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Drug addiction is a worldwide problem. Street drugs and prescription drugs disrupt people’s lives in every country in the world. But despite the epidemic proportion of men and women who struggle with addiction in every nation across the globe, treating the drug problem seems to be impossible. Websites urge addicts to enroll in 12 Step Programs and hope for the best. Rehabilitation clinics offer counseling and sterilized environments to try to lure addicts into staying on through painful withdrawal symptoms claiming that in many cases, there’s little that can be done to assist patients with the detoxification process. 


The whole drug addiction package seems so bleak. But there are facilities that are trying new things that are worth noting. And as someone who has a family member who struggles with addiction in a country that offers very few options in terms of treatments, I’m very excited to see these alternative treatments emerging and I hope they continue to develop to help people through the detox process and give them hope that they can indeed quit their addiction. 


Accessible Alternative Addiction Treatments 

Amino acid therapy is one of the most intriguing drug addiction treatments that I’ve stumbled across in my research. One of the reasons why it captivates me is because my loved one is in Myanmar (Burma) and he has few resources in terms of treatment options for his addiction. Further, he doesn’t even know exactly what he’s addicted to because the drug culture there is based on corrupt products that are sold cheaply as opposed to pure products that can be purchased at a high price in the U.S. or Europe. Though plants like Mushrooms or Iboga hold a lot of promise for addicts, I can’t travel legally with these substances. But amino acids are entirely legal and even essential for human survival. Another plant product (a seed actually), that can sometimes help addicts give up their addiction is Akuamma, which originates in Africa and rivals Kratom in terms of its ability to get heroin or even methamphetamine addicts through the detox period. Unfortunately, Kratom is illegal in Southeast Asian countries because people combine this plant medicine with other substances to create chemical substances that are both toxic and lethal. 

Intravenous Amino Acid Therapy for Drug Addiction Recovery

Amino Acid IV Therapy for addiction works because neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain that relay messages) are made out of amino acids. If you have a lack or imbalance of the appropriate amino acids, brain health can suffer which means that emotional and psychological stability is impaired. By administering amino acids intravenously during the detoxification phase of addiction recovery, the body is given ample opportunity to begin producing the appropriate neurotransmitters without the introduction of an addictive drug into the body. Given this opportunity, the brain often responds by producing neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine in higher quantities than would otherwise be possible without the amino acid treatment. The higher levels of naturally produced dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine mean the addict feels less anxiety and has more mental clarity to understand their addiction and respond appropriately. In short, the amino acids help restore proper brain function and more balanced emotions while minimizing withdrawal symptoms during drug detox.



Often amino acid treatments for addiction are administered along with specific cofactor enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to ensure the best outcomes possible. Antioxidants and enzymes help the body and the brain neutralize the toxins that build up in the body as a result of substance abuse. 


The use of amino acid therapy for addiction reduces the odds that clients will relapse. Often, clients report that following their amino acid IV treatments, they have greater clarity and focus to continue their healing process. The insight that they gain by having a more balanced neurotransmitter milieu in the brain translates into an enhanced awareness of behaviors that lead to substance use which means that the addict is more likely to achieve long-term success at leaving the drug behind. 


Ordinary drug detoxification is painful and arduous, but amino acid therapy lessens the negative experience and also feeds the brain what it needs in order to heal. Alleviating the negative mood states such as depression and anxiety helps clients cope with the process and begin moving forward from the first day of treatment.

NeuroRecover™ is an amino acid therapy administered via IV that uses a proprietary blend to help addicted brain chemistry repair and re-stabilize. A number of rehabilitation facilities administer NeuroRecover™ to clients for 6 to 8 hours per day over the course of 10 days. Typically, amino acid therapy begins when the client is about halfway through their stay at the facility, but this varies from facility to facility. 

NeuroRecover™ is said to eliminate drug cravings from:



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