining the inside of your colon, there will be parasites and other undesirable things living underneath (parasites and Candida are common things that emerge as you clean out your colon). For candida, you’ll want to take 3 times daily doses of edible bentonite clay. CDS doesn’t really work against Candida unfortunately, but bentonite does!
Thank you for the update, Robert! Good luck!!!

I definitely did some damage. I have the Gerson Protocol book I bought it after I saw the documentary The Beautiful Truth. I was having Candida issues at the time and it definitely fixed that. It was my introduction to deep cleaning coffee enemas as I was wanting to heal myself. It got too complicated with the vegan diet the potash soup the juicing and figuring out what worked.  If I had the funds I was gonna admit myself in to their institute but it fell through. Anyhow Im gonna wait a week to start the enemas again with a much smaller dose because this one left me oozing bright pink and Im guessing I stripped away a lining from my rectum.  Funny thing my penis became engorged too but the pain was too intense and I had to evacuate. Maybe TMI … Well at least its disinfected thats for sure.  😬

Feel The Burn
Is there anything that will make drinking it more tolerable?
Unless theres a better way of ingesting it I honestly don’t know if I can do this for a month.  It’s GOD AWFUL almost to the point of puking.

I found another link to Andreas Kalcker giving steps on making it. In the article he says to further dilute the solution with fruit juices that DON’T contain vitamin C as the C neutralizes the effects of chlorine dioxide. Here is the link:

Hi Robert!
As far as the enema goes, I’m so sorry your first enema ended that way. Plain filtered water is much gentler and it does a lot of good too. It isn’t unusual for the cramping to be too intense for you to hold the water in for more than just a few minutes. But that’s okay! If you can just do the enema and hold it in for a couple of minutes, your body can absorb water (which will help you from becoming dehydrated) and your intestines will purge toxins and impactions to make it easier for your body to absorb nutrients.
Engorgement of your penis was probably caused by the irritation in your pelvis. Just as a fun fact to make sense of it all: Women will take Spanish Fly, which is a bladder irritant, as an aphrodisiac to increase their libido.
I wish I could think of something to help your rectum heal. I haven’t thought of anything yet, but if I think of something, I’ll send you a message. (UPDATE: Shilajit is a substance that can quell digestive bleeding and ulcers. And this substance is also one of the most well-known HIV cures that could, in theory, be used in combination with chlorine dioxide.)

In regard to the smell and awfulness of the CDS, YES! If you get some eucalyptus and/or peppermint essential oils and mix them together and put just a little drop of it in your nose right before drinking the CDS, that makes it all so much more tolerable. Of course, chase it with water to rinse the taste out of your mouth.

And remember, the Jim Humble protocols for curing HIV are a bit different. As a rule, you would start with a small dose and work your way up to a higher dose which can be a gentler process for sure! I haven’t had a chance to watch the videos you sent yet so I don’t know how your protocol differs from the Jim Humble protocols exactly. Anyway, don’t give up yet…you may at times, feel like giving up once your detox starts. Just remember that…detoxing can be a discouraging and disillusioning process because you’ll probably feel a lot worse before you feel better.
Also, keep in mind that the DMSO increases the potency of the MMS which means you can take a lower dose of MMS to achieve a more powerful response.
And remember, if the MMS doesn’t work for you, there are quite a few other treatments to consider. To name just a few:

But starting with CDS is smart. Think of it like you’re working toward better health overall, not just that you’re curing a disease. Every time you get through another treatment, you’re closer to better health. But you may need to modify things as you go along so that you can tolerate your own regimen both physically and emotionally!

Okay, so I see you just sent another message…
Hang in there!!! 🙂

Hello Jennifer:

I’m concerned about this treatment and suspicious that maybe I’m just getting poisoned. Do you have testimonials of people that I can talk to that have done this before me?

Hi Robert!

