Ranch Creek Recovery



The Ranch Creek Recovery Center in California offers amino acid therapy to reduce the withdrawal and detox symptoms associated with meth addiction, alcohol addiction, opioid addiction, prescription drug abuse, cocaine addiction, and more. In addition to amino acid therapy for addiction, they also offer gong sound therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and other holistic treatments that have shown a lot of promise in treating addictions. 


Outpatient Facility

43264 Business Park Drive, Suite 101

Temecula, CA 92591



Residential Program

25650 Bass Point Murrieta, CA 92592




The Raleigh House of Hope



In addition to traditional treatment methods, the Raleigh House is an addiction rehabilitation center located in Denver, Colorado. They offer amino acid therapy as part of their treatment program. They offer inpatient, outpatient, and virtual (online) treatment options for addiction to alcohol, meth, cocaine, opioids, and other substances.


6870 W 52nd Ave., Ste. 103

Arvada, CO 80002



Coalition Recovery




3012 N US 301, Suite 1000

Tampa, FL 33619


Coalition Recovery offers intensive outpatient and virtual (online) recovery programs to patients. This Florida drug addiction treatment program functions both in-person and online so addicted individuals can receive treatment from anywhere in the world. Group, family, and private therapy sessions are all conducted online. They provide amino acid therapy, yoga, and nutritional counseling. 



Red Oak Recovery




The Red Oak Recovery center offers a holistic approach to addiction treatment alongside traditional treatment methods. This is another facility that provides amino acid therapy as well as acupuncture, teamwork, and adventure therapy. 


631 Willow Creek Road

Leicester, NC 28748






Diamond Tree Recovery 



Diamond Tree Recovery provides not only evidence-based treatment options for addictions, but also holistic and nutritional therapies including amino acid therapy. They work with addicted individuals to help them develop life skills and retrain their brain. They offer intensive outpatient, general outpatient, day treatment, and residential drug treatment options.


845 W 200 

Kaysville, UT


Ardú Recovery Center


The Ardú Recovery Center is located near Salt Lake City, UT. They offer holistic treatment for drug and alcohol addiction including amino acid IV therapy.  They also provide traditional addiction treatment options as part of their various programs.


1053 W 1020 S

Provo, UT 84601





Clear Sky Recovery



Clear Sky Recovery is an alternative addiction treatment center that offers ibogaine treatment. It is located just 20 minutes from the Cancun International Airport. Multilingual staff are available to speak Spanish, English, German, Russian, and French upon request. The protocol at this facility involves dosing with morphine prior to ibogaine treatment to avoid having patients become dopesick and the development of withdrawal symptoms. Individuals who are addicted to opioids are kept comfortable prior to their treatment with ibogaine.


Casa del Mar Carretera 

Punta Sam KM4 num17

Cancun, Quintana Roo 77520



New Roots Recovery



New Roots Recovery is another alternative addiction treatment center offering ibogaine in Mexico located just 1 hour from the San Diego, CA international border. The facility is located along Ensenada Beach in a spacious facility.




Rainforest Healing Center


The Rainforest Healing Center offers Ayahuasca retreats as well as Kambo treatments to address addiction as well as other issues. For questions or to set up a time to visit, they offer a contact form on their web site. 



Tabula Rasa Retreat

+44 7961 355 530

+351 965 751 649


The Tabula Rosa Retreat is an addiction recovery center in Europe that offers ibogaine along with counseling, breathwork, bodywork, massage, kundalini yoga, meditation, equine assisted therapy, drum circles, personal training, and nutrition advice. The facility is located in the hills of the Alentejo region in Portugal about 2 hours drive from Lisbon International Airport. 






Wat ThamKrabok

+66 (0) 36 266 292

+66 (0) 36 266 067


Wat Thramkrabok is perhaps better known as the Vomit Temple Drug Rehabilitation Monastery. The monks and nuns provide a special herbal mixture to patients that causes prolific vomiting, but that also helps stop addiction. At the time of this writing, rehabilitation at this facility is free of charge. 


Tambon Koonklone

Amphoe Phraputtabat

Saraburi, Thailand 18120


New Leaf Detox Resort

+66 77 955 156

International Phone: +66 8762 23370

This facility offers intravenous amino acid treatments and colon hydrotherapy in Koh Samui, Thailand. They offer lodging for those who wish to stay on-site at the facility.

82/11 Moo 1 T. Maenam

(end of Chinese Temple street)

Koh Samui, Suratthani, Thailand 84330



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