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Shark cartilage is a cancer treatment that interferes with the development of a blood supply to tumors and cancer cells (angiogenesis). Studies have shown that shark cartilage does not act directly on tumors, but that rather, it is able to kill cancer cells by disrupting the blood supply along with the formation of lymph vessels. Shark cartilage is non-toxic [1].


Human studies have been performed on patients whose cancers were resistant to conventional treatments and the results have been promising. Patients experienced a reduction in pain, a reduction in tumor size, increased energy, and increased survival time [2].



Conventional medicine circles have shown interest in shark cartilage as demonstrated by ecent clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute and the Alliance for Clinical Trials. In these trials patients were recruited for a clinical trial to study the effects of shark cartilage on colorectal cancer and breast cancer [2]. Despite the interest, however, the U.S. media continues to publish propaganda about shark cartilage saying that it’s a threat to patients because if they use shark cartilage, they won’t use conventional medicine (chemo, radiation, and surgery). This fact, however, does not represent a threat to patients, but rather to the major pharmaceutical companies and wealthy individuals who benefit when patients use chemo, radiation, and surgery [2].


How Shark Cartilage Is Administered

Research has shown that shark cartilage can be injected or taken orally and that both methods of administration are effective [1].


The normal oral dosage is 60 grams/day split into equal dosages that are taken 3 times per day before meals. After patients go into remission from their cancer, they often reduce their daily dose to one 750 mg capsule for every 11 pounds of body weight [1].

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Other Important Information

Shark cartilage is not recommended for patients who are in a position where they need to grow a new blood supply. For example, pregnant women should not take shark cartilage. Individuals who have recently suffered a heart attack of stroke should also avoid shark cartilage along with patients who have suffered from fractures that have failed to heal or patients who are undergoing muscle-building programs [1].


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