Introduction to Rife Therapy as a Cure for Psoriasis


Dr. Royal Rife developed a machine that creates vibrations that resonate with infectious organisms causing them to vibrate and then eventually explode. His treatments were so effective against such a wide range of diseases and Big Pharma was so threatened by his creation that his machines were systematically sought out and destroyed. In 2005, one of them was found in a wall and it was reverse engineered into a machine that people can purchase and use in their homes.

The Rife machine was developed by Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930’s to treat a wide variety of diseases using vibrational medicine. Essentially, the machine works by creating electromagnetic vibrations in the body that resonate with infectious microorganisms. The resonance causes these microorganisms to explode. Over time and with regular treatments, it is possible to cure psoriasis using this machine. Rife Therapy was tested and its results verified at the University of Southern California.


Dr. Rife used a special dark field microscope to examine patient’s blood. Using this tool, he was able to do live blood analysis and look at microorganisms that are not visible using a regular microscope. Using dark field microscopy, Rife was able to watch the effects of different vibrational frequencies on infectious pathogens in real time in the blood. He noticed that each infectious pathogen had a “Mortal Oscillatory Rate”, a vibrational frequency at which it would explode. Using dark field microscopy Rife was able to tune the Rife machine to specific pathogens. Typically, patients were exposed to these frequencies for only 3 minutes per day. The Rife machine had a success rate of 90% at curing cancer [1][5].


In 1934, Dr. Rife worked with a research team at the University of Southern California where 16 terminal cancer patients were given Rife Therapy daily for 3 minutes over the course of 3 months. According to the staff of five medical doctors who oversaw this therapeutic trial, Rife Therapy cured 14 of the 16 patients of their cancer [1][5]. Because of Rife’s success, he was targeted by the American Medical Association. One of Rife’s laboratories burned down and Dr. Rife was dragged through the court system. At that time, doctors who were using the Rife machine to cure cancer, psoriasis, or other diseases were either blacklisted by major medical associations or they they were actively forced to abandon the treatment method. Many experts believe that Rife therapy is the most valuable, but suppressed medical treatments of all time [1][2][3][6].


Rife therapy can be administered in a clinic or at home. 

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