Here is a link to MMS testimonials: https://mmstestimonials.co/hiv-aids
I have never used CDS. I use MMS, which is similar. And I use it regularly and often. I can tell you that it makes me feel awful when I use it if I’m sick. I’ve taken it to cure malaria and that was awful. Seriously…but it cured the malaria within hours, as promised. The detoxification is difficult, I won’t lie to you. But again…the Jim Humble protocols recommend that you start with 1/8 of a DROP of MMS at first and slowly work up to 1 full drop of the stuff per hour, 8 hours a day. That gives your body time to detox more slowly. This is always what I recommend to people because DETOX SUCKS! Every bit of poison in your body comes out and has to be purged. MMS (and probably CDS too because they’re almost the same thing, as I understand it), purges both heavy metals and infectious organisms. And if your body can’t handle the detox process, you feel very very ill. And this is the part that’s disillusioning. It feels like you’re making yourself sick. In the Jim Humble books, he talks about backing off on the dose when you feel sick. And continuing with the dose you’re taking if you feel good. But if your disease is continuing to progress, push on the gas and up the dose again, but never past the point where you feel seriously ill. Your body has to be able to handle what’s being purged! Your kidneys, your liver, and your intestines have to take on all your bad habits from your whole life as they push out of your body along with any infectious organisms that are in there. It’s a lot to ask, that’s why enemas are so important (to assist your liver and your intestines) and that’s why it might be a better approach to start at a lower dose and work your way up to a higher dose.
When my husband and I took MMS the first time, we started with 1/8 of a drop for the first day. The next day we took 1/4 of a drop. The next day 1/2 a drop. And the next day, we took 1 drop every hour for 8 hours a day. We continued increasing with that pattern, but only as long as we continued to feel okay. If we got headaches or stomach upsets, we pulled back. Eventually, we were taking 12 drops per hour for 8 hours per day. Now, if we get sick with something that seems serious, we take 6 drops the first hour, 6 drops the next hour, and then we take 6 more drops the next day. When we had malaria, we took 18 drops all at once and we felt HORRIBLE, but not worse than the disease itself. The goal is to feel at least as good or a little better than you normally do taking the stuff. But if your disease is causing you to feel awful, take more MMS. It takes practice to tune into your body and figure what’s detox and what’s your disease.
But remember again…if you hate MMS, you might consider getting a Bob Beck Micropulser (which dose basically the same thing as MMS, but with electricity—you wear it like a wrist watch). Or you could try Protocel. There are lots of options…
Don’t give up on curing yourself even if this original go at things is a fail…modify your plan and start again!

Hi Again Jenn:

