German New Medicine views cancer as a disease that can be spurred by a traumatic event in the patient’s life. According to the laws of German New Medicine, cancer treatment proceeds through two phases: a cold phase and a hot phase. Different cancer types may indicate underlying spiritual or emotional issues. As these issues are resolved, healing takes place.


Detailed Information

German New Medicine (GNM) is based off of the interactions between three components: the psyche, the brain, and the organs. The treatment works with the idea that diseases aren’t “mistakes” or “accidents”, but rather that they relate directly to psychological and/or biological events that spur disease as part of a coping/selection mechanism [1].


Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (a medical doctor, scientific researcher, and member of a Munich oncology clinic) developed GNM after realizing that his wife’s death and his own cancer diagnosis could be linked to the recent shooting and death of his son. What he eventually resolved was that a traumatic physical event can cause a biological conflict shock in the body that sets off a chain reaction of events (starting with a change in brain activity and structuring) that results in physical disease [1].


5 Biological Laws of German New Medicine

Dr. Hamer uncovered 5 biological “laws” that cover the core principles of GNM:


  1. The shock that starts the disease process must be an unanticipated one. The subsequent damage caused by the shock is called the “Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS)” after Dr. Hamer’s son [3].
  2. The second law states that every disease has two phases: a cold phase and a hot phase. In the cold phase the body is under stress from the previous shock as well as from the developing disease. So long as the patient is conflicted in regard to the shock, this cold phase continues. The hot phase is the healing process where the conflict has been resolved and the patient is recovering [3].
  3. This law suggests that the individual’s unique reaction to the shock and their personal beliefs, perceptions, and life experiences affect the organ or tissue that is or will be affected by the shock [3].
  4. This law indicates which microbes should be used to target the disease. According to Dr. Hamer, microbes are directed by the brain and, when not called upon, retreat into a part of the body where they don’t “interfere.” However, these microbes that are a part of our immune system can be called upon to attack disease during the healing phase [1][3].
  5. This law is the culmination of the other 4 laws, and encourages understanding of the reason(s) for the previous illness. This is supposed to help patients come out of their illness stronger than before and to help them avoid future similar diseases [3].


Dr. Hamer faced extensive persecution for his discoveries with GNM and even served an 18-month prison sentence in Germany and a part of a 3-year sentence in France. Additionally, after presenting his work to a German university, he was asked to deny his discoveries despite not even having done any studies or executing any other measures toward proving his treatment. Dr. Hamer refused to deny his discoveries and his medical license was subsequently revoked permanently. His prison sentence was related to the fact that he offered free medical advice to three individuals after his license was revoked. The University of Tübingen was ordered by a court of law to formally test Dr. Hamer’s theories, but this action was never taken [1][8].

During Dr. Hamer’s trial following his imprisonment, a prosecutor was forced to admit that 6000 of 6500 patients over 5+ years had recovered from primarily terminal cancers under Dr. Hamer’s care using GNM. The conventional medical system continues to not acknowledge GNM as a valid form of medical treatment despite numerous verifications by various associations. Dr. Hamer was also extradited to France from his home in Spain where he faced a 3-year prison sentence under the charges of “fraud and the complicity in the illegal practice of medicine.” He didn’t end up serving the full sentence and eventually moved to Norway where he was able to continue his work without governmental or law-related interventions [8].

Particularly within the group of individuals who work with GNM there is much controversy and conflict. The official website for GNM was established in 2001 and contains a statement regarding the website and publications of a woman named Caroline Markolin, who also has a website which she claims is endorsed by the official GNM site. The official website states that Markolin is unqualified to be teaching/practicing GNM or to be certifying others to teach/practice GNM and that she has stolen much of Dr. Hamer’s work and visual materials without permission while claiming prominently on her website that she had been given permission [4].

Safety and Effectiveness

In September 1998 seven patients with 20+ different diseases who had been or were being treated with GNM were investigated to obtain scientific proof of GNM’s effectiveness. The investigation took place at the University of Trnava in Slovakia. Exact statistics for this investigation are unavailable [5]. At one of Dr. Hamer’s trials regarding his practice of German New Medicine, the opposing side admitted that he had cured 6000 of 6500 individuals of mostly terminal cancer cases over the course of 5+ years [8].

The following link provides testimonials from patients who were treated for cancer (and other diseases) using German New Medicine: http://www.newmedicine.ca/testimonials.php

How German New Medicine Works

The diagnoses/analyses in GNM may be made starting from either the psychic, cerebral, or organic level. In cases where the patient already has a cancer diagnosis, GNM practitioners are encouraged to start at the organic level. Dr. Hamer recommended that practitioners spend equal amounts of time in all of these areas of the disease, not spending too much time in any one area so as to develop a complete “picture” of the disease. He also recommends that a CT scan with standard layers (lasting about 4 minutes) to be done in most cases so that the brain activity and structure may be observed. This scan may reveal scar tissue or some sort of lasting physical remnant in the brain of a previous trauma [1].

When the conflict is resolved in the psyche and in the brain, the body may experience a healing response characterized by a fever or flu-like symptoms (much like a Herxheimer reaction). Reaching this resolution is different for each patient since each individual’s trauma is different, as is the way that they overcome it. Dr. Hamer noted the importance of carefully handling patients who have just passed into the conflict resolution phase (or the “hot” phase) or who have overcome their disease and are having a healing response. He advised that patients remain as calm and relaxed as possible (so as to avoid a new trauma) and also for there to be minimal physical interference such as that of blood transfusions (especially in children). If transfusions are necessary, Dr. Hamer recommended that they be done at night before sleep [1].

In GNM, different locations of cancer and disease are related to the nature of the shock that affected the progression to a diseased state. Dr. Hamer believed that cancer metastases were connected to fear of the cancer itself and/or fear of death. Some other examples of this relationship between disease and emotional/physical shock are the following:

  • Bone cancer may be connected to feelings/shock relating to lack of self-worth or feelings of inferiority.
  • Breast cancer may be related to feelings/shock having to do with care/disharmony in relationships or separation conflicts.
  • Pancreatic cancer may be connected to feelings/shock related to an anger/anxiety directed toward or around family members/inheritance.
  • Melanoma may be related to feelings/shock having to do with being dirty, soiled, or defiled [7].

Other Important Information

German New Medicine is a copyrighted name by Dr. Hamer [2]. There are other treatment methods that go by “Total Biology” and “Meta-Medicine” that have said that they practice and have knowledge and training in GNM despite not being affiliated with the GNM community of practitioners. Of the practitioners who are licensed to practice and teach, Ilsedora Laker is a GNM educator and medical consultant whose education was acknowledged by Dr. Hamer. She resides and practices in Toronto, Canada. Dr. Douglas Price is another verified GNM educator and consultant who travels teaching others about GNM [6].

The following is a link to suggested resources and books: http://www.newmedicine.ca/book.php


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