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Sir Jason Winter's Tea for Cancer

Posted by Jennifer Shipp | May 28, 2019


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Powerful Herbal Cancer Cure: Sir Jason Winters' Tea

Jason Winters was an adventurer from England who immigrated to Canada in 1947. When he was diagnosed with cancer, he refused the conventional medicine treatments and went on a worldwide quest to find an herbal cancer cure. He discovered herbs on four different continents that he included in his blend. The availability of Sir Jason Winter’s Teas is due in part to the major political figures in Europe and Africa who protected him (Prince Charles, for example) from the wrath of the big pharmaceutical companies. Jason Winters is an icon for curing cancer. He was just an average man with no medical training, but only a bit of faith in his ability to cure cancer naturally. He used his diagnosis as a reason to travel the world and find a cure for his disease. He succeeded admirably.

Detailed Introduction

Jason Winters was born in England but immigrated to Canada in 1947. He worked on a farm and as a lumberjack, but he had a zest for adventure. Over the course of about 20 years, he crossed the Canadian Rockies by hot air balloon. Then, for Canada’s Centennial Celebration, he took a canoe 2,000 miles down the McKenzie river to retrace Sir Alexander McKenzie’s footsteps. Winters crossed the Sahara Desert on camel and then relocated to New Zealand to work as a seat belt tester, crashing cars into brick walls. He tried to be the first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean by hot air balloon, but his balloon crashed half-way. Luckily, he had replaced the basket with a small boat, which saved his life. In addition to his travels abroad and his hot air balloon adventures, Winters worked as an extra and a stand-in for the role of Geronimo in the movie “Apache Agent and he also worked as a stunt man in Audie Murphy’s films [1].

In 1977, Winters noticed a large, cancerous growth on the side of his neck. The tumor was wrapped around his carotid artery and attached to the jugular vein. The carotid and jugular are major vessels that transports blood to and away from the brain and head. He tried radiation, but it had little effect. He refused major surgery and he was told to get his affairs in order. The doctor gave him 3 months to live. But Winters, always the adventurer, turned to alternative health and natural cures. He began his search by reading religious books and found that the Bible mentions herbal medicine as cures for diseases 27 times. He followed this lead and set off on a global search for herbal cancer treatments that could be used to combat the disease. The first herb that he discovered came to him through the Archbishop of Canterbury. His search took him to two more continents where he found two other herbal remedies that had been used for centuries to combat cancer [1][2][6]. In Australia, Jason Winters found a doctor who administered Laetrile (also known as vitamin B17) to him and within a few weeks, his cancer disappeared. Unfortunately, however, the cancer eventually came back, which is a phenomenon that has been described by other doctors who prescribe and use Laetrile to treat cancer. Patients must continue to take high doses of Laetrile for the rest of their lives and follow a cancer diet that includes other supplements to maintain health. After the failed success using Laetrile, Jason Winters instead used the herbs he’d gathered on his travels to cure his cancer [6].

Winters tried using the individual herbs as separate, stand-alone treatments, but they had little effect. However, when he mixed the three herbs together in a tea, his tumor began to get smaller and over time, he gained remission from the disease. Today, these three herbs are available as the Jason Winters Classic Tea Blend [1].


Jason Winters won awards from 6 foreign governments as well as the United States. Congressmen James H. Bilbray and Richard A. Gephardt gave Jason Winters a prestigious award of merit. In 1985, he was knighted in Malta for his work in the health field. In Madrid, Spain, he was given the Medal of Honour and he made the Laureate of Belgium, the Netherlands, and South Africa. Today, his products are available in over 70 countries. The Queen of England was said to drink the tea [1][6].

The herb that Winters found in India is has not been publicly revealed. Winters used the pseudonum “herbalene” to keep the actual herb name secret. Otherwise the pharmaceutical companies could patent it, thereby gaining control over it so as to keep the public from knowing about it [6].