DROPS?! I was using millilitres and trust me I overdosed yesterday. After feeling like my intestines were gonna fall out I looked up How to Make MMS and got Jim Humbles website. I read all he had to say and was instantly upset at my bull headedness and over enthusiasm. Andreas’s instruction were lacking as far as dosage and when I went to his web site to ask a question all things were in Spanish and when I did send a message I got caught in a loop so I went with his 1\2 litre a day recommendation…big mistake especially when I used the whole undiluted pint in my rectum. Now the difference from Andreas and Jim is that I think Jim just mixes the chemicals directly and drinks that dropper dosage (is that what you’re doing?) where as with Andreas he lets the mixture infuse into the water overnight through a two part process of 5 ml doses. Jims site said that 1 1/2 litre will support a family of four for a year. If thats the case then I did a 4 month dose just yesterday so you can imagine how awful I felt. Im still dripping blood from my back side and if doesn’t clear by Tuesday I may have to admit myself. God knows what Im gonna tell them if I do go.  Jim also recommended that the solution can be mixed with fruit juice to disguise the odor and taste so I’ll try that for a bit. Im not doing anything backside for at least a week and a much smaller dose. I will go over your comments again as well, I have excellent memory…but only for a minute and then…what??
So what I do is I mix the MMS with the activator in a 1:1 ratio. When you do those first tiny doses of 1/8 of a drop, you just mix 1 drop of the MMS and 1 drop of the activator, add water and then toss all but 1/8 of the total mixture. I let the MMS and the activator sit for 1 minute until it turns orange and then I add water. The amount of water I mix with the MMS varies because with the Humble protocol it doesn’t matter. Add water to taste, so to speak. And to strengthen the MMS protocol use DMSO. The DMSO has it’s own “consciousness” as they say. It potentiates medicines, so be aware of that.
I have never put MMS in an enema, but you may need to do that eventually for HIV treatment. I’m not sure. Start with just plain filtered water enemas and then, if you feel like it, after you get your MMS drinks under control, maybe do 1/8 of a drop of MMS in an enema and work up as you would with the oral dosage. Again, I recommend this Jim Humble book: https://jimhumblebooks.co/  Many of his protocols include DMSO. DMSO is a way for you to increase the strength of the MMS without having to take as much of it.
Definitely use your best judgment on the rectal oozing. As a woman, I’m familiar with bloody oozings down south. Bright red or pink oozing is a sign that the blood is coming from your rectum and not your intestines, though, and that’s good. Hemorrhoids cause rectal bleeding like what you’re describing, so if you feel like you need to go to the doctor, keep that in mind. Your doctor will invariably tell you you have cancer and want to order tests (be prepared for that). Hemorrhoids are really nothing more than swollen, irritated blood vessels in the rectum and bleeding, like what you’re describing, is not that uncommon really, even in relatively healthy people. Here’s a link to how you could treat hemorrhoids that are bleeding–this advice might help you heal up a little more quickly:
If you have something like Tiger Balm use that to disguise the smell of the MMS for now. Breathe through your mouth till you drink and then continue that and chase with plain water.
Like I said, I’ve never worked with Andreas Kalcker’s protocol, but I believe you about your intestines! I know how that feels… MMS essentially causes tiny little explosions in the body whenever it encounters a pathogen, so it can be pretty harsh. But MMS is strong and it does work! It’s extremely versatile, but you definitely have to pay attention to yourself when you use it to determine the right dosage for you…
Again, hang in there!!! 🙂

Yup I was ingesting the undiluted solution! I found a pic on Andreas’s site that I will add to this email and it should clear things up for anybody who makes mistakes like I do. Big OOPS AND OUUUCCCHHH! I need to dilute 10 ml of the mother solution into a litre bottle and drink THAT. Finally on the second day I got it. Thanks for your patience. I should of investigated more thoroughly but that is life in the Robert world.

Oh wow…yes, that would be painful! 🙁
Me Again:

One more note. OMG YOU CAN BARELY TASTE IT once I got the mixtures right. NOW IM REALLY EXCITED!

Befuddled no more
Oh good! 🙂

Good Morning:

I just wanted to provide the link of Andreas’s protocols which give the instructions on protocols A-Z.
If you got to the website there are language options that you can choose. Once I read through it all things became quite clearer and I didn’t have to buy a book!

Excellent, Robert! Again, thank you for all this info… I’m SURE it will be helpful to other people….



Good Morning:

A quick update…I have been drinking mix solution diligently for a week now but in case others come to this conundrum I will post. I was having problems finding a safe reusable plastic water bottle. The one Im currently using has a # 7 recycling number on it. I discovered this is BAD plastic as it leaches BPA (bisphenol) which is an endocrine disruptor. I had to do a little research and found some I hope safe water bottles on Amazon. I believe the recycling numbers I need to look for that are safe on the bottles are 1,2 and 4.  Until my bottles get here do you think its ok to use the one I purchased at Walmart (china) will be ok until my other bottles arrive? I think it only leaches if you put in microwave but Im hesitant to use now that I found out the ugly truth.  Everything now a days needs to be investigated it seems.
Hi Robert!

Do you have a glass bottle or mug you could use?

