Alternative Treatment Facilities That Cure Psoriasis


Below are treatment facilities that offer alternative treatments throughout the world to cure psoriasis. I talk more about the various treatments offered at each of these facilities below (see links). If you’d feel more confident about your psoriasis treatment working within a structured program, I’d recommend contacting any of these facilities:


The Biomedical Center – LOCATED IN Tijuana, Mexico


The Hoxsey Center, also known as the Biomedical Center is famous for treating cancer without chemotherapy or radiation, but they also offer a specialized herbal treatments for psoriasis. Cost: $400-$3000


Holistic Bio Spa – LOCATED IN Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


This place offers a variety of treatments a la carte for psoriasis. I emailed Dr. Zoli Hargitai directly to find out if they ever work with psoriasis patients and he said that he does work with it and he would be willing to work with you to design a customized program to specifically address your needs. They offer ozone therapies, vitamin C IV’s, Quantum Biofeedback, stem cell therapies, MMS, turpentine, turmeric, and epsom salt therapies. Stem cell therapy for psoriasis shows a lot of promise. The Holistic Bio Spa offers colonic hydrotherapy (IMPORTANT) along with other detoxification treatments that would be especially beneficial for psoriasis patients. 

American BioDental – LOCATED IN Tijuana, Mexico


John and I went to American BioDental to get our mercury amalgam fillings removed and replaced because American BioDental offered on-site chelation therapy to remove heavy metals from the body after the fillings were replaced. If you decide to go here, “Rene” is the dentist I would recommend. For psoriasis, getting mercury amalgam fillings removed can make a big difference in detoxifying your body. This would be one of the first steps to consider taking as part of an alternative psoriasis treatment. Of course, there may be a biological dentist in Guatemala too. If you go to a biological dentist who does not offer chelation therapy, below is a link to a Medical Spa in Guatemala City that does offer chelation therapy (it’s very important to follow-up removal of mercury fillings with chelation therapy!)


The Gerson Clinic – LOCATED IN Tijuana, Mexico (there is a second clinic in Hungary as well)


The Gerson Therapy is basically a diet that consists of fresh vegetable juices and specific supplements along with regular detoxification using coffee enemas. It is normally prescribed for cancer patients, but it also works on psoriasis. Patients can go to Tijuana with a loved one who learns how to administer the diet at the center. The Gerson Diet was the first cancer treatment in the U.S. that had a much higher cure rate than chemo and radiation, but the results of Gerson’s therapies were covered up and he eventually left the U.S. and set up a clinic in Tijuana. He originally used his own diet to cure his migraine headaches, but this diet also works to cure psoriasis. 


OR–you could go to this link to watch a course on the Gerson Therapy in Spanish for $85 USD and follow the diet yourself at home:

Beauty Plus Medical Spa – LOCATED IN Guatemala City, Guatemala


The Beauty Plus Medical Spa in Guatemala City offer chelation therapy, lymphatic drainage, and more that could be valuable to you in terms of detoxifying your body to get rid of psoriasis.


Mundo Natural — LOCATED IN Antigua, Guatemala


Mundo Natural offers colonics which would probably do some amazing things for psoriasis. Colonics would help you detoxify.


Moevenpick Hotel and Dead Sea Spa –LOCATED IN Jordan


This place specializes in dermatology and rheumatology — it’s more affordable than the psoriasis resorts in Israel and they have private solariums for psoriasis patients who are sunbathing.

Dead Sea Spa Resort — LOCATED IN Israel


This is a Dead Sea Resort with a Medical Center on site for psoriasis. 


The Budwig Center — LOCATED IN Spain


The Budwig Center offers a special detoxification diet along with various therapies including colonics for psoriasis. Follow this link to learn more about the Quark Recipe”.


Centro de Histoterapia Placenteria — LOCATED IN Cuba


This facility treats psoriasis using something called Coriodemina.

Cost = 240 CUC (Consultation) + Coriodemina (cost depends on how much the patients wants to take with them back to their home country). This treatment is extracted from human placenta and has been shown to be effective about 84.6% of the time and some patients have reported that the psoriasis lesions disappear completely after 2 years of application.


Stem Cell Institute — LOCATED IN Panama City, Panama


Stem cell therapy has been used successfully to treat a number of autoimmune diseases including psoriasis using umbilical stem cells. 


World Stem Cell Clinic — LOCATED IN Cancun, Mexico


There isn’t a lot of information on their web site, but I read an article that talked about how they treat psoriasis at this clinic, but mostly they cater to autistic children. This clinic uses autologous stem cells to treat psoriasis.


Peritoneal Dialysis Treatment Centers — LOCATED IN Israel near the Dead Sea 

Combine peritoneal dialysis with sunshine and seawater treatments near the Dead Sea. Some patients experience complete remission from psoriasis with peritoneal dialysis treatments alone. And some patients experience sunlight and saltwater treatments as a cure for psoriasis. The Dead Sea is considered to be the most optimal place in the world to get sun and sea psoriasis treatments. Some patients return there annually and experience time-limited remission from the disease. They return there annually or bi-annually for treatments to keep their skin and joints healthy the rest of the time.


Health Solutions, Inc. — LOCATED IN St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean

Health Solutions, Inc. offers dialysis treatment in a sunny location near the ocean where patients can partake in the healing benefits of sunshine, seawater and hemodialysis. NOTE: Peritoneal dialysis has been shown to have a more consistently positive impact on psoriasis symptoms, but some patients go into remission using hemodialysis. For peritoneal dialysis combined with opportunities to partake in sunlight and seawater treatments, head to Israel to a Dead Sea resort (see above).


Cedars Sinai Medical Center – LOCATED IN Los Angeles, CA

8700 Beverly Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90048

+1 310-423-3277

Cedars Sinai purportedly offers dendritic cell therapy for psoriasis.


The Preston Robert Tisch Cancer Center 

Duke Medical School in North Carolina

20 Duke Medicine Cir 

Durham, NC 27710

+1 919-684-8111

The Duke Medical School Preston Robert Tisch Cancer Center purportedly offers dendritic cell therapy for psoriasis.



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