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Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) within a particular range puts healthy energy into the cells, increasing the cellular voltage. Cells with a low voltage are sick. PEMF machines are very gentle and should be used daily for results that become apparent over time.

Introduction to PEMF Therapy for Psoriasis

BEMER Therapy is a vibrational PEMF (pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) treatment for psoriasis that uses electromagnetic energy to diminish symptoms of the disease. BEMER has been recognized in the European Union as a Class II Medical Device, but BEMER therapy can be done either in a clinic or at home. The device works by increasing the body’s circulation and the oxygenation of tissues. 


How does BEMER Therapy treat psoriasis?


BEMER Therapy promotes blood flow to ailing tissues and it has a particularly strong impact on the smallest vessels of the body, the capillaries. Increasing the microcirculation to diseased tissues can relieve pain and also promote healing. A number of skin issues can be treated using this system including eczema, acne, psoriasis, skin injuries, and warts. Symptoms of psoriatic arthritis are also improved using BEMER. BEMER systems tend to be very expensive, but there are some BEMER alternatives for PEMF therapy:


Microcirculation is increased in the body using low-dose electromagnetic fields that impact cellular processes in a positive way. The pulsed EMF pattern can contribute to a higher level of health in the cells throughout the body. Scientific studies have demonstrated the electromagnetic fields created by BEMER devices contribute to healthy gene expression and regulation. Cellular metabolism is enhanced as well as the cellular matrix structure which can have a direct impact on psoriasis. 


BEMER for Psoriasis


BEMER therapy is administered via a machine that delivers pulsed EMF frequencies to the body. There are several models of the machine to make it easy for patients to administer treatments either lying down or sitting up. Patients can purchase BEMER products online or they can visit a health practitioner who administers this type of treatment. Another option is to purchase a different PEMF brand that administers pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in the same range as BEMER products. 


Fewer than 5% of psoriasis patients will have a negative reaction to full-body PEMF treatments. Typically, localized treatments produce no side effects. Some patients are sensitive to electromagnetic treatment and they should avoid this type of therapy. Also, patients with low blood pressure should be aware that BEMER magnetic therapy can lower blood pressure further as well as decrease heart rate.


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