Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for cancer or any other disease.

Enemas and colonic hydrotherapies have been in use for centuries. The first mention of an enema was made in ancient Egypt where pharaohs regarded enemas as essential for good health. Each pharaoh had a “Guardian of the Anus” to keep the southern border safe from invaders. The ancient Greeks were similarly pre-occupied with rectal and colonic cleanliness. In these cultures, procedures such as colonic hydrotherapy and enemas were considered somewhat sacred for their general health-conferring properties.


A number of the cancer diets require patients to use coffee enemas specifically citing the fact that these treatments can spur bile production, detoxify the liver, and clean fecal impactions out of the lower colon. The coffee enema can enhance the body’s ability to absorb nutrients while detoxifying the liver so that the liver can continue to remove toxins throughout the healing process.


Colonic hydrotherapy carries some risk of bowel perforation and mineral imbalance. Patients need to choose their colonic hydrotherapist carefully.



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