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Quick Summary

Dr. Hulda Clark is well-known for her work with treating parasites, but she also developed the Zapper, an electrical device that can cure cancer when used with supplements and an anti-cancer diet. The Zapper is easy to use. It is worn on the wrist or the ankle for up to 8 hours a day depending on the patient’s diagnosis.

Detailed Information

Dr. Clark’s Zapper works based off of positive offset voltages, rather than resonant frequencies. The Zapper specifically uses pulses of 30 KHz to kill parasites and other toxic, unhealthy cells or micro-organisms. Like some other treatments in this book, Dr. Clark believed that disease, including cancer, was caused by a variety of factors including environmental toxins, emotional pressure, and diet. Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper is well-known for its ability to treat parasitic infections, which she believed played a major role in most diseases [2], but this technology has also been used in the treatment of:


  • Cancer
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Psoriasis
  • Shingles
  • Seizures/Tremors
  • Endometriosis
  • Eye infections
  • Intestinal Problems
  • Hay Fever
  • Various other diseases [1].


Dr. Hulda Clark was influenced by Royal Rife and his Rife Machine when she designed her Zapper. In her research, she was able to develop a device called a Syncrometer that could detect the resonance of different organisms in the body and determine what a person was suffering from by using this device that could identify underlying causes of disease. Then, she was able to use her Zapper to treat patients. Royal Rife developed a special microscope to be able to see micro-organisms and other offenders in the body while Dr. Clark developed her Syncrometer to be able to hear them [2].



Dr. Clark’s technologies have been listed on QuackWatch as being “bizarre” while her credentials and knowledge have been ridiculed as not being sufficient enough to allow her to have legitimately developed the technology. This website also discusses the legal trouble that Dr. Clark faced in the United States, albeit from the perspective that the United States was the “good guy” and Dr. Clark was the “bad guy”. In September 1999, Dr. Clark was arrested in San Diego, CA after having fled from Indiana where she faced charges for practicing medicine without a license. Then, in November of the same year, a former patient filed against her accusing her of negligence and fraud [3]. These allegations and pressure against Dr. Clark eventually forced her to move over the border to Tijuana, Mexico where she established her clinic, New Century Nutrition [2].


Dr. Clark’s devices and research are not accepted by the FDA or any US governmental agencies [2].


Safety and Effectiveness

The following link is to a list of testimonials and personal accounts from individuals who have used Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper to treat various forms of cancer as well as different diseases: http://www.royal-rife-machine.com/Hulda-Clark-testimonials.htm


The chance of a spontaneous remission and survival in terminal cancer patients is approximately 1:60,000, meaning that one out of 60,000 patients with terminal cancer will survive and overcome their cancer without treatment. Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper has a 9:10 success rate; nine out of ten patients who use the Zapper properly to treat their cancer will experience remission [2].


There are few contraindications or side effects for use of the Zapper. The Zapper runs off of a 9-volt battery, which carries a low enough voltage that it’s not capable of damaging healthy cells. The only contraindication that Dr. Clark notes is that individuals with pacemakers or women who are pregnant should avoid treatment with this technology. However, infants as young as 8 months have been treated with the Zapper with no noticeable adverse effects. Liquid “insulators” in the body can inhibit the Zapper’s ability to penetrate into diseased areas; this is a problem for cancer patients in particular. Plate-zapping may be used to combat this issue since it specifically targets individual organs (more info on this technique at this link) [4].


How to Use Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper

Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocol includes other treatments in addition to the zapper. In addition to the zapper, Dr. Clark asks that her patients follow dietary protocols, take herbs and other supplements, and adopt healthy lifestyle changes. Like with most of the other treatments in our books and listed on this website, for patients to be successful using this treatment they must implement a full cancer protocol in addition to using the Zapper [2].


Patients who are ill with cancer or another major disease may benefit from using the Zapper all day, every day for 1 month or longer while they are recovering. For cancer patients specifically, 8+ hours of zapping each day is recommended to help the body “catch up to” and overcome the disease. During the process, Dr. Clark recommends that patients take 15 capsules of a mixed enzyme powder for every 4 hours of zapping to help the body process the dead cancer cells and subsequently released toxins (cancer patients would take 30 capsules for 8 hours). Healthy individuals looking to ward off cancer/disease can use the Zapper once a day if they choose. [4].

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Exact details on the use of Dr. Hulda Clark’s Zapper may be found in her books, particularly in her laboratory manuals. Dr. Clark’s books are listed below. Using the Zapper is simple. Patients use damp wrist/ankle bands that are attached to electrodes (that are, in turn, attached to the Zapper). Then patients simply turn on the device [6].


Dr. Clark developed a 21-day, at home  Cancer Program that cancer patients may follow to cure their disease and return to health. As part of her treatment regimen, Dr. Clark includes cancer treatments such as shark cartilage, enemas, vitamin C, wormwood, and thyroid support among others [5]. Specific details on this program can be found in Dr. Clark’s book, The Cure for All Advanced Cancers, but a basic overview of the program may be found at this link: http://www.drclark.net/en-us/disease-a-protocols/cancer-page/21-day-program

Other Important Information

Dr. Hulda Clark has written a total of 7 books on how to use her Zapper and Syncrometer devices. Five of her books are specifically about cancer. The titles of her books along with links to where they can be purchased are below:











Volumes 2, 3, and 4 of the Cancer Cure Catalog – BUY NOW!


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