Protocel / Entelev as a Cure for Psoriasis

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for psoriasis or any other disease.

Protocel, also known as Cancell or sometimes Entelev, is a stand-alone treatment for psoriasis and other serious diseases. It should be used BY ITSELF for the duration of treatment. After you complete the course of therapy, then you can try other primary treatment options or add supporting therapies into your Psoriasis Protocol.

Protocel, also known as Entelev, Jim’s Juice, and Cancell, lowers the ATP energy in diseased cells, causing them to fall apart. This particular alternative treatment for psoriasis is meant to be used by itself. Don’t combine it with pharmaceuticals or any other type of treatment intervention. Protocel is used as a stand-alone therapy for psoriasis because other treatments that are done at the same time can cancel out positive results. 


Entelev was developed in 1936 by James V. Sheridan, a chemist and a researcher who sought to normalize cellular metabolism through a special treatment formula. Entelev is well-known as a cancer treatment. His formula was studied in the 1940’s for its ability to cure cancer and it was put through clinical trials at the Michigan Cancer Institute in the 1950’s. Sheridan and the National Cancer Institute testing center (Battelle Laboratories) worked together to do further research on Entelev and cancer. The effectiveness of this treatment on cancer was impressive. 


Sheridan gave the Protocel/Entelev formula away to patients free of charge between 1974 and 1983. In May, 1983, the FDA tried to stop Sheridan from distributing Protocel. 


The Relationship Between Cancer and Psoriasis

Patients who wish to learn more about Protocel for psoriasis can read more about the formula by reading the book, Outsmart Your Cancer: Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments That Work by Tanya Harter-Pierce. Unfortunately, there are no books about the use of Protocel to cure psoriasis specifically, but readers who are suffering from psoriasis may want to take some time to better understand how cancer and psoriasis are related. Below is a brief discussion of this topic:


According to a number of experts who studied cancer in depth over the past 100 years, cancer is typically caused by infectious organisms. Though it is possible to “catch” cancer in certain cases, it is also possible for the infectious organism to evolve from a somatid inside the patient’s body. A somatid is a tiny packet of energy that’s present in the bloodstream in healthy individuals. When the body is in a slightly alkaline state, a somatid cycles through 4 to 6 forms or shapes that serve to stimulate the immune system. When the body is in an acidic state, however, the somatid may evolve into 16+ different shapes or forms that can cause infection in the body. Some of these “infections” have not traditionally been viewed as infections by conventional medicine. For example, Scleroderma is not generally viewed as a disease that’s caused by an infection, but a number of scientists working independently have found that indeed it is. 


Psoriasis may be related to cancer in that it may be caused by an infectious organism that causes psoriatic plaques, inflammatory bowel disease symptoms, and arthritic symptoms. It is possible that some cases of psoriasis are caused by an infection that comes about as a result of an acidic internal environment or it could be an infection that the patient contracted from an outside source during a time when the patient’s immunity was very low. But either way, if psoriasis is caused by an infection as many diseases are, it’s possible to cure it using the same treatment strategies that are used to cure cancer. Protocel is just one example of this type of treatment. 

The idea here is that conventional medicine does not accept these theories and so they haven’t been tested or even seriously considered except by a very few scientists (namely Dr. Livingston-Wheeler, Dr. Isaac Goiz, Dr. Naessons, Dr. Royal Rife, and a few others). One of the things Livingston-Wheeler, Goiz, Naessons, and Rife all had in common was the fact that they all used a dark-field microscope to observe infectious organisms in the blood rather than the traditional microscope that most doctors and labs use in conventional medicine. The dark-field microscope allows scientists to see blood and body fluids that are still alive. It is only through a dark-field microscope that somatids can be observed. And it is only by using dark-field microscopy that these doctors were able to observe somatids transforming into infectious organisms with their own eyes.


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