Many psoriasis sufferers find relief from their symptoms by spending time bathing in salt water in the sunlight. The Dead Sea in Israel and Jordan is the most popular spot on earth for Sun and Sea Therapy for psoriasis. But chances are, you’ll need to try several different types of treatments to find one that works to cure your psoriasis. Most people want a magic bullet, but you’ll probably need to try different alternative treatments and really try to understand each one, how they work, and how they combine with other alternative treatments. Alternative psoriasis treatments that can cure your disease won’t cover up the symptoms like pharmaceuticals do, so be prepared to work at the cure and try more than just one treatment to find the right combination that works for you!

Introduction to Psoriasis Cures

If you go to a doctor and ask if there is a cure for psoriasis, your doctor will tell you that no, there is no cure. But people do cure themselves of psoriasis. So is there a cure for psoriasis or not? It depends on who you ask and whether you’re willing to change your lifestyle a bit and maybe try some alternative psoriasis treatments until you discover the combination of therapies that work for you. If you’re new to this blog and this series of articles about psoriasis, start by reading our article about the ox bile, chlorine dioxide, and probiotics psoriasis protocol and then move on to the sunlight and seawater cure for psoriasis, but don’t neglect to read the other links that we’ve listed at the bottom of the page. Each person’s physiology is unique and you may need to add some other psoriasis treatments to your protocol to be permanently cured of the disease. 

Diet and Alternative Treatment Options

The most important thing you can do as a psoriasis sufferer is change your diet. Doctors may claim that dietary changes won’t do a thing, but many patients who’ve cured their psoriasis would beg to differ. If your doctor tells you that diet won’t change a thing, you should know that your doctor probably took one or maybe NO nutrition classes in their medical studies so they’re hardly qualified to speak to the possible utility of making nutritional changes to get rid of psoriasis. When you ask the doctor about cures for psoriasis, they can only tell you whether or not there are surgeries or pharmaceuticals to cure the disease. And conventional medicine is not a business about cures. Indeed, the word “cure” is censored by Google and Facebook. Why? Because it’s more profitable for Big Pharma to dole out treatments that do NOT cure disease.


So, if you’re embarking on a quest for a psoriasis cure, begin by changing your diet and detoxifying your body. Then move on to alternative treatments. Be sure to visit our AlivenHealthy links at the bottom of the page for summaries of the various alternative psoriasis treatments that our team has located and written about. And download the book Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative — The Drug Free Program That Really Works by John Pagano. Also download his companion book: Dr. John’s Healing Psoriasis Cookbook and start cooking! In my experience working with patients in long-term care settings, diet changes are the most likely thing to have a noticeable impact on psoriasis, but don’t stop there. Make dietary changes and then start seeking out alternative therapies for psoriasis. Maybe you´ll see only a slight change in your symptoms by changing your diet, but if you see CHANGES, that indicates that you’re getting control over the disease. Start sampling holistic treatments for psoriasis or give dialysis a try. The best approach to curing psoriasis is to look at the process of healing as a journey. Indeed, you may need to travel to the beach for some sun and seawater since sunlight and salt water are a psoriasis cure that works for many people. Consider combining a trip to the beach with dialysis treatments perhaps. When you’re trying to cure a disease, it can be good to start by proving that you can change or diminish the symptoms, even slightly or make them go away, if only for a brief time. Once you prove it to yourself that it’s possible to have an impact on your own disease (to reduce symptoms or change symptoms, you’ll feel more like you’re the one in charge of how your body feels. That will motivate you to continue working toward the cure.

How to Find a Cure for Psoriasis


It’s unfortunate that many psoriasis sufferers give up before they hit on the magic combination of holistic treatments that work for them. Doctors discourage patients from seeking a cure because most doctors don’t believe there’s any other option for treatment than what’s available through conventional medicine. If you believe this too, then you’ll find that there is no cure for any disease! You have to believe before you can see the cure. Or in other words, blessed are they who believe without seeing. Maybe, if you believe in a cure for psoriasis, then you’ll be able to see it. Try it out. You have nothing to lose. 


People cure themselves of all kinds of diseases from cancer to psoriasis. You’ve probably heard rumors about those people. Certainly you’ve read about them. But who are these people and how did they succeed at curing themselves? 


But most importantly, could you be one of them? Could you cure yourself of psoriasis?


Jason Winters is an icon for what it takes to cure a disease. Winters lived his life out loud. He worked as an actor. He flew a hot air balloon across the ocean with a boat as the basket (luckily, since the balloon crashed). But Winters developed cancer on his neck at one point and his doctors gave him only a short period of time to live. So, with only limited time left to live, he took off across the world to find a cure for his disease. He found one herb on 4 different continents and combined them together into a tea that’s widely available today because he happened to make friends with the Queen of England. He cured himself of cancer after his doctor had diagnosed him as terminal. It’s illegal (that’s right–ILLEGAL) to market the tea as a cancer cure in the U.S. thanks to the FDA and other organizations, but people find out that it’s a cure when they believe a cure exists and start looking.


So while doctors will tell you matter-of-factly that there is no cure for cancer, this was not Jason Winter’s experience. 


So is there a cure for psoriasis? 


Yes. People do cure themselves of this disease. And you can too, but there will be work involved and it make take time. 


After having traveled the world myself in search of unconventional cures for disease, I now believe that there’s a cure for every disease and if you’ve been diagnosed with something, it’s a matter of finding the cure, literally, by going out in search of it. I usually recommend starting this quest by consulting yourself. Of course, as Americans, it’s pretty hard to do this since we’re taught not to listen to ourselves. We’re taught to listen to our doctors instead. So, if you have trouble listening to your gut over the negative prognoses given by your doctor, consider doing an Ayahuasca ritual in Mexico or Peru. You can contact me directly for advice on Ayahuasceros (people who administer Ayahuasca) I trust…I’d be happy to give you some pointers or even connect you to a trusted curandera in Mexico where I live. But through Ayahuasca, you can consult directly with the Mother of All Plants and ask her what to do for your specific disease. The plant will tell you. But then, you’ll have to listen and follow-through on it. 

Today, more than ever, curing disease is literally about going on a journey to another place through medical tourism. 


If Ayahuasca seems like too much for you at this time, you might sign up for dialysis treatments in a sunny, beachy location near the ocean to take advantage of the combined healing benefits of sunlight and seawater along with dialysis treatments. Health Solutions, Inc. in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a dialysis center located on a Caribbean island and psoriasis sufferers can take advantage of all of these treatments at the same time. Or head directly to the core of Sun and Sea Psoriasis Treatment by going to the Dead Sea in Israel! There are Dead Sea Resorts that cater specifically to psoriasis patients because so many psoriasis sufferers find relief from the disease at the Dead Sea. But you can also combine this trip with peritoneal dialysis treatments in Israel too. These are some powerful treatments that have helped a variety of psoriasis sufferers overcome their disease.


Or visit this AlivenHealthy link for more information about treatment centers all over the world that offer alternative cures for psoriasis.


In summary, if you’re ready to cure psoriasis, take a multi-pronged approach to the disease starting with diet changes. And don’t stop searching for the cure if you try a couple of alternative treatments that don’t work for you! It may take months or even a year of persistence to see the results of your efforts.

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