Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for cancer or any other disease.

Intravenous means “existing, taking place within, or administered into a vein or veins”. The following therapies all involve the intravenous administration of a medication. A needle is inserted into a vein and the medication is either “pushed” into the vein using a syringe or it is slowly introduced into the body via a “drip” from a bag.


These treatments are not at-home treatments for the average cancer patient. They must be administered in a clinic or hospital and for patients who are seeking out alternative treatments such as Laetrile, it will be necessary to find specific hospitals and clinics where the substance in question can be legally administered.


Intravenous therapies allow doctors and clinicians to administer large quantities of valuable cancer-fighting medications quickly. For example, a lot of research supports the idea that a deficiency of Laetrile (also known as vitamin B17) may spur the development of cancer and that administering large doses of this substance can cure cancer by removing the deficiency. Other intravenous cancer treatments act in various ways that are similar or, in some cases, very different from Laetrile in their mode of action. For example, Salinomycin is a pharmaceutical that is related to the other “-mycins” such as zithromycin and erythromycin. Known as the macrolides, these drugs treat things like respiratory infections caused by gram-positive bacteria. But salinomycin is different. It can be used to treat cancer as well as malaria. Sigma-Aldrich owns the patent to salinomycin and recommends that no one receive the treatment unless they’ve received every other available conventional cancer treatment known to man. So, as a result, very few people are aware that salinomycin exists or that it can be used to treat cancer. It’s mechanism of action isn’t well-understood. What is known is that it works to cure both malaria and cancer.


Many facilities that offer integrative cancer treatments include intravenous therapies as part of their protocol for the treatment of cancer. In some facilities, like American Holistic Care in Tijuana, Mexico, patients receiving holistic therapies such as vitamin C side by side with patients receiving chemo.


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