Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for cancer.


pH is a measuring stick used to measure the acidity/alkalinity of solutions that contain water.

The lower the number on the pH scale, the more acidic the solution is. Higher numbers indicate that the solution is “basic” or alkaline.


What does pH measure?

Most people remember acids and bases from high school. And we all have everyday experiences with both acids and bases (which are alkaline). We all know what battery acid is, for example. We know that battery acid is corrosive, and that we should avoid getting it on our skin and clothes. And everyone knows what lye (sodium hydroxide) is too. Lye is used to make soap and as with all bases, it’s slippery when wet. Lye is caustic and just as dangerous as battery acid.


The difference between the high pH of battery acid (pH 1) and the low pH of lye (pH 13) has to do with the number of positive hydrogen ions (H+) in proportion to the number of negative hydroxide ions (OH) floating around in the solution. In pure water, there’s an equal number of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in the solution. In acids, there are more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions. In alkali solutions, there are fewer hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions.

pH Therapies: Effectiveness

The pH therapies for cancer are important because, for one thing, they’re systemic. They treat the whole body and, with the exception of pH neutral tumors (which don’t respond well to pH treatments), the pH therapies target all different types of cancers. For the most part, the pH therapies for cancer are relatively simple and straightforward and they work fast. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, pH therapies can help you change your body chemistry to make it unfriendly to cancer within days or hours.


Understanding the pH therapies is important for other reasons too. Cancer diets are an integral part of practically every cancer protocol in part because diet plays a role in the body’s pH but also because diet plays a role in building the immune system (in part because of its mediating effect on pH) . The diet you follow can help stabilize your body’s pH in the alkaline range. What this means is that if you follow a diet that avoids all animal products and refined sugars along with other highly acidic foods like vinegar, your body will become more resistant to pH changes that can result from things like a healing crisis.

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