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Urine Fasting: Alternative Psoriasis Treatment

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Mar 21, 2020


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Urine fasting is extremely popular in western countries but for determined individuals on a tiny budget, this treatment is worth considering.

Urine fasting is a well-known therapy in India and China that involves a combination treatment of drinking one's own urine and spreading it on the skin so that the body can reabsorb specific nutrients that it needs. Usually, when a person does urine fasting, they don’t eat or drink anything except their own urine. But as crazy as it sounds, urine fasting does sometimes work to cure people of diseases. Urine contains phenylbutyrate, a substance that can be isolated and then injected intravenously. And, according to scientists who advocate for the use of urine therapy, each person’s urine contains a precise balance of hormones, enzymes, and other substances that, when reintroduced into the body, cause a rebalancing effect that can help people reclaim their health.


Research has shown that urine fasting lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and raises HDL (good) cholesterol and it can also weaken or even kill cancer cells. Kidneys can remove excess enzymes, and other substances from the blood to balance whatever is out of balance in the body. Further, not eating food and fasting while drinking one’s own urine can give the liver a much-needed break, which can be extremely beneficial for psoriasis patients who struggle to keep up with the detoxification process. 


Normal urine is made up of about 95% water, 2.5% urea, and 2.5% salts, minerals, hormones, and enzymes. Typically, though psoriasis patients only drink urine during a urine fast, they often urinate more often than when they drink water. Patients who are undergoing allopathic treatment with prescription medications should not drink their own urine. 


Patients drink the urine and spread it on the skin until they’ve recovered fully from psoriasis. This can take several weeks. At the end of the urine fast, patients break the fast by drinking lemon juice. At noon the next day, they drink grape juice or date juice and for dinner that night they can eat papaya and other fruits. On the third day after the fast, patients can eat boiled vegetables, brown rice, and lentil soup. After that, they can begin eating a normal diet.


The Holistic Bio Spa is a facility in Puerto Vallarta that provides therapy to psoriasis patients. They offer naturalistic treatments including guidance on how to do a urine fast:

Holistic Bio Spa

Plaza Marina, Local B-10

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico 48335



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