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Supplements, Vitamins, and Minerals for Cancer Treatment

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Jun 01, 2019


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Essential Supplements for Cancer Treatment

For most Americans, it might be tempting to skip this aspect of cancer treatment. The importance of vitamins and minerals seems theoretical, if not whimsical, because doctors are untrained in the use of these substances. They know little about the value of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements because doctors aren’t taught anything about nutrition in medical school. Sometimes, medical students are required to take one nutrition class as part of their undergraduate degree, but some of them don’t have to take even one class on the subject in order to become a doctor.

The value of supplements, vitamins, and minerals in combating cancer should not be underestimated. These substances are widely available and accessible. Most people can find what they need in health food stores. But while Americans and Europeans have been taught to believe in the magic of prescription drugs, often, the most accessible “medicines” that are the most available to us without a prescription have the most potential to promote healing. The system of medicine that’s most familiar to English-speaking patients is one where patients must go to a doctor in order to receive a “magical prescription for health”. This prescription is written down and then transported with care to the pharmacy where the patient often pays dearly for a potion, usually in pill-form. We’ve been taught to believe that this prescription-based formula is the magic one: the one that leads to health. But how often does prescription medicine actually heal people?

The statistics regarding the number of people who are healed by prescription drugs are hard to find. But it’s not hard to find stats on the number of deaths that result from prescription drug mistakes. About 106,000 people in the United States died from prescription drug mishaps in 2016 according to the CDC. So maybe prescription-based magic isn’t that magical after all.

On the other hand, a deficiency of vitamins and minerals can lead to all kinds of agony. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals can be insidious. Think of scurvy, the vitamin C deficiency that once plagued sailors. No one could figure out what was wrong with the sailors. Or I should say, almost everyone was confused about what was wrong. Several people came forward to offer their view that oranges could heal those afflicted with scurvy, but alas, the medical establishment is sometimes slow to accept new theories about disease. Today, some of the most innovative thinkers in science and medicine have realized that vitamin and mineral deficiencies occur along a spectrum. People with a mild vitamin C deficiency may not develop scurvy, but their immune system may become compromised and their gums might bleed whenever they brush their teeth. Correcting this deficiency can help the body correct other nutritional imbalances. Sometimes the profound healing effects of correcting nutritional deficiencies is surprising.

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Both vitamin B17 (laetrile) and iodine have been implicated as extremely important in the prevention and treatment of cancer. In fact, many experts believe that cancer is primarily a deficiency of these two nutrients. But nutrition is complicated. If you ascribe to the Vitamin B17 or Iodine Deficiency Theory of Cancer, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can take one or the other (or even just both) of these nutrients and cure cancer without doing any thing else. Both vitamin B17 and iodine need other nutrients like zinc and vitamin E to be present in the body in order to be absorbed and function properly. And you can't just use the iodine at the local pharmacy for iodine supplementation. You need both iodine and potassium iodine which is in products like Lugol's Iodine or Iodoral. In some cases, if your body isn’t properly nourished, it won’t be able to make use of certain essential nutrients. If you or a loved one has cancer and you truly want to heal from this disease become an expert on no chemo, no radiation cancer cures. Lifestyle changes, such as eating an anti-cancer diet and alkalizing the body, are some of the most important curative actions that you'll take.

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So supplements must be approached with studious attention. Supplements need to be balanced, taken at appropriate times during the day, and combined with sound nutrition.

Pancreatic enzymes are an essential part of healthy digestion and research has shown that most of us are deficient in these enzymes because we consume large quantities of animal proteins. Pancreatic enzymes were used in the early 1900’s to cure cancer, but due to the emerging power of big pharmaceutical companies, certain organizations, and wealthy individuals with a stake in keeping people sick, pancreatic enzyme therapy never received the attention it deserved. Recent research has shown that pancreatic enzymes are not only released into the digestive system but they also circulate in the blood. These enzymes, when we have them in sufficient quantities, have the power to digest the outer coating of cancer cells to make them vulnerable to the immune system.

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