The Frolov Breathing Device helps patients do breathing exercises that change the pH levels of the body. By changing the pH level of the body through healthy breathing, cancer patients develop an internal environment that kills cancer cells or encourages them to revert back into healthy cells. The Frolov Breathing Device can help prevent cancer from recurring by increasing and maintaining the alkalinity of the body.


Detailed Information

There are several known breathing exercises that have been used to enhance health in various systems of medicine. These include:


  1. Hypoxic breathing exercises
  2. The Buteyko method or hypercapnic exercises
  3. Eastern restorative breathing techniques (which are based primarily on the reduction of the rate of breathing)
  4. Breathing techniques that aim to reduce the per-minute breath volume
  5. Breathing exercises with breath resistance
  6. Wim Hof Method breathing
  7. Breathing exercises using additional breath volume [3]


The Frolov Breathing device is used to retrain respiration in cancer and weight loss patients. The device teaches the patients how to make use of several of the techniques listed above [3].


Vladimir Frolov was a Russian researcher who was looking closely at life-extension studies when he noticed that the societies with the longest-living people were those that existed at very high altitudes. The Hunzas and the Vilcamambas in the Andes, both known for living long lives, lived at 3,200 feet to 6500 feet above sea level. Oxygen levels at this elevation are much lower than at sea level. Frolov also noted that dolphins, sea turtles, whales, and other oxygen-breathing animals that lived on the land and at sea were known for their longevity. The sperm whale, for example, can dive to a depth of 1,000 feet and remain submerged for up to an hour and a half. Frolov believed that these people and animals were using oxygen differently and perhaps more efficiently [2]. 


The people and animals that have less oxygen at their disposal seem to be able to get more energy from a single breath of air. There are many advantages to the efficient use of oxygen, but one of the most important is the tendency to produce fewer deadly oxygen free-radicals. Researchers believe that the sperm whale is able to produce both endogenous (from within the body) oxygen in addition to being able to use exogenous (from outside the body) oxygen [2].


The Frolov breathing device is used to decrease oxygen levels by gradually increasing the amount of time it takes for the patient to exhale [2].


In 1995, Frolov was diagnosed with cancer of the rectum. His breathing therapy stopped the cancer from growing, but it was not able to effect a full cure [2].


Safety and Effectiveness

Ideal breathing is slow and light and it originates in the diaphragm and abdomen. Respiratory training is an important aspect of restoring health at any age and due to any illness [1].



Results from Frolov’s breathing device typically start to manifest within four to six months. With practice using the device, patients begin to produce endogenous oxygen to make up for the lack of exogenous oxygen. By reducing exogenous oxygen levels using the Frolov Breathing Device, patients are able to manufacture more red blood cells. With more red blood cells, the patient’s body is able to transport the available oxygen in the body more efficiently. The most dramatic results from the treatment take place in the lungs and circulatory system, where the most blood vessels are located [2].


The Russian Ministry has declared that the Frolov Breathing Device is an effective cure for tuberculosis. Other diseases that have been effectively treated or improved using the Frolov Breathing Device include:



Patients also often use the Frolov Breathing Device as part of a comprehensive cancer protocol. Patients who are trying to lose weight have also used the Frolov Device to hasten the process [2].


Positive Effects

The Frolov Device creates a brief state of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency). Hypoxic breathing has been shown to have the following positive effects:


  • Mood improvement
  • Mental and physical work enhancement
  • Opens the reserve capillaries
  • Increases the number of red blood cells in the body
  • Increases the amount of circulating blood and the amount of blood that is circulated per minute
  • Improves blood supply to the tissues and cells [3]


How Frolov Breathing Treatments Are Administered

Healthy people breathe less than sick people. On the average, healthy people breathe 6 Liters of air/minute while sick people breathe much faster, taking 12 to 15 breaths (or more) per minute. The more breaths a person takes over 12 per minute, the less oxygen their tissues are receiving [1]. 


Frolov built a breathing device with a tube through which a person breathes in and out. The tube is submerged in a container with water through which the air must past. The water creates breathing resistance that gradually lengthens the time it takes for a patient to exhale. It teaches the patient to use the diaphragm and lower abdominal muscles for breathing as opposed to expanding the upper chest [2].


Frolov breathing exercises are meant to be done for 10 minutes per day initially. Over time, the patient should increase the exercise time to 40 minutes per day [2].


Other Important Information

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