Colonics for Psoriasis: A Valuable Supportive Treatment


Gastrointestinal problems go hand-in-hand with the characteristic psoriatic plaques on the skin. If you are just beginning your healing journey on the way to a cure for psoriasis, colonics can help you move ahead more quickly in the process.

The large intestine and its inability to detoxify the body plays an important role in the development of psoriasis. Indeed, the kidneys, liver, large intestine, and the skin are typically the organs that detoxify the body, but in psoriasis sufferers, the three former organs become overwhelmed with toxicities. As a result, the skin takes over as the primary detoxification organ. Often, psoriasis sufferers must eat a special diet that excludes foods in the nightshade family and do a heavy metal detox that may include the removal of mercury amalgam fillings and IV therapy among other things.

The skin was never meant to be the primary organ of detoxification so it stands to reason that if the other detox organs are overwhelmed and not able to keep pace with the removal of toxicities in the body, the skin will similarly become overwhelmed and signs of psoriasis will develop. Colonics provide a way for psoriasis sufferers to detox the large intestine in order to give the skin a break from its detoxification duties. 

Colonics, also known as colon irrigation, forces water into the colon through the rectum to remove feces that have accumulated along the wall of the colon. The use of colonics to remove the build up of toxicities in the large intestine goes back to ancient time when colon irrigation was done in a river using a hollow reed to force water up into the rectum. Modern colon hydrotherapy machines were then developed in the 1900’s. 

Dr. John H. Kellogg M.D. was famous for using colon therapy on thousands of patients. In a 1917 article published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Dr. Kellogg reported that he’d offered colonics to 40,000 patients with gastrointestinal disease. Of these 40,000 patients, only 20 of them needed surgery after colonics, diet therapy, and exercise were applied. Dr. Waddington, another famous proponent of colon irrigation, explained that abnormalities in the functioning of the large intestine was a precursor to many diseases, particularly chronic ones and that, restoring intestinal elimination to a normal level using lavage often led to a restoration of general health. 

Colonics and Heavy Metal Detoxification for Psoriasis

The colon does not always take care of itself and this is particularly true for psoriasis sufferers. The use of colonics along with regular water enemas, diet therapy, and other alternative treatments can provide relief to psoriasis sufferers and people with other skin conditions like acne and eczema. Often, psoriasis sufferers must commit to frequent, regular treatments for a period of time and then, after the psoriasis plaques begin to abate, they must continue to detox using colonics to keep the issue at bay. Often, removal of heavy metals is the first step in the process of detoxification for psoriasis. Once the heavy metals have been removed from the body, colonics can push the recovery process forward considerably. 

Colonics vs. Enemas for Detoxification

Colonics and enemas are two different treatments that remove impacted feces from the large intestine, but colonics send larger quantities of water into the intestines in order to remove deposits along the transverse colon as well as the descending colon. Enemas, in contrast, primarily remove deposits just along the descending colon, but enemas can be performed at home. Colonics are usually performed in a clinic. 



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