There are a number of different anti-parasitics to choose from if you feel like you’ve developed an infestation of hookworms, roundworms, or pinworms. Parasite treatment can include dietary changes, over-the-counter products, herbs, Diatomaceous Earth, Miracle Mineral Solution, and other products.

Introduction to Anti-Parasitics


Intestinal parasite infections make Americans frantic. We’ve been taught to believe that parasites are dirty and an infection with a parasite is a rare thing (it’s not!). But pinworm eggs are super-small and they float around in the air. If you inhale them, you can become infected. This is not a weird thing and in most places in the world outside of the United States, people know that this is happening. Roundworm eggs are durable and invisible. Touch a surface contaminated with roundworm eggs and you can become infected. Hookworm eggs live in soils and they can be absorbed through the skin on the hands or the feet. So if you walk barefoot on the sidewalk or in the lawn, you can become infected (dog poop is a source of hookworm eggs, for example). People in other countries know this and so they take herbs harvested from the forest at least twice a year, or they buy herbal remedies or anti-parasitics over-the-counter to do a parasite cleanse. 


Parasites are ubiquitous and nearly everyone has a parasite or two (or more) that coexists peaceably with the rest of the intestinal flora living in the gut. In fact, studies have shown that many people with extreme allergies do NOT have parasites and that a balance of parasites in the gut can actually keep normal people from becoming too sensitive to environmental allergens. So when we say that a person has a parasite “infection” what we mean is that they have an over-population of these critters. And when we say that the parasite infection needs to be treated, what we mean to say is that the population needs to be reduced, but not necessarily decimated. You want a few intestinal parasites. A balanced and diverse intestinal flora is a good thing. 1  2


But many people with parasite infections struggle to find that balance. It is, after all, easy to freak out about having worms in the gut, but it might help to know that the worms have always been there and that a few of them may even be helping you ward off other health issues like allergies.



When you treat yourself for parasites, whatever symptoms you’re having may be enhanced and new symptoms may appear because the worms die and disintegrate inside the body. Then they release toxins that can make a person miserable for a few days. This is normal for the most part, but those who self-doctor need to be mindful of things like impactions. If you have a heavy worm load and you start your treatment by taking a high dose of over-the-counter anti-parasitics like pyrantel pamoate, the worms can get stuck in the colon on their way out of the body. In some cases, surgery is necessary to get rid of the impaction. This is pretty rare, but people who are self-doctoring need to aware of impaction as a potential issue and watch for it when they first start taking anti-parasitics. A good approach is to start with herbal anti-parasitics at first and then move on to over-the-counter treatments once you’ve gone through a month or more of the herbal treatments. 1  2


Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a doctor who is willing to admit (or even notice or understand) that intestinal parasites may be the cause of their symptoms which means that patients have to treat themselves for the infection. Many patients are unsure about how to go about doing self-treatment without a doctor’s guidance. Self-treatment of parasites requires that patients tune into their own bodies and trust their own intuition about how and when to proceed. Normal people can handle this project with a little composure and objectivity (definitely read books on the topic and be aware of sensationalization in Internet material). Don’t be afraid to take control of your own health if your doctor is not helping you. Unlike bacterial and viral infections which have a more linear symptom progression, parasite infections cause cyclical symptoms to occur. The cyclical nature of symptoms is confusing to most patients who attribute the return of their symptoms within a few days or weeks as a sign that their last attempt at self-treatment failed completely.

While bacteria and viruses reproduce exponentially (like rabbits), their numbers growing and growing when they infect the body, parasites reproduce in cycles and people re-infect themselves in most cases. It’s almost impossible not to, especially at first when the worm load is high. So, while the bacteria and viruses are reproducing like rabbits and antibiotics have to be used to totally obliterate the population quickly and definitively, parasites must be killed in batches. The first month, you reduce the worm load by half (let’s say). The next month you reduce that half by another half (and so on and so forth).


It doesn’t help to take anti-parasitic medications all the time. Take it once a month if you’re trying to get rid of the Big 3: Roundworms, Hookworms, and/or Pinworms.


Re-infection with intestinal worms occurs inevitably, but the total parasite count goes down over time until a balance is achieved. It’s like how wolves were once completely removed from Yellowstone National Park and everyone thought that was a good thing because the wolves had been killing the other animals there. But once the wolves were gone completely, the elk population got really out of control. And the elk started hurting the trees which affected the beavers and the birds. And then everyone realized that wolves weren’t entirely bad, but rather that they were part of the balance of life. Your intestines are an ecosystem and parasites are not like rabbits. But rabbits can be just as harmful as wolves if they’re introduced into the wrong environment (like Australia, for example, where they ate literally everything when they were first introduced there). Things must exist in balance in your digestive system as in the rest of the world and each of us is responsible for establishing this balance because, let’s face it! The digestive system is nothing but a very long tube with a hole at both ends! Things happen in there…war, famine, civil unrest, and colonization by organisms from far-off places!


