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I can’t emphasize enough the importance of approaching the cure for HIV as a journey that will take time, patience, experimentation, and a willingness to open your mind to the possibilities! People do cure HIV, but few people are able to cure complex diseases like this without using a PROTOCOL that incorporates several complementary healing elements into their regimen.


It’s me Robert here with a small update. So I got my chlorine dioxide mix today. 4 small fluid ounce containers 2 of sodium chlorite and 2 of hydrochloric acid. I mixed 5ml of each into a shot glass using different syringes so as not to cross contaminate.  I placed each shot glass inside another glass container with a hermetic seal to keep the gas from escaping and placed them in a dark cupboard over night. Tomorrow I will repeat the process and start my month protocol. According to Andreas Kalckers’ video, he recommended doing about 1/2 litre (which is about 1 pint) throughout the day. I did 3 separate mixes in containers where I poured (guesstimate) about a pint of distilled water for shot glasses to brew in overnight. Saturday will be my start day.
So how important a role is eating right towards the recovery? As I said before I have vegan/vegetarian diet but sometimes I eat the good old (bad really) American diet. Today I got a breakfast subway sandwich with egg ham and cheese. All very tasty but not the best for me. If anything I always try piling in the veggies over the meat.  During my “treatment” I will try adhering to cooking my meals. Also I was going to do enemas of the solution at least twice a week. Im a little cincerned about the DMS. It states its quite dehydrating but that it also helps permeate all cell membranes. What dosage would you recommend I use with the oral as well as the rectal? For the enema I’m gonna use the whole pint and hold it for 12 minutes. I was also considering doing organic coffee enemas on the off days as this helps flush out the liver and being that I’m detoxifying my body a flush might help. Any suggestions?


Hi Robert!


I’m not familiar with Andreas Kalcker and I tried to look him up on YouTube, but I wasn’t sure which video to start with. It sounds like you’ve studied how to use MMS for HIV! I’ve mostly followed Jim Humble’s protocols, but I know other protocols exist out there that work. Where would you suggest that someone with HIV start on the Kalcker material though? 


So how important a role is eating right towards the recovery?


Oh my goodness, diet is the cornerstone of healing from every disease or disorder I know of! Over the years, I’ve tended to be really resistant to diet changes myself, but I’ve learned that diet is key to turning the tide on major health problems (so I dig my heels in less against diet changes these days). I have been both vegan and vegetarian at different times in my life. Veganism lead me to become vitamin B12 deficient even though I thought, at the time, I was accounting for this problem by eating nutritional yeast on a regular basis. In the early stages of recovery from a major disease or disorder, meat can gum up digestion somewhat (but so does vitamin B12 deficiency). So as a general rule, one of my favorite diets is The China Study diet (the one depicted in Forks Over Knives). It includes about 5% meat and/or animal products which is plenty to prevent vitamin B12 deficiency in young people. As people age though, it gets harder for their bodies to absorb vitamin B12 from the digestive system (both food and supplements). These days, it can be hard to get doctors to administer vitamin B12 injections (because vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to dementia–I think I’ve mentioned before that this is a profitable disorder), but you can still seek out a boutique IV therapy from someone in an urban area near where you live who offers vitamin B12 as part of a Myers Cocktail (or some other high-dose vitamin treatment). 


My husband had melanoma some years back and at that time, our family switched to the Gerson Diet which included fresh juices and steamed meals. We had just moved to Mexico at that time and we all had systemic Candida albicans (yeast) infections from our immune-destroying lifestyles in the U.S. so we also took regular doses of bentonite clay throughout the day (at least 30 minutes before or after meals). My daughter is an expert on how to make desserts without sugar.  As a dessert-lover, she hated our sugarless foods when she was younger and we traveled a lot so she discovered all kinds of sugar-replacements throughout the world that are natural and actually good for a person. Today we use a lot of monk fruit (you have to get the stuff that’s really sweet but free from additives—pure monk fruit is actually sweeter than sugar if you buy the right brand) and stevia (which also contains additives if you don’t find the right brand).As I understand it, Candida can be a big problem with HIV, so I would definitely recommend starting the bentonite protocol (1 teaspoon in water, 3 times a day) as soon as possible along with your MMS protocol. And the sooner you can ditch refined sugars and corn syrups, the better off you’ll be! Sugar acidifies the body and it feeds things like cancer, Candida, and other types of infections like HIV. Not eating refined sugars is challenging (you have to read food labels), but one thing that will make it easier for you is to (almost) never buy anything with more than 3 ingredients listed on the label. Buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Steaming them makes it so they’ll retain higher amounts of their nutrients without destroying them. Juicing, of course, is similar in that you ingest high levels of nutrients in a compact form. 

In the U.S., we’re taught to disregard nutrients to our detriment. I learn something new all the time about nutrients! Recently, I worked with a family member with a meth addiction. Initially, we all had very little hope, but…a little research led me to information about amino acids and meth addiction. And now my family member is doing really well (no rehab centers…no counseling). Just an example of how the right nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and more) can have some really surprising results! Never underestimate the value of healthy food!


Definitely ditch all fast food restaurants, even those dubbed “healthy”. At this current moment in history in the U.S., I don’t know of a healthy restaurant you could go to. If you have to go out to dinner, find mom and pop shops. The big chains all use chemicals to “flavor” their food. Half the food isn’t food at all by my standards (I live in Mexico now where the food still comes in on a donkey to my favorite fruit and veggie vendor and most of the restaurants where I live are mom and pop shops). When you have to eat out, for lack of time, or for social reasons, try to eat salads with oil and vinegar. I know that sounds harsh and possibly awful! But if you want your immune system back, you have to feed your body good food and give it lots and lots of nutrients it can absorb! Once you get through your initial detox, this will get easier and easier because you’ll feel better and better and with a few weeks off from Subway sandwiches and other restaurant food, you’ll really notice how the food in these places makes you sick, literally. That makes it much easier to avoid and make healthy choices when you do go out!