I ordered some bottles on line that are bph safe and the correct size. As I continue on with this treatment I will continue looking for a clear glass container.
I think the china would be safe to use, but I’m not 100% sure about that. I think a mug might work? Again, I’m not sure. I’ve always used glass. Do you have a glass condiment container (dumping the contents into plastic) or something that you could use perhaps while waiting for your BPH safe bottles? (Just trying to be creative)

I do have an oversized bottle of organic kombucha that I can rinse and use I’ll do that…

Great…that oughtta work!!! 🙂


Hello Jennifer:

I hope the day finds you in the best health. So today is my 3rd week and Im following the protocol that Andreas has of doing the chlorine dioxide solution at 10ml solution mixed with 1 litre of distilled water. I drink that at hour intervals for 10 hrs. Being that this is my 3rd week I’ve incresed my CDS to 30ml into the litre bottle. I’ve done several enemas of both the coffee and the CDS. My biggest problem is not being able to get the whole litre into my rectum and holding it for 5 min but I get most of it in so Im not overly concerned. Also I read the benefits of the dimethylsulfoxide against arthritis so I’ve re-ordered it and hope it processes without any problems. Ive also got my friend started on the CDS treatment for herpes and so I hope it helps her as well. Ive reverted to mostly vegan food plan and hope to continue that forever but its the hardest to stay on as I get cravings for meat. My latest documentary: Endgame 2050 shows me once again the HUGE HARM eating animals is doing to the planet and so I will atone by abstaining from
ingesting them.  Thats all for now.

Hi Robert!