So, to be successful at parasite self-treatment, the patient should keep a daily journal of symptoms and observations. This is Your Long Tube, after all. It is Your Personal Ecosystem. And I can guarantee that your doctor’s Long Tube is probably in a state of unrest just like yours from time to time (or maybe all the time, who knows?) and he/she likely has no idea why or what to do about it. After you start your treatment for parasites, symptoms will likely flare up a few days or a couple of weeks after the initial infection (if the parasite infection involves pinworms, roundworms, and/or hookworms), but as time progresses patients should slowly start to see that these monthly flare-ups get less and less uncomfortable. Take notes in a journal! The journal is ESSENTIAL because without it, you will have a very difficult time seeing your own progress. It can be a slow process if you have a heavy worm load, but if you continue doing monthly parasite cleanses, you’ll achieve a tipping point after 3 to 4 months and you’ll need to back off on the cleanse to see if you feel better in general. That’s right! You’ll need to stop doing your treatment to see how many of your symptoms were due to a die-off reaction and how much was due to the parasite infection. If you stop your treatment and notice that you feel a lot better, then you can start doing bi-monthly cleanses until you get to a point where you’re doing bi-annual cleanses which is normal for people in most of the world.


Anti-parasitics like  pyrantel pamoate, black walnut, clove, and wormwood, or an herbal mixture such as Humaworm, are a crucial piece of the treatment puzzle, but there are other important self-treatment bits that can make a huge difference in terms of how quickly you recover from the infection and whether or not your body becomes more resilient to further infections. One of the predisposing issues that can cause otherwise normal patients to become afflicted with parasites is a weakened immune system. So while it’s important to treat a parasite infection with anti-parasitics, it’s also important to give the immune system a boost. But how can the average person without medical training boost the immune system in order to prevent future parasite infections?  1  2

The answer to this question can be complex and multi-faceted, but for people who are just starting self-treatment for parasites there are two very simple things that are widely available to help keep the immune system functioning properly:

  1. Vitamin B17
  2. Iodine


Vitamin B17


Vitamin B17 (also known as amygdalin) exists naturally in seeds (except citrus seeds) like apple seeds, grape seeds, and the kernels found inside apricot pits. A deficiency of this vitamin can lead to all kinds of degenerative health issues. Vitamin B17 has been studied extensively in terms of its ability to cure cancer though these studies have been covered up by Big Pharma. Many experts in no-chemo, no-radiation cancer cures view cancer as nothing more than a vitamin B17 deficiency disease, but vitamin B17 can do more than just cure or prevent cancer. This crucial vitamin helps prevent the body from degenerating prematurely and that includes the immune system. A healthy immune system requires daily doses of this vitamin so if you don’t regularly eat grape seeds, apple seeds, or apricot kernels and you have a parasite infection, it might be a good idea to eat 5 to 12 raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels each day. The bitterness of these seeds is particularly beneficial for the digestive system. Indeed “bitters” (plants with a bitter taste) have a healing and tonifying effect on digestive system overall. So if your tummy is upset a lot through this process, note how the apricot kernels and other bitter plants or teas impact your digestive system. Often, bitters will help the bowels move (which is vitally important when you’re going a parasite cleanse) and they have a soothing effect overall.


Don’t overdo it on the apricot kernels. They can cause stomach upsets in large quantities so pace yourself and instead of eating a lot of kernels once or twice, commit to eating 5 to 20 of them every day in batches of no more than 4 to 5 kernels at one sitting.


Another way to boost your Vitamin B17 levels is to drink Jason Winter’s Tea, which contains Red Clover, a plant that’s also high in Vitamin B17 and well-known for it’s preventative and healing effects on cancer.


Iodine is one of the most scandalized trace minerals currently known to man. Our bodies require a certain amount of iodine in order to survive, but not just any source of iodine. We need a combination of potassium iodide and iodine. When you feed your body a sufficient amount of iodine, your thyroid gland and reproductive organs wake up and begin to function normally. You feel awake, aware, and alive. And when these organs are functioning normally, the body becomes healthier overall.


