Dr. Rath’s Cellar Solution is a supplementation protocol that’s based off the assumption that all disease, including cancer, is caused by nutritional deficiencies. This particular supplementation protocol uses amino acids, vitamins, and bioflavonoids. Although Dr. Rath didn’t specify a particular diet for cancer patients to follow, he did encourage his patients to adopt an anti-cancer diet of some kind while using the treatment.  


Detailed Introduction

Dr. Matthias Rath is a leader in the development of the concept of cellular medicine [2]. Cellular medicine abides by the principle that most of the body’s diseases, including cancer, are caused by deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients [5].


Dr. Rath’s Cellular Solution is designed to stop cancer from spreading and metastasizing through the use of particular combinations of nutrients. Dr. Rath believed that by stopping the spread of cancer and keeping it localized made it significantly more likely for patients to be able to fight off the disease. The Solution works to stop the secretion of toxic enzymes released by cancer cells that break down the collagen matrix holding the cells back from growing out of control. The enzyme molecules released by cancer cells can “cut through” tissues and collagen that surrounds cells and holds them in place. As a result of this “cutting through,” cancer cells are able to make their way into the bloodstream to metastasize by making small cuts in the blood vessel walls through which they can then pass. Without the ability to produce these enzymes that cut through collagen and tissues, the cancer cells are unable to maneuver themselves into strategic locations via the bloodstream where they can grow and spread [3].


L-Lysine, L-Proline, Vitamin C, and Epigallocatechin

Dr. Rath’s Cellular Solution is composed of the amino acids L-Lysine and L-Proline, vitamin C, and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG; this is a bioflavonoid component found in green tea). The combination of these components in addition to other cancer protocol basics (such as an anti-cancer diet) makes up Dr. Rath’s cancer cure. Dr. Rath discovered that the combination of L-Lysine and vitamin C stopped the action of proteases (proteins that break down proteins and peptides) secreted by cancer cells. He also realized that, when this mix of L-Lysine and vitamin C was combined with L-Proline and EGCG, the proteases’ destruction of collagen (which allowed the spread of cancer cells) could be stopped. Additionally, the L-Lysine works as an enzyme blocker to make it so the cancer enzymes released into the body aren’t able to attach to enzyme attachment sites on collagen and tissue. This severely limits (and even completely eliminates) the cancer cells’ ability to break through collagen and tissue to reach the bloodstream where they’d be able to travel to and infect other areas of the body [3][4].


In the Rath Solution, vitamin C plays a role in strengthening the body’s immune system and ability to fight cancer. Vitamin C is also significant in the construction of collagen, making it possible for the body to start working to repair areas where cancer cells have destroyed collagen/tissue. Then, the EGCG is capable of supporting vitamin C’s role in the body as well as capable of working to prevent cellular DNA changes (vitamin C is anti-mutagenic). The EGCG also works to stop the development of new cancer cells and their subsequent efforts toward circulation in the rest of the body. Detox from cancer is aided also by EGCG, which has antioxidant properties and can “select and modify phase I and phase II metabolic enzyme processes” to provide for optimal digestion and removal of toxins and dead cells [4].




Dr. Matthias Rath’s cancer cure is illegal to market in Switzerland. The country’s Study Group for Complementary and Alternative Methods in Cancer has claimed that the treatment had no legitimacy. Similarly in South Africa, the Dr. Rath Foundation was required to stop advertising its products as a cure for cancer and HIV (despite numerous successful recoveries by individuals with these diseases). Various organizations, such as the Health4Us Foundation in Emeryville, California, have attempted to bring Dr. Rath’s treatment to light for the public to use as a legitimate cure, however major organizations like the British Advertising Standards Authority and national governmental organizations have pushed down information about this treatment [1][6].


The Bill Henderson Protocol has been successful at helping a number of people recover from cancer using a supplementation protocol that’s very similar to the Rath Cellular Solution.


The pharmaceutical industry in and beyond the United States is currently seeking to implement a global ban on natural medicine techniques and practices by “abusing” the United Nations Codex Alimentarius Commission. Dr. Rath has been a vocal advocate against the creation of this global ban [2].  


Safety and Effectiveness

Dr. Rath’s Cellular Solution is particularly effective against newly diagnosed cancer patients suffering from tissue-related cancers that are localized and not spreading quickly. Advanced cancer patients will find that this cancer treatment is an especially valuable supplementary therapy for any cancer protocol to help curb the spread of cancer during the recovery process. The treatment has been shown to be effective even on difficult cancers such as bone cancer and brain cancer, in addition to being effective on heart disease (when the EGCG component of the solution is removed) [3].


According to one source, Dr. Rath’s Solution doesn’t have an effect on leukemia. The same source notes that more EGCG is necessary to stop the action of colon cancer cells than is necessary to stop breast cancer or melanoma cells. Thus, the formulas for different cancers vary [4].


Patients should note that when EGCG is taken late in the evening it may cause mild insomnia [4]. Planning for this possibility accordingly is important, since rest is crucial to recovery. Patients are likely to experience a Herxheimer/detox reaction while taking the Cellular Solution, as is common with most cancer treatments/protocols.


Individuals who are taking medicine to lower their cholesterol would benefit from being observed by a physician or health professional since the Cellular Solution affects the cardiovascular system as well as having an effect on cancer. Cholesterol count will need to be carefully monitored for these patients. Patients who are taking heart/blood-pressure medications will need to be monitored carefully as well by a physician, who must monitor the effects that these drugs have as the patient follows this alternative treatment. The physician may help the patient decide when and how much to step down off the drugs as the body begins to regain its natural cardiovascular strength [4].


How to Use Dr. Matthias Rath’s Cellular Solution

Dr. Rath’s Solution usually consists of the following components:


  • Vitamin C – ~2000mg
  • L-Lysine – ~2000mg
  • L-Proline – ~700mg (if proline capsules are used, the patient should take one 500mg capsule 4x/day)
  • EGCG – ~250mg (the Now™ brand has 200mg of EGCG in its 400mg green tea extract supplement)
    • Patients may drink green tea to obtain this EGCG as well. For example, 1 cup of regular green tea contains 20-25mg EGCG from infused leaves.
    • Matcha tea contains ~120mg EGCG in one cup of tea. Matcha may also be added to cold food or blender recipes (smoothies, salads, raw veggie dishes, etc.)
    • NOTE: Although tea may be used to obtain EGCG, patients should observe that heating tea may reduce the potency of the EGCG [4].


These amounts are recommended as daily values for cancer patients. Meanwhile, another source states that the following amounts of these four components should be used daily in the treatment of cancer:


  • Vitamin C – ~6000mg
  • L-Lysine – ~6000mg
  • L-Proline – ~3000mg
  • EGCG – ~1000mg [7].


Other Important Information

It is recommended that patients obtain pharmaceutical grade ascorbic acid powder to use as their vitamin C while using this treatment. This is especially true since patients will be taking high doses. Many non-pharmaceutical grade vitamin C supplementations contain imbalanced additions of extra minerals that create and ascorbate compound that could interfere with or minimize the effectiveness of the treatment [4].


Dr. Rath has written two books and participated in the writing of a few others as well. His two most well-known books are Victory Over Cancer and Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks… But People Do! His books and those that he has co-written with other authors may be found and purchased at this site: http://www.drrathbooks.com/


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