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Brandt Grape Cure for Cancer

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | Jun 01, 2019


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Can grapes cure cancer? YES! Grape Seeds Contain the Essential Nutrient Vitamin B17...

Many experts regard the Brandt Grape Cure as one of the most potent cancer diets that has been formulated to date. But this diet isn’t for everyone because not everyone can eat only red, black, or purple grapes for several weeks. For some, it may not be possible to eat only grapes for nutritional reasons, for others, it may be difficult to find grapes that aren’t GMO (for example, seedless grapes are GMO and should be avoided) or grapes that are not sprayed with insecticide (insecticide is particularly relevant because if it contains methyl bromide, the patient could become iodine deficient, which can worsen cancer). Because the patient will be eating a lot of grapes, it’s important that the grapes are not GMO and not sprayed with chemicals [1].

The Brandt Grape Cure is recommended for Stage IV cancers, but it is not recommended for aggressive cancers such as pancreatic cancer or brain cancer [1].

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Detailed Introduction

The Brandt Grape Cure is one of the simplest and most potent cancer diets available, but it’s important that patients who do this diet choose non-GMO, insecticide-free grapes. If high-quality grapes like this are not available, patients can substitute carrot juice with a little bi