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But iodine is a complex story. Maybe you think that you’re getting plenty of iodine by eating iodized salt and by taking vitamin supplements, but what you may not realize is that other substances in the environment (like fluorine in the water supply or bromine in breads, soda, insecticides, on furnishings and even clothing) compete with iodine in the body. When fluorine and bromine lodge themselves in the thyroid gland iodine can’t perform its health-giving functions. Women who have too little iodine may have fertility issues or develop reproductive organ cancers such as breast or ovarian cancer. Men with too little iodine may develop prostate cancer. And both men and women can suffer from low libido due to low iodine levels in the body. Both genders tend to gain weight easily and suffer from obesity when they don’t consume enough iodine. 3

Many experts believe that an iodine deficiency makes the body prone to immune system dysfunction. By supplementing with iodine and potassium iodide (Lugol’s or Iodoral–Lugol’s is a liquid you can put on your skin or in liquids to drink and Iodoral is the same thing in pill form), patients who are self-treating for parasites can boost their immune system as the intestinal worms are dying. The immune system boost can help the body become more resistant to hosting new parasites when the eggs hatch and the cycle starts over again. 3


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One of the most important things you can do during a parasite cleanse is keep the bowels moving. To achieve this end, you can either do regular, weekly (or even daily) enemas or you can take senna, an herb that stimulates the bowels to move. If you opt to take senna, be sure that you take time off from the herb to avoid becoming dependent on it.

DIGRESSION: An herb known as Mucuna pruriens that’s related to senna has mild antiparasitic effects and it also has the added benefit of lowering stress levels by increase dopamine levels in the brain. M. pruriens can be used to treat depression as well as Parkinson’s Disease or Lewy Body Disease because it contains L-Dopa, a precursor of the neurotransmitter dopamine. M. pruriens is a bean and it stimulates the bowels and it also lifts mood. I’ve even recommended its use with clients to help them overcome methamphetamine addiction and I used it for myself to break an addiction to Facebook! So, if you’re struggling with a parasite infection, consider taking a daily dose of 1000- 6000 mg of Mucuna pruriens to boost your L-Dopa levels, enhance your mood, and keep your intestinal tract moving!

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A lot of people resist doing enemas because it seems like such a weird thing to do! Who does enemas, right? But enemas used to be one of the mainstays in medicine going all the way back to ancient Greece and Egypt. The pharaohs had special rooms where they performed enemas on patients using bamboo branches. Again, you have to think of your digestive system a your Long Tube (your own personal ecosystem) that runs through your body that is, for all intents and purposes, open to the outside world and colonized by communities of creatures we have neither chosen consciously nor fully understand. Enemas can give you a sense of control over the process of getting rid of parasites by helping the detoxification process go more smoothly. I don’t go anywhere without my enema kit now that I understand how and why enemas work. When you’re cleansing your body of parasites (or just about any other type of infection), an enema can make the difference between having an awful day of headache and body aches (a detox reaction) or having a pretty normal and okay day where you feel a little tired, but things are clearly looking up.

Alkalize to Get Rid of Parasites

Finally, if you want to bring out the big guns and hasten the process of getting rid of parasites and restoring your health, you might consider alkalizing the body. There are several ways to do this. One of the cheapest ways to alkalize the body is to buy sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and drink 1 teaspoon in water, 5 times per day for 3 weeks (be sure to take it 30 minutes before eating or it can cause indigestion by neutralizing stomach acid). Take one week off from the protocol and then continue with it for another 3 weeks. Measure your internal pH with pH testing strips. Don’t do this type of therapy half-way! It’s important that you make sure to get your pH up to between 7.0 and 8.0 using the baking soda and keep it there for the full 3 weeks by taking the baking soda throughout the day. You can also bathe in baking soda to keep your pH high (alkaline).

Another way to alkalize is to do Cesium Therapy. Parasites dislike an alkaline environment and Cesium is one of the most potent substances you can use to alkalize.

If you have children, it may be challenging to administer sodium bicarbonate during the day and some parents might hesitate to do Cesium Therapy just because it’s foreign to them. If you have the funds, I would recommend investing in a Kangen machine to purify and alkalize water. A Kangen machine is a worthwhile investment for treating or preventing a wide variety of diseases from cancer to the common cold.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Though most human pathogens (infectious organisms) in the body prefer a neutral pH of 7, there are some pathogens that thrive at a high pH. Vibrio cholerae, for example, really likes to live in places with a pH between 8.0 and 11.0. So, if you have stomach problems and you don’t what’s causing them, consider getting a diagnosis first before alkalizing the body. You definitely want to avoid creating a better or more amenable environment for pathogens to multiply.


Most people who are suffering from a parasite infection would do just about anything to regain their health, but it’s best to start with some simple strategies at first. Taking anti-parasitics can reduce the population of worms. With each dose of anti-parasitic agents, another batch of parasites are killed and though new eggs are laid and re-infection occurs at every cycle, the immune system, if properly boosted, can fight off re-infection with new parasites. Taking vitamin B17 and iodine during self-treatment of parasites can help patients progress more quickly to regain their health and more importantly, once the infection has been resolved, patients who continue taking these vitamins are less likely to develop a new parasite infection in the gut.

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