Does Heavy Metal Poisoning Cause Psoriasis?

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for psoriasis or any other disease.

Many people don’t realize how the mercury amalgam fillings in their mouths are a core problem affecting their general health. Get these fillings removed as soon as possible to take a load off your organs of detoxification.

It always amazes me how few Americans know that the silver dental fillings that are used by dentists throughout the nation to repair cavities contain mercury and that the mercury is highly toxic. About 50% of the ingredients that make up a silver filling is mercury. According to the FDA, dental amalgam releases low levels of mercury as a vapor that patient’s inhale all day, every day of their lives after the mercury filling is put in place. This vapor is absorbed by the lungs and, the FDA admits, over time the buildup or bioaccumulation of mercury is associated with adverse effects on the patient’s brain and kidneys.   Psoriasis sufferers especially may react to this metal in their mouth without ever realizing the role that their dental fillings play in causing their skin disorder. When the kidneys are impaired, the skin starts to take over and do the detoxifying duties that the kidneys normally perform.

A significant number of people are allergic or rather, “immune reactive” to mercury. Some people are very reactive, others to a lesser degree, but millions of people are adversely affected by mercury amalgam dental fillings every year. Autoimmune diseases like psoriasis, allergies, eczema, asthma, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and more may all be worsened by or even caused by the presence of mercury in the mouth.


If you’re suffering from psoriasis or another autoimmune disease, it might be time to look at going to a biological dentist to have the mercury fillings replaced with a biologically-friendly material. Biological dentists look at their patients holistically and acknowledge the fact that the health of the teeth and gums impact the health of the whole body. In the United States, the cost of having mercury fillings removed and replaced is about 4 times the amount it costs to have the same procedure performed in Mexico or Ecuador, so many patients travel abroad to have their amalgam fillings removed and replaced. Many psoriasis sufferers today do medical tourism f for a variety of treatments that simply aren’t available or affordable in the U.S. Dental facilities like American BioDental in Tijuana, Mexico have pristine facilities with high-tech equipment and a menu of alternative health options to choose from at their sister-facility right next door.  


If you have mercury amalgam dental fillings and you’re struggling with psoriasis, have them removed and replaced with a biologically friendly composite material as soon as possible! There are a range of materials that are considered biologically-compatible including glass ionomer, composite resin, porcelain, and gold, among others. Most people choose to have their fillings replaced with composite material because it’s the same color as teeth, it’s as durable and amalgam fillings, and the cost is moderate. But no matter what, the dentist should use the Huggins Protocol to remove the fillings and, after they’re removed, you should get chelation therapy to remove the leftover heavy metals from your body, especially if you have psoriasis, but really, anyone who has had mercury fillings in their mouth for any period of time should make sure the Huggins Protocol is used for removal and chelation therapy is done to remove the accumulated mercury after the procedure is complete.

According to some studies about 90% of all dental patients with mercury fillings were found to have an allergy to mercury and many of them experienced a significant improvement in health after they were removed and replaced with a biologically-friendly material. Mercury is also found in thimerosal, an ingredient in certain vaccines, so psoriasis sufferers should also be wary of being vaccinated, particularly against influenza or other diseases where the doctor must “double dip” into the vaccine jar to extract the contents. 


Below is a YouTube video demonstrating the toxicities of mercury amalgam fillings and how they gas-off in the mouth and deposit toxins the body:


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