Chlorine dioxide, otherwise known as MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution, is a substance most people have already consumed as a purification agent in drinking water. As a water purifying agent, it is administered in very low doses, but a man named Jim Humble discovered accidentally that in higher doses, MMS can cure all kinds of diseases from cancer and malaria to psoriasi


MMS can be used to treat an array of different diseases and often it’s used in tandem with DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). DMSO opens human cells and makes them more permeable so that infectious agents inside the cell become vulnerable to the MMS. The MMS reacts specifically with pathogens, cancer cells, and other unhealthy cells without harming healthy cells. Since psoriasis is a disease that’s been correlated with the presence of infectious organisms like streptococcal infections, Staphylococcus aureus, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Human Immunodeficience Virus (HIV), Candida albicans, Chlamydia psittaci, and Hepatitis C, some experts have theorized that psoriasis itself may be caused by an infectious organism. Doctors such as Hulda Clark and Isaac Goiz believe that viruses are only able to live in the body when they piggyback on bacterial infections and that all human infections only become possible when two microorganisms work together to weaken the body’s immune system.


But MMS also works as a chelating agent in the body to remove heavy metals and this may be why some people have experience success using MMS for psoriasis. MMS works because chlorine dioxide is volatile and it has a tendency to accept electrons from pathogenic organisms. In other words, chlorine dioxide is an electron acceptor and pathogens are electron donors. When chlorine dioxide gets close to a pathogen in the blood, a tiny explosion happens and the pathogen is killed. 

Chlorine dioxide only reacts against acidic, positively charged ions, which is a big part of the reason why this substance is so effective. Healthy human cells are alkaline with a pH at 7 or above. Unhealthy cells like pathogens and cancer cells, on the other hand generally have a pH below 7 (acidic). The chlorine dioxide is therefore very effective at killing unhealthy cells while protecting healthy cells in the body. Using MMS gives the immune system a boost in combating the disease.

A number of psoriasis patients have had success treating their disease using MMS. It’s possible the MMS works because it chelates heavy metals and other toxicities out of the body, but it’s also possible that it works because there’s an infectious organism that ultimately causes the disease. 

Most people who use MMS experience a die-off reaction (Herxheimer reaction) during treatment which means that they may feel worse before they feel better. Using an enema or colonics to keep toxins moving quickly through the body can lessen detox symptoms and hasten recovery. 

There are a variety of protocols that patients can follow to cure psoriasis with MMS. Jim Humble provides a book of treatment protocols for different diseases and there are also some online resources that detail other people’s experiences with MMS for psoriasis and how to use the substance to cure the disorder

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