After they found out about the Jason Winter’s tea and its effect on cancer, the pharmaceutical companies began to harass Jason Winters. The tea was affordable and effective so it posed a threat to conventional medical treatments (chemo, radiation, and surgery). Luckily, Prince Charles mediated on behalf of Jason Winters, knighted him, and allowed Winters to continue to sell his tea without harassment [6].

Safety and Effectiveness

The herbs that Jason Winters discovered were:

The three-lobed leaves were regarded by medieval Christians as symbolic of the trinity. It was widely used in the 1930’s as an anti-cancer remedy, particularly for patients suffering from breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and lymphatic cancer. By applying a concentrated decoction of red clover to the tumor site, the tumor was encouraged to grow outward and eventually clear from the body. Red Clover is also an ingredient in the Hoxsey Tonic and Essiac Tea [10][11].

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Red clover extracts contain phytoestrogens that can interfere with the chemotherapy agent tamoxifen because tamoxifen prevents estrogen from reaching a tumor. The phytoestrogens in red clover could work against this action. In this case, for a patient who is taking tamoxifen, red clover extract could actually feed a tumor rather than starving it. By itself, however, studies have shown that red clover may not promote breast-cancer  [12].

  • Herbalene
Dr. Pierce, a Scottish oncologist, tested the Jason Winters’ Tea and discovered that while all of the herbs confer strong health benefits, the herbalene acts as a catalyst and makes the other herbs 27 times stronger. The name “Herbalene” is a pseudonym and not the real name of the herb that Jason Winter’s found in India. Winters changed the name to protect the product from being “shelved” by pharmaceutical companies [2][6].

Chaparral was once widely used in the treatment of cancer. Herbalists use it to treat infections and to cleanse the lymphatic system. It can also be used to treat arthritis, rheumatism, digestive issues, influenza, and venereal disease [9].

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  • Indian Sage (Salvia officinalis)

Sage is a natural anti-inflammatory and it contains a large quantity of antioxidants. It is a carminative, anti-spasmodic, astringent, and an anti-microbial agent. It is also useful in the treatment of diabetes. Red sage is a classic remedy for inflammation in the mouth, throat, or tonsils. It also contains vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 which can help patients restore bone health [7][8].

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These herbs are included in Jason Winters Classic Tea Blend. Winters tried using each herb separately but experienced little change in his condition until he combined them together in tea form. He drank the herbal tea daily until it disappeared in 9 weeks [2].

After working with the herbal formula and natural health remedies for many years, he believed that,

“Life is in the blood, and if the blood is purified, then a person’s immunity will have a chance to take over and fight disease. God placed certain purification herbs on each continent for this purpose, and no one knows this better than I do.”

There are a number of other scientists who agree with Winters in regard to blood purification and the importance of healthy blood. Dr. Johanna Budwig cites the importance of consuming healthy “living” fats in the form of cold-pressed, organic flaxseed oil and organic coconut oil. By eating healthy fats that haven’t been chemically modified, patients can boost the health of their blood. Dr. Isaac Goiz uses magnets to re-energize the blood using a technique called Biomagnetism. And Dr. Bob Beck developed the Micropulser/Blood Electrifier to energize and purify the blood, a device that was designed to help restore the immune system and general health and well-being [3][4][5].

How Jason Winters’ Tea Is Administered

The Jason Winters herbal blend can be consumed in two ways:

  • Classic Tea Blend
  • Tribalene tablet
To prepare the tea, filtered water is boiled and poured into a cup with the tea bags [6].

Possible Negative Effects

Both Indian Sage (also known as Red Sage) and Chaparral (both ingredients in the Jason Winter’s Classic Tea Blend) should be avoided during pregnancy because they can stimulate the muscles of the uterus. Chaparral is a plant used by the natives of Baja California to induce abortions and bring on delayed menstruation [8][9]. Extended use of Chaparral can be toxic to the liver [9]. Red Clover should not be taken with blood-thinning medications like Coumadin [10].

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