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If only I had known then what I know now. My husband, an ex-professional musician got a fungal ear infection 5 years ago. He complained that his ear was hurting and before we had a chance to buy a scope to look inside his ear, the eardrum burst. I look back on this event with so much regret. There are so many things I would’ve done differently had I known then, what I know now.


If you have an awesome doctor, good for you. We didn’t. My husband went to a doctor who put an antifungal powder in his ear which then had to be removed later through an excruciating process by another horrible and incompetent Ear Nose and Throat doctor. Needless to say, the powder didn’t work. He had to use other meds to kill the fungus and it took a long time.


Having an ear infection of any kind puts people into a compromising position in the United States. Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors joke around that the acronym E.N.T. actually stands for Early Nights, and Tennis (meaning that they don’t have to work very often like other doctors do).


About 3 years ago, I discovered something called DMSO that I would’ve used on my husband’s ear had I known then what I know now. Let me be clear in saying that I did NOT use DMSO on his ear, so I don’t know what would’ve worked, but I can tell you what I would’ve tried based on the information I have about DMSO now. Here’s a link to an important article published by Iowa State University about DMSO.



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First, I would’ve tried putting a small amount of DMSO inside the ear canal. Maybe I would’ve dropped it in, but I would’ve been more comfortable using a Q-tip to put it around the outside of the canal. The DMSO would’ve helped dry the ear, but DMSO has the amazing ability to go wherever it needs to go. Putting it close to the fungus would’ve made the fungus a prime target. DMSO has anti-fungal abilities. I’ve used it to cure warts as well as Candida albicans infections. I wish I would’ve known about DMSO back when my husband was suffering from fungal ear infections.


But DMSO could work to cure bacterial or even viral ear infections too. My husband, for example, had chronic ear infections as a child and he ended up getting tubes put in his ears. But I wonder if DMSO would work to dry out the ear, combat the infection, and even protect the eardrum or foster regrowth if the eardrum burst. There are so many kids with chronic ear infections whose parents struggle for years fighting this problem. If I were a parent of a child with chronic ear infections, I’d want to know about DMSO.


But, keep in mind that DMSO increases the potency of medications! So, even if you apply DMSO to the skin and your child is taking antibiotics or any other medication, the DMSO can increase the potency or strength of that medicine. So, DMSO is not something to be taken lightly.

In theory, you could combine DMSO with other medicines like antibiotics, antifungals, and antivirals to increase their potency and to help those drugs hit the pathogens in their most vulnerable places. DMSO, after all, opens up cellular membranes rendering even cancer cells vulnerable (see DMSO Potentiation Therapy for Cancer for more information about this). So, if you or someone you love is suffering from a fungal ear infection or any other type of ear infection, DMSO might be worth consideration as a treatment.

FINAL NOTE: If you have otitis externa or swimmer’s ear, DMSO has been studied as an effective treatment.

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