The Breuss Cancer Cure is a book that’s sold over 900,000 copies and led to over 45,000 testimonials of a cure. Patients who follow this diet consume vegetable juices and herbal teas for 42 days.

Breuss Therapy is not recommended for patients who have been treated for cancer using conventional methods such as radiation or chemotherapy. It is also not recommended for Stage IV patients or patients with aggressive cancers such as pancreatic cancer. It can be a valuable cancer diet to follow for patients with Stage I, II, or III cancers.


Detailed Introduction

Rudolf Breuss was a self-educated naturopathic healer from Austria born in 1899. His whole goal in life was to find a gentle, effective treatment for cancer and other diseases. He wanted to find treatments that were less cruel than those offered by conventional medicine. Through trial and error, Breuss discovered the healing value of fresh fruit and vegetable juices and wrote a book about his findings [2][3].


The Breuss Total Cancer Treatment is a special diet that patients must follow for 42 days. Breuss’ experience taught him that 42 days was the ideal amount of time to fast using this protocol. The juice fast includes fruits, vegetables and herbs taken in liquid form. The diet was designed by Breuss to starve cancer cells by preventing them from getting any solid food proteins. As the cancer cells die, patients detoxify at the same time. The Breuss Diet does not harm normal, healthy cells [1][2][3].  


While Breuss believed that his diet worked because it deprived cancer cells of proteins, in fact the vegetables he recommends consuming contain little to no glucose, the primary food source for cancer cells. As such, it’s likely that this cancer diet works for reasons on than what Breuss theorized, namely that the cancer cells are starved of sugar/fuel while the patient is on the diet [1].



When Breuss was in his 80’s he was taken to court in Austria by a medical fraternity who viewed his treatment methods as too simplistic and inexpensive. His defense lawyer, who had been cured by Breuss, presented a large group of cured patients as witnesses to attest to the success of the treatment and Breuss was acquitted. The Austrian president Rudolf Kirchschlaeger intervened on Breuss’ behalf [3].


Safety and Effectiveness

Rudolf Breuss was a self-taught naturopathic practitioner whose sole desire was to help people recover from cancer. He wrote the book, The Breuss Cancer Cure to propagate his treatment methods for treating cancer and over 45,000 cancer patients have reported being cured using Breuss’ approach. Many of these patients sought out Breuss’ Cancer Treatment because conventional medicine had failed and doctors had given up hope on them.  The book has been translated into 5 different languages and over 900,000 copies have been sold [1][2].


How Breuss Therapy Is Administered

Breuss’ theory was that cancer cells can only live on the protein of solid food. When deprived of this protein, the cancer cells die, leaving healthy cells intact. Patients are therefore told to drink nothing but vegetable juices and herbal teas for 42 days on this diet. The maximum amount of ingested vegetable juice is 500 mL per day [1][4].


Permissible Ingredients for the Liquid Diet

The liquid diet consists of the following:


  • 55% red beet root
  • 20% carrots
  • 20% celery root
  • 3% raw potato (optional except for with liver cancer patients)
  • 2% Chinese radishes [1][3]


Permissible Herbal Teas

There were three herbal teas that Breuss permitted patients to drink during the fast:



All teas should be consumed without sugar [4].


The above vegetables, when consumed raw, as juices, contain antioxidants and living enzymes that promote general good health [3].


Cancer Tutor, a web site that disseminates valuable information about alternative cancer treatments, recommends “supercharging” the Breuss Diet by adding the following treatments to this protocol:


  • Filtered green tea
  • Filtered Essiac Tea
  • Protocel (which should be used by itself as a stand-alone treatment before adding in the other treatments)[1]

As soon as the 42-day vegetable juice/herbal tea fast has ended, CancerTutor recommends taking a high-quality nutritional supplement to quickly rebuild nutrients that were lost during the fast. The primary danger associated with the fast is that patients will not receive appropriate levels of essential nutrients while adhering to the diet. Patients who follow this diet should therefore order one of the nutritional superfoods/supplements listed below and have these ready and waiting on day 42, when the fast ends [1][4]. Recommended products include:


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