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Most patients in the U.S. and Europe are familiar with laser technologies, ultrasound, magnetic resonance, PET, and a few other sophisticated treatments that use heat, energy, or vibrations for treatment or diagnosis. Americans in particular, are enamored with technology in medicine (in comparison with Europeans, for example). Technology has become psychologically equivalent to “effective” in the minds of Americans who have been exposed to the media (television, radio, Internet) without reading the scientific research and statistics about the technologies their being sold in clinics and hospitals.


High-tech in conventional medicine is not advertised as “vibrational” medicine even when it is vibrational medicine. The only real difference between vibrational medicine tools and the technologies used in hospitals and clinics is a disparity in the amount of advertising dollars spent on them. Surgeons choose which laser to use for surgery based on frequencies and wavelengths. Not all lasers are the same. Lasers could be classified as “vibrational medicine” since they make use of energy and vibrations to treat patients. Unfortunately, however, lasers are rarely (if ever) used to their full capacity in conventional medicine. But that doesn’t stop patients from being awed when the doctor announces that lasers will be used for surgery or some other procedure. Many American patients derive a sense of assurance from a doctor’s use of high-tech instruments like lasers even though these instruments can cause 2nd or 3rd degree burns and fuse patient’s internal organs together. Despite their vibrational nature, lasers are not included in this section of vibrational treatments for cancer. Instead, we’ve chosen to put laser therapies in the section on technologies used in conventional medicine along with a warning to patients about being lulled into treatments on the basis that they’re high-tech and therefore (seemingly) more effective than treatments that have been in use for decades or even centuries.


The vibrational therapies in this section of the book are those that have not been absorbed into conventional medicine and used as “technologies”. In fact, many of these therapies have been actively spurned by conventional medicine and The Cancer Industry because of their effectiveness. Though vibrational medicine and the therapies presented in this chapter may seem obscure and new to a lot of patients, many of them have been in use for centuries because they work.


The Bob Beck Micropulser for example is a device that emits tiny pulses of electricity into the body. It was developed on the basis of ancient historical records from Rome that detailed healing accounts of people who had encounters with electrical torpedo fish. But this treatment modality is buttressed by other vibrational therapies such as Biomagnetism, that acknowledges the value of biomagnetic energies to strengthen the blood, alkalize the body, kill microorganisms, and enhance blood flow through the arteries and veins. Red blood cells stack themselves when the body is diseased. And doctors have observed that anticoagulants can prevent metastases though few patients are aware of this fact. Both Biomagnetism and the Micropulser use electricity to energize the tissues and kill pathogenic microorganisms with electrons. Our bodies are electrical and electricity can be used to restore health without harming normal, healthy cells.


Vibrational therapies are often surprisingly effective at what they claim to do. All of them are non-invasive and in the vast majority of cases they can be used in conjunction with other cancer treatments including conventional medical treatments such as chemo, radiation, and surgery.


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