I’m in the process of switching to a new, non-Google email provider and I don’t want to lose the thread of our conversation. As soon as I get the new email set up, I’ll let you know. I’m extracting myself from Facebook and Google and it’s a slow process. I don’t want to lose touch with anyone in the process!
I’m posting this update to the website now. If your friend is willing to share their experience with MMS to treat herpes, please let me know. I have one posted email (Dear Ellie) about herpes already and it gets a lot of hits.
Diet is a big topic. BIG. Although I’m not a fan of industrial meat production AT ALL and though I’ve been both vegan and vegetarian for most of my life, it has recently come to my attention that veganism and vegetarianism can lead to some serious mental health issues. Drug addiction is one of the problems that seems to stem out of the vegan-vegetarian movement. And clinical depression and anxiety (including panic attacks and OCD) are among the other problems that arise when people don’t get enough of the essential amino acids in their diets.
In the U.S. right now, vitamin B12 deficiency is extremely common and recently, the medical industry, in its infinite wisdom, made it nearly impossible to get vitamin B12 shots. It used to be that older people (over age 55-60 years) would get a vitamin B12 shot every time they went to the doctor. Vitamin B12 costs almost nothing and 1 shot per visit was enough to keep most older people loaded up. But now, older patients (and younger, vegetarian/vegan ones) can’t even ask for a vitamin B12 shot. As a result, the number of people with dementia is on the rise. Often this vitamin B12-induced dementia looks like Alzheimer’s and no one figures it out. But the only good source of vitamin B12 in the diet comes from meat. We don’t need a ton of it to get enough vitamin B12…but there aren’t any other real sources. BELIEVE ME I TRIED THOUGHT I WAS EATING PLANT-BASED SOURCES OF VITAMIN B12 for many years and then one day…our whole family got sick. It takes 5 years for the liver to run out of vitamin B12 and it was almost 5 years to the day after my last meat-meal that I developed crippling abdominal problems, serious depression, and a sudden decline in health. Luckily, I was in Thailand at the time and I took my husband with me to get a vitamin B12 shot at Bumrungrad Hospital. In fact, I asked for TWO shots and they gave them to me without a lot of interrogation. My health IMMEDIATELY improved. And my husband and I started eating meat again.
But recently, a family member revealed that they have an addiction to methamphetamines. Obviously, this was a concern and my whole family went into a sort of emotional convulsion over it. After the initial horror of it subsided, I started reaching out to people who have been addicted to meth and asked them how they overcame it. This led to some interesting bits of insight and I realized that my family member eats meat like it’s going out of style! We actually tried to evangelize him to stop eating so much meat for a while, but…as I dove into the research on meth I found that amino acid therapies are the thing that WORKS. Like, you give a meth addict (or an alcohol or opiate addict) enough of the right amino acids and they lose their taste for the drug. It’s actually like a miracle for most people, but like MMS, this information is covered up. Amino acids are just the building blocks of proteins (the stuff that meat is made of). And for me, this revelation has cast serious doubts over the validity of a completely vegan or vegetarian diet. Because ultimately, meth addicts are often self-medicating a clinical form of depression. And opiate addicts and alcohol addicts are self-medicating a clinical form of anxiety. This family member got stuck in a third world country right when coronavirus hit, so we’ve been working with him using limited tools. But I can tell you that because amino acids are available everywhere in the world in the form of protein, that despite the limitations, we’ve had some incredible results and he’s doing very well at this time.
Additionally, my brother caught pneumonia last week and he was hospitalized for it. He was diagnosed about a year ago with Cushing’s Syndrome, which is basically a diagnosis of being totally over-stressed to the point that your body stops producing any kind of energy-hormones. So he’s been dragging himself around, literally on the edge of survival. But, amino acid therapies show a lot of promise for Cushing’s Syndrome patients. So he’s working with aminos and vitamins and minerals right now (along with MMS and DMSO for his pneumonia) and from the research I’ve read so far, I’m very hopeful that this long-standing, seemingly intractable stress is going to become “treatable” using some very simple foods (not meats, as it turns out…at least not at first).
So in summary, after all this…I KNOW that eating less meat or no meat seriously lowers our dopamine levels. I think it also lowers levels of serotonin and other neurotransmitters that make people capable of withstanding stress and thinking clearly. Once dopamine is at a low level, it’s hard for people to think their way out of the hole. Without dopamine, we aren’t creative or flexible…and our cortisol levels go up and stay up until we’re on the brink of death.
Meat needs to be consumed in moderation, but few people consume meat in moderation because we’re all so NEEDY for dopamine (which can only be produced when we have enough amino acids FROM MEAT and other animal products like milk). Sometimes, people should eat less meat. For instance, during detoxification from a major disease. But without meat in our diets, we all become hopelessly depressed OR anxious. And then we do compulsive or repetitive behaviors (like checking our Facebook page all the time or eating things that are bad for us). If all of us consumed meat in moderation, we wouldn’t need for meat and other animal products to be produced in huge, industrial quantities.
Again, less than 2 years ago, I would’ve been shocked that I would write these words myself, but the past 2 years have been really revealing to me in terms of diet. I’ve had to…no pun intended…eat my words, over and over again.
This all pertains to you because you talked about your diet and going vegan. Again, I agree with the idea that the meat industry is horrible, but the more I learn about amino acids, the more I know that they play a huge role in general health, especially the immune system. So, keep this in mind as you do your diet and maybe…don’t beat yourself up if you decide to indulge right now! Your immune system needs to rebuild. Moderate the meat intake if you can, OR go full-on and do the ketogenic diet. If you don’t want to eat meat, at least continue eating animal products like goat’s milk and eggs.
Get some digestive enzymes that contain ox bile, pancreatin (amylase, lactase, etc.), and HCl and pepsin to help take the stress of meat-eating off your digestive organs for now. (I know that sounds paradoxical, but eating meat and taking the enzymes would help your immune system rebuild). If you can’t afford enzymes, at least eat fruits like papaya or pineapple AFTER you eat meat and animal products because these fruits contain digestive enzymes that will take the stress off your body (enzymes take a LOT of energy to produce).
So again, since you’re trying to overcome a fairly major disease, meat might be good for you. Cancer patients are often told not to eat meat, and that’s a fine strategy, but I think pancreatic enzyme therapy with a regular China Study type of diet might be a better approach, actually.
Okay…that’s probably too much information…
Thanks again for the update! Congratulations on the beginning of Week 3!!!
(((HUGS!!! )))   🙂