My daughter has a web site with sugar free, gluten free, and dairy free dessert recipes at https://travellingtreats.com/. She uses different low-glycemic-index sweeteners from coconut sugar and honey to date sugar and agave nectar to make her foods. 


Believe it or not, as you eat better, your body will crave healthier food. Right now, you’re eating food that contains addictive chemicals in it. I remember the days when Subway was an okay place to eat. And then, after they did a big health campaign about how people could go to their restaurant to lose weight they put trans fats in their bread products! Trans fats are like eating plastic! They’re not technically food. And it’s EXTREMELY hard to lose weight when you’re eating trans fats. I wouldn’t even eat a salad there now. My mom used to get sick eating salads in fast food restaurants because of a chemical they spray on the lettuce to keep it from wilting. So fast food restaurants are really tricky! They’re the source of a lot of health problems in the United States so cooking your own food will make a huge difference in your health all by itself. 


If you decide to steam your food, which is what I would do if I were you, especially during the first month of your protocol, don’t add oils until after you’ve cooked everything. Use whole grains like whole grain rice rather than white rice. Not heating the oils is important because this will literally recharge your cells. Johanna Budwig was one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts on fats and oils and she cured all kinds of diseases including HIV through a protocol that involved a recipe of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil (quark) that patients would eat while sitting in the sun (to absorb vitamin D). I don’t really care for quark myself, but our family has done her protocol. And it’s worth it. It is energizing. Flax oil contains a specific set of fats that make cells more conductive/electrical which basically translates into better health overall. If you can get away from highly processed fats and heated oils and incorporate the Budwig Diet into your regimen, this would boost your health even more. Eating extra virgin olive oil would be ideal or flax oil with your meals. 


About enemas:

NEVER USE DMSO IN AN ENEMA!!! This is one of the biggest No-No’s associated with the use of DMSO. DMSO makes things really easy to absorb…so if you put DMSO into your rectum or your colon, where all of the toxic byproducts of your diet or pharmaceuticals or whatnot are waiting to be expelled, you’ll basically be telling your body to reabsorb the toxins! So never use DMSO in an enema.


Digression Regarding DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide):

When you put DMSO on your skin, make sure your skin is clean. In fact, don’t even use soap to clean your skin because most soaps contain fragrances with chemicals you don’t want in your cells. So rinse your skin if you put it on topically.


I just took some DMSO a few hours ago (by mouth) with some vitamin C because DMSO enhances the amount of vitamin C my body can absorb in a day. And I’m trying to load up before traveling abroad. DMSO is at least as non-toxic as water if I remember right. It might be even less toxic than water! But anyway, it’s very safe and it cleans out the cells by opening the membrane (like you talked about). Be aware that it can potentiate medications (it can make them stronger). That can be a good thing in certain situations, but it can also be a bad thing in other situations. So if you’re still taking pharmaceuticals, it might be best to wait to use the DMSO until you stop taking them. Or you could contact a doctor in the states who works with DMSO regularly (the book DMSO: Nature’s Healer contains a list of doctors throughout the U.S. who work with DMSO). DMSO can be drying, but all you have to do is add water to it. It absorbs water from the air and from your skin. So if you use it, drink a lot of water. If you put it on your skin and your skin turns red and gets dry, put water on your skin and the redness will go away. It will help take the oral or topical (on the skin) MMS treatments that you do to the places they’re needed most in your body (ideally they’ll go directly to the infecting organisms). DMSO can take MMS to places MMS might otherwise not be able to reach.


The DMSO dosage I would do (orally, of course and NEVER via an enema), if I were you is 3x’s the number of MMS drops. So if you’re taking 1 MMS drop (with 1 drop of activator), you would wait for the MMS to activate and then add 3 drops of DMSO to this mix and then add water. You could start with a lower dose though too. 


More about enemas:

The enemas will be your best friend as you go through this process! If you get a headache as you’re detoxing or you start to feel sick to your stomach or even if you feel like your sinuses are plugged or you develop cold or flu-like symptoms (fevers included)…do an enema. You may seem to be truly ill with an infection at times even though it’s just detox. Enemas will keep the toxins moving out of your body quickly. 


A pint is a small enema, but it’s fine to start with that. Don’t use the enemas you buy at the pharmacy…always use just filtered water or do a coffee enema, like you mentioned. The coffee enemas are detoxifying for the liver, which would be really good for you! If you get a larger bag or bucket-type of enema, 1000 mL is standard. When you use 1000 mL, you’ll want to try to hold it in for about 5 minutes or longer. During the peak of a detox, people will do enemas up to 3 times a day. That might seem excessive to you until you see how it relieves your detox symptoms! Enemas are a real life-changer. If you have the opportunity to do colon hydrotherapy early in your treatment process, take it! This will give your whole colon a thorough cleansing to get you off to a good start. If you can’t do colon hydrotherapy though, that’s okay. Consider doing at least daily enemas as first, especially as you start to notice detox symptoms.

I’m very hopeful for you…please remember though that almost every chronic disease requires a protocol and not just one thing for a cure. I know you’re going to see progress over time. It might seem like you’re moving backwards at first during detox. But after you settle into your protocol, if you notice new health issues, just know this is a good sign! (One day, I’ll tell you about somatids). Sometimes, people will go backwards and experience illnesses from an earlier time in their lives. If you notice something like this happening to you, that’s actually a good sign.

Keep me updated on things!

I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes!


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