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Dr. Livingston-Wheeler believed that cancer was caused by a pleomorphic organism that she named Progenitor cryptocides. What she described seeing under a microscope was similar to what Dr. Isaac Goiz, Dr. Royal Rife, and Dr. Gaston Naessons (among others) have seen in terms of cancer-causing microorganisms. The Livingston-Wheeler protocol involves several vaccines along with a special cancer diet. A clinic in San Diego administers the treatment.


Detailed Information

Virginia Livingston-Wheeler was a physician and a noteworthy cancer researcher [4]. She discovered a microorganism named Progenitor cryptocides that’s responsible for the development of cancer. She created a special therapeutic approach to fight the disease and the microorganism associated with it [9].

The Livingston-Wheeler cancer treatment approach was designed to fight the microorganism known as Progenitor cryptocides. This is similar to Royal Rife’s theories about the cause of cancer. He developed a special microscope to view microbes while they were still alive and he was able to see cancer-causing organisms while they were still alive. Rife developed a vibrational therapy to combat these organisms. Royal Rife believed that pleomorphic organisms called somatids were responsible for causing cancer. Dr. Livingston-Wheeler also came to this conclusion in her research.

The Livingston-Wheeler makes use of a vaccine along with diet and lifestyle changes [1][2][3][9].  


Other Theories Supported by Livingston-Wheeler’s Research

According to Dr. Livingston-Wheeler, the infective agent in cancer is able to hybridize genetically with the host’s healthy cells which ultimately causes the healthy cells to develop into cancer cells. This view of cancer is consistent with the views set forth by Dr. Keith Brewer, the developer of Cesium Therapy. Dr. Brewer believed that healthy cells developed into cancer because of chronic irritation by either a toxin or a pathogen. Dr. Livingston-Wheeler demonstrated through her research, that the microorganisms that causes cancer can genetically engineer their own hybridization with the host cell to cause changes in the cellular biology which ultimately leads to the development of cancer [9][10].


Dr. Livingston-Wheeler also believed that the P.crytocides were able to act as a “fertilizing agent” in normal human cells. When the P. crytocides “fertilized” a cell, it was able to cause abnormal cellular replication (cancer). Her observations are consistent with those of Dr. John Beard, the developer of the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer. Dr. Beard observed that a trophoblast (the first stages of cellular replications that happen immediately after a sperm fertilizes an ovum), has important features that are identical to cell replication in a cancer cell: both trophoblasts and cancer cells are invasive and metastatic and they both form new blood vessels. They also both have the same specific chemical composition [5][9].


As a result of her research, Dr. Livingston-Wheeler believed that cancer can be transmitted from animals to humans, a theory which supports The China Study, an important nutritional research project that demonstrated that by eating a diet of less than 5% animal products, cancer can be “switched off”.  [11].


For information about the politics surrounding this cancer treatment see the “politics” section at this link.

Safety and Effectiveness

Dr. Livingston-Wheeler had a 90% success rate treating patients using her cancer diet and immunotherapy approach [9].

At the San Diego Clinic where Livingston-Wheeler’s treatment was offered for many years, patient with the following types of cancer responded particularly well to the treatment:

  • Prostate cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Melanoma [12]

How Livingston-Wheeler Immunotherapy Is Administered

Livingston-Wheeler Immunotherapy treatment is administered as an autologous, anti-tuberculosis vaccine (BCG) designed to boost the immune system. The vaccine is prepared from a culture of the patient’s own P. cryptocides microbes. Several administrations of this vaccine are required to stimulate the immune system to combat cancer. The P. cryptocides vaccine is made from the patient’s urine. Dr. McClelland regards the BCG (tuberculosis) vaccine as the cornerstone of the Livingston-Wheeler treatment. He uses this vaccine to enhance the immune system so that the autogenous vaccine is optimized. Patients are then tested every 3 months to make sure that their immune titers remain high. Patients may receive BCG therapy for up to a year [1][2][9][12].


In addition to the vaccines, patients receiving Livingston-Wheeler cancer reatment approach eat a vegetarian diet, along with antioxidants, and they regularly detoxify using coffee enemas. Patients also take high doses of vitamin C (up to 100 grams per day) and vitamin E along with a peptide and amino acid supplement. B12 injections are also essential for patients who are adhering to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Patients also take mineral supplements and eat an immune-boosting diet in order to promote good general health during the vaccine treatment. A slightly different version of the Gerson Diet is often recommended for patients who are using this protocol [2][9][12].


Dr. McClelland also prescribes antibiotics to some patients [12].



Other Important Information

The San Diego Immunotherapy Clinic used the Livingston-Wheeler protocol until 2004 when it was forced to close due to financial difficulties. Dr. Edwin McClelland worked at this clinic for a short time and after it closed, he decided to open his own clinic to treat patients at the Livingston Foundation Medical Center [12].  

The San Diego clinic offers a 2-week treatment program. The clinic is located 7 to 8 minutes from the San Diego airport. Reduced rates for patients are available at the Holiday Inn ($99/night at the time of this writing). The cost of treatment is between $8500-9500 depending on the laboratory tests ordered for the patient. This cost includes a 3 to 6 month supply of vaccines and nutraceuticals. Patients traveling from abroad receive a year’s worth of vaccines and nutritional supplements for $14,000-$16,000 total.

Dr. Edwin McClelland Clinic

2055 Third Avenue #100

San Diego, CA 92101





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