Hello Jennifer:
So I read all your advice on the previous email. I have quite a bit in common with what you’ve said.  In the past I’ve ordered enzymes to help break up the uric acid build up that causes my gout so I know some of the benefits of enzymes.  I will re-order the ones I used to get in the past if I can find the same name brand, if not then some other brand will work I’m sure.  I totally remember the amylase, lactase, lipase, bromelain etc.  I’ve also had issues with meth addiction and with severe depression so I know about that topic quite a bit.  I no longer do meth (THANK THE UNIVERSE) and honestly I really want to stay away from meat as much as possible. If you have Amazon Prime the documentary called Endgame 2050 is a good enough reason for me to help humanity.  I ordered b-12 sublingual drops from Infowars.com online store and hope that this will resolve the issue of vitamin deficiency.  My plan is to go totally vegan for a month and then eat a little bit of meat the next month.  My body tells me when I’m eating too much meat because my gout gets pretty painful which is a sign for me to make a huge salad for the week … lol.  So I’m on my 4th week of the protocol and I’m finding the enemas easier to tolerate and to take the whole litre.  I’ve tried ordering your DMSO from the link you provided and I kept getting refunded.  I think Australia doesn’t ship to the US.  So I found another distributor and finally got a bottle of 99.95% pure DMSO but the bottle ended up breaking in transit so I re-ordered in plastic filled bottles.  I’m also trying really hard to stay away from plastic because of the message in the Endgame movie.
This week I’m eating a lentil soup mix that is all vegan and all organic lots and lots of veggies.  I cheat a little because I eat it with crackers.  You’ve stated to stay away from highly processed sugar and for the most part I am.  The crackers I eat are generally made of whole grains from brown rice, flax, quinoa and sesame seeds which I think are quite nutritious and don’t fall under the highly processed sugar category.  I also bought some grass fed cheese so I’m not completely vegan and still getting animal protein even though the link between dairy products and rectal cancer in men is high. Though, I don’t think I consume enough of it to trigger its onset.
So I was going to start incorporating the DMSO this week with the treatment at hand but my bottle came in and it was broken and all the liquid was gone.  After I get my other order can you please re-explain how I’m supposed to use it.  The website that I’m ordering from – dmsostore.com gives ways of using it but nothing about ingesting it.  I will go over our old emails again as well cause the answer is already there I’m just being lazy.   My enemas are generally done every 3rd day and are usually of the chlorine dioxide.  If I want to do a coffee enema I add that into the mix in between the CD days.  I’m not getting any side affects at all to be honest and because of that I question its viability.  I wanted to incorporate your DMSO for the week then go get a blood test but that will have to wait until my next shipment comes in.  How long do you think I need to be on this protocol before I can get a blood draw and or see results?  All is good otherwise except for the world falling into chaos around us which is a great reason to get as healthy as I can. There is going to be a huge mess in our future and optimal health is needed.  Thanks for all your support.

An added note:

The CDS protocol im using can go all the way up to 80 ml per litre so Im going to at least 50 ml, hopefully by then I’ll be using the DMSO as well …
I can’t believe it’s been that difficult for you to get the DMSO! I did have one bottle break in delivery once too.
If I were you, I would add about 9 drops of the DMSO to each dose of the CDS. Again NEVER put DSMO in an enema.
DMSO is pretty mild stuff by itself in that you take it and the worst thing it does to you is it can give you oyster-y breath. It will help take the CDS where it needs to go in your body (namely to the infectious organisms causing your HIV).
I can’t say how long it will take for you to get rid of your HIV using the CDS. Are there tests they can give you an indication of how severe the infection is or do they just test you to find out if you’re negative or positive? How do you FEEL? You mentioned that the enemas have gotten easier and that’s a good sign, but what other things have you noticed changing? Anything?
If your doctor can’t test you to determine the level of your infection, I’d look into someplace or someone who does dark field microscopy. Dark field microscopy allows people to look at living blood as opposed to blood that is dead. When you look at living blood, you can see that the red blood cells are either “free floating” or clumped together. Red blood cells that are not clumped together work better in the body and have a healthier electrical charge. Also, you would be able to see the extent of your infection, as I understand it. You would either have to buy your own device or find someone nearby, I think, to have it done.
So, let’s say you’re still testing positive and the CDS isn’t working as quickly as you’d like…you might consider some other therapies like biomagnetism or ozone therapy. I would have to do some research to figure out which therapies would be best and I’m willing to do that for you because it’s so refreshing to see someone who’s actually trying to get better, Robert! I’ve had a lot of other things taking my attention from doing HIV research lately (for example, yesterday, several robberies happened on my street so now I need to build reinforcements on my terrace), but eventually, I will get to it! I know there are some therapies that might be combined with your CDS treatments to enhance it and speed things along a bit, but I’d like to hear your progress first and let you tell me the direction you’d like to take once you get feedback on your progress. Again, I believe that this kind of healing is very journey-like. It may take some time…I would plan to work on it pretty actively for at least a year (my husband’s cancer took about a year) before you get over the hump, but it could be sooner or even later, depending on many many things!
This week Im at 40 ml CDS with 1 litre distilled water and I will go as far as I can with it which goes up to 80 ml in 1 litre. I really haven’t had any reactions. The only thing I’ve noticed is sometimes I get small dry spots on my skin as if the toxins are leaving from that spot but then the dry spots go away. I had one on my forehead I kept thinking was a pimple but never produced the squirty whitehead. Several other dry spots on my body have come about as well. Thats it, no real side effects.
The crackers I eat are name brand called Marys Gone Crackers and they’re ingredients are the seeds. Whole grain brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds, sesame seeds, etc. So Im sure these are more fiber than anything. My only question to you is this. Because Im kind of a nibbler and eat throught out the day is eating between the hours affecting the power of the potion?
The DMSO is coming in this week so Im excited about incorporating it into the mix. I just read an article about MMS getting seized in a Florida church so Im cautious about getting discovered. Below is the link to the article:

Feds in hazmat suits raid Florida church, seize 22 GALLONS of toxic coronavirus ‘cure’

Other than what I’ve reported Im doing great. There have been some days that my energy levels seem higher and I have been told that my skin looks more robust. I hope its all a good thing and from the protocol. Hope you’re in the best of spirits!
Hi again,
That’s pretty interesting that you’re seeing some changes to your skin and that people can see that you’re looking healthier. That’s good news!
Again, thank you for these updates…they will be extremely helpful to other people! 🙂
Hope you’re having a wonderful day and Im just emailing you on my weekly update. Its Monday so this week I’ve increased my CDS to 50 ml per litre of distilled water with the 10 drops of DMSO. I know you said 9 drops but I figure 1 more drop couldn’t hurt. In fact Im wondering if 10 drops is enough because I remember you saying I will develop a slight garlicky taste or odor and I don’t smell or taste nothing. I will talk with my regular doctor tomorrow and ask if I can get a blood draw but I will not have any expectations on results as I still may be positive.
My next big meal for the week is spaghetti with organic noodles made from other than whole wheat. So far I cheated on Wednesday and bought a couple of chicken tenders from Walmart because thats my 10 hr work day and I buy my food outside of the house for lunch. That with mac and cheese.  I ate my lentil soup mix for dinner and didnt eat all the chicken tenders. I keep watching the Endgame 2050 documentary its awful but a good reminder to respect nature.
You had asked me about how I recovered from my drug addiction to meth and I gave you my process. What I failed to mention is that my real saving grace was probably due to art therapy. Because Im HIV + I had opportunities to participate in a free ceramics group provided to people like myself through an organization called Bein Alive in West Hollywood California. Because of this wonderful service I was able to connect more with my center self by placing my hands in clay and creating. Because Im an artist this tilted my focus on art instead of drugs. Another important recovery step is that I volunteered. Once I started creating I volunteered to facilitate at their studio and that was a great impetus into staying clean.
On a completely different topic, I also made note that there is a direct connection between dairy products and colon cancer. That was a mistake the correlation is with prostate cancer and dairy.
So if you have any suggestions for me I like to know otherwise all is well mostly.


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