Natural, At-Home Cures for Herpes


Hello Ellie!

It’s so good to hear from you!

Okay, so there are a number of different treatments that you can use over time to cure this disease and any other STD’s that you might have gotten from your ex. The first thing I would suggest is an MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) and DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) protocol:

Here’s a link to an article I wrote about MMS:

Here’s a link to an article I wrote about DMSO:

Here’s yet another link to an article about DMSO and Frankincense oil:

These articles are about cancer for the most part, but…without going into a lot of details about the model of medicine that I’m following and bogging your brain down with irrelevant details about that, just…read the articles as though they were written about STD’s and herpes specifically. The article about the Frankincense oil and DMSO protocol is worth remembering as something you may want to do AFTER you complete an MMS/DMSO protocol.

To cure herpes, take 3 drops of MMS (chlorine dioxide) + 3 drops of the activator (mix them together and then let them sit for 1 minute) + 1/2 cup of water + 9 drops of DMSO EVERY HOUR for 8 HOURS PER DAY.  You would start at a much lower dose of MMS at first though. You’ll want to start with 1 drop or less than 1 drop of the MMS + 1 drop of activator + 3 drops of DMSO. To treat herpes, you would also want to do an MMS and DMSO douche every day or even twice a day. The douche contains 6 drops of MMS + 6 drops of the activator + 6 drops of DMSO. Douche for at least a week, but if you can stand to do it daily for 3 full weeks, that would be even better.

Also, I’ve read that people with herpes will mix together 6 to 10 drops of MMS + 6 to 10 drops of activator + 10 drops of DMSO and apply it at the base of their spine. If you have an outbreak, put DMSO directly on the cankers. The DMSO has a way of seeking out the virus directly so when you apply it to the cankers, it’s like you’re giving it a direct line into where the infection lives.

You have to pay attention to yourself when you take MMS. It will inevitably make you feel worse before you feel better (during detox), but you may need to take a lower dose of MMS at times to get through the detox. Use enemas up to 2 times per day to keep your intestines clear as you’re doing this protocol. Take food-grade bentonite once a day (1 tablespoon) to help soak up some of the toxins. Eat fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables that are STEAMED and consider JUICING during this process. Eat a diet that includes about 5% animal products (to get the necessary vitamin B12 and zinc that’s bioavailable). You can go back to your regular diet after you recover fully. DO NOT EAT SUGAR…get yourself some monk fruit and stevia to flavor your food instead.

The other thing I would recommend is that you start taking Lugol’s iodine or Iodoral. Iodine is so important for your reproductive organs as a woman and…it’s simply a life-changer for most women. It was for me. But when you first start taking the iodine, you may break out in a rash. That’s a good thing! It means that your body is pulling Bromine and Fluorine out of your cells and into the blood so it can be flushed away. The rash goes away in time. If you take Lugol’s as a liquid, you can put it on the skin or put it in water and take it internally. You can also put it directly on the vagina. You can also put drops of Lugol’s with filtered water and use it as a douche to help get rid of other possible STD’s like chlamydia or gonorrhea (this is not the only treatment you should use to rid yourself of these STDs, but it won’t hurt), just in case. Here’s a link to an article I wrote about iodine:…again, read it as though I’m writing about herpes, not cancer.

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When you douche with MMS and DMSO and Lugol’s, your body absorbs these things into the lymphatic system because you have an extensive system of lymph nodes in and around the uterus and the vagina. These nodes actually feed the breasts as well as the ovaries and…doing the douching can be valuable for your overall health. I know that you have to be feeling pretty low right now, Ellie, but I just want to say that you’re brave for reaching out for help and that it would be my goal to help you lead you into a whole new way of healing yourself. This whole herpes situation that you have right now may end up requiring you to explore a variety of different treatments, but don’t give up. Try what I’m telling you to do here and if you see any improvement at all in your symptoms over time (give it TIME), then that’s a good sign that you can overcome it fully. But keep me updated on things and after you get going on this protocol, if you feel like you need to add another layer to treatment to make it stronger, let me know! There’s more you can do besides just the MMS and DMSO, Frankincense, and Lugol’s! You may need to take a stronger dose of the MMS and DMSO, for example, Our family has, at times taken as much as 10 drops per hour for 8 hours per day. Once, when we had malaria, we took 18 drops every hour for 3 hours. I don’t recommend doing that (because the detox is almost worst than the disease), but I just want you to realize that you can take control over your treatment using these tools.

DMSO is FDA approved for use in PREGNANT WOMEN with cystitis (it’s that safe), but Big Pharma keeps it hidden and requires manufacturers to label it as a “solvent” to scare people away from it. In reality, it comes from trees and you could have it administered by IV in huge quantities and it wouldn’t hurt you. It’s one of the least toxic and broadest acting medicinal substances known to man. If you find that while you’re taking the MMS, you start to feel sick from the detox, take a break and just take the DMSO for a few doses. Double the dose of the DMSO, but go back to the MMS/DMSO combo as soon as you can stand it again. The detox symptoms tells you that you’re killing the pathogens, but if you take way too much MMS, it can lower your immune response. So…plan to take time to tune into yourself while you’re doing this treatment. Be gentle with yourself and really pay attention to how you feel.

Be aware that if you search for MMS on Google, you’re going to find a lot of scary information about it. Big Pharma calls it “bleach” and right now the big thing they’re trying to keep people from realizing is that it can cure autism and cancer. All kinds of money is spent on writing propaganda so that it ends up at the top of the search results at Google…so a lot of people never get to know about MMS. If you search for MMS (which is chlorine dioxide), you get page after page of propaganda about how it’s “bleach” and it’s killing people. However, if you search for just “chlorine dioxide” on Google, you get businesses that offer water treatment services…because that’s what MMS is…it’s a substance used to treat and purify water. Almost all of us have consumed MMS/Chlorine Dioxide in very low doses. It’s not bleach. And it won’t kill you. Just be aware that the propaganda exists.

Be sure to download the Layperson’s Guide to Chlorine Dioxide Solution / Miracle Mineral Supplement as well as the Complementary Medicines Manual which contains information about how various complementary medicines as well as extensive information about to use Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) safely.

Again, Ellie, this is the first treatment I recommend that you try. Second in line in something called Cancell/Protocel/Entelev. Here’s some information about Cancell for herpes from the following link:

The book the Cancell Controversy by Louise Trull discusses 15 herpes cases that were treated with Cancell by doctors. Each one was cured within 3 to 6 days. Follow-ups weren’t performed and it’s possible that Protocel simply reduces the length of time between outbreaks, but a longer course of treatment lasting at least 4 months  may be able to get rid of the virus completely.

I don’t know whether you can get Cancell/Protocel/Entelev in London or not. If you decide to give this stuff a try FIRST, be aware that you should not take ANY other kind of medication, vitamin, mineral, or any other type of treatment OF ANY KIND (including diet changes) until you finish the protocol. As soon as you finish the protocol with Cancell, you need to move on to another protocol that includes vitamins and mineral supplements, positive diet changes and that sort of thing.

Note that many people have had success using propolis, honey, and/or royal jelly to cure herpes too. I know that propolis can speed up the healing of herpes lesions. I have a friend who used propolis to cure hidradentitis, which is very similar to herpes. And scientists have combined propolis, honey, and royal jelly with acyclovir (and they’ve also used bee products completely by themselves with great success too). So consider stocking up on these things. Women especially have a better go at things using propolis which can help fight vaginal superinfections in addition to the herpes virus.

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Oh! And I just remembered…aren’t you from South Africa? If not, I apologize, but there’s a very important alternative medicine there known as Sutherlandia. It’s used to cure AIDs and cancer as well as herpes and other infectious diseases. I don’t have any experience using this medicine myself, but I hope to get some soon and try it. Here’s a link to a case history about a woman who accidentally found a cure for herpes using Sutherlandia:

Okay…so, there are a lot of different ways to treat herpes so don’t lose hope if your initial efforts don’t clear it up completely. It may take some time to overcome it fully, but for now…just concentrate on reclaiming your life and your health bit by bit! If you find it too difficult to get what you need in London, remember that we’re here in Mexico and we have access to everything you would need here for a herpes cure (keep Kambo, the Amazon rainforest frog cure in mind, for example). And of course, there’s Sutherlandia in South Africa.

Please keep me updated on how things are going and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions…

Good luck! I’ll be thinking of you! 🙂