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Quick Summary

On the Bob Wright Protocol, patients spend two weeks doing a pre-treatment (to avoid developing a debilitating Herxheimer Reaction) followed by the consumption of Kangen Water to quickly raise the pH inside cancer cells. The timing of the treatment as well as the speed with which the pH is raised are important factors that lead to success using this protocol. The Bob Wright Protocol is a powerful treatment option for advanced cancer patients as well as patients with fast-spreading cancers.

Detailed Information

Bob Wright was the Vice President of sales for an American aerospace, electronics, and space company. He spent 25 years independently researching cancer cures to develop the Bob Wright Protocol [6].


The most important thing to remember about the Bob Wright Protocol is that the pH of the body must be raised quickly and at the right stage in the treatment protocol. Do not attempt to skip stage 1 and proceed directly to stage 2. When you do stage 2, commit to the protocol completely and follow the instructions strictly [1].


Somatidian Theory

The presence of infectious microorganisms inside cancer cells was discovered originally in 1890. This infectious microorganism is pleomorphic which means that it changes size and shape depending on environmental conditions and other variables [1].

Dr. Livingston-Wheeler was a cancer researcher who rediscovered and researched a cancer-causing mycobacterium in-depth that causes normal, healthy cells to turn into cancer cells. These cancer-causing microorganisms are unique in that they change shape. Sometimes they look like bacteria. Sometimes they look like fungi or viruses. In addition to Dr. Livingston-Wheeler, Dr. Isaac Goiz (developer of biomagnetism), Dr. Gaston Naessons (developer of the 714-X treatment) and Dr. Royal Rife (developer of the Rife Machine), all described microorganisms with nearly identical characteristics including the organism’s ability to change shape [1][2][3][4].


The Bob Wright Protocol targets these cancer-causing microorganisms by changing the pH inside cancer cells. These microorganisms excrete acidic mycotoxins inside the cancer cell which block the production of fuel (ATP) for the cell, causing normal, healthy cells to become weak, sick, and cancerous. The microorganisms consume large quantities of glucose while secreting an enzyme coating as protection around the cancer cell. The enzyme coating makes it hard for the immune system to identify the cell as cancerous and it also makes it easier for the cancer to spread by cutting a path through healthy surrounding tissues [1].


By killing the cancer-causing microorganisms, health can be restored.


The complicated thing about killing these microorganisms has to do with their shape-shifting abilities. The shape and size of the microorganism, their infective abilities, and the symptoms they cause changes based on the internal pH of the cell. There are 16 different sizes/shapes that these microorganisms can take according to Dr. Gaston Naessons though other doctors have observed up to 42 different sizes and shapes. The smallest size of the microorganism is called a “somatid” [1].


Somatids are dormant/hibernating cancer-causing microorganisms. They can’t be killed, but when they’re in a dormant state they function to enhance the immune system by stimulating it in a healthy way. Once they become dormant, they tend to remain dormant for about 6 months at a time before they “wake up”. At this time, if the cancer patient has not repaired the internal environment that led to the development of cancer in the first place, the somatids begin eating sugar and growing larger and larger, changing shape into infective, cancer-causing microorganisms again. A patient who “cures” their cancer may have a relapse 6 months later because of this phenomenon. On the other hand, a patient who successfully changes their diet and alkalinizes their body will still have somatids (because somatids are ubiquitous and exist in all living creatures), but the somatids will only go through a healthy life cycle that stimulates and enhances the immune system [1].  


The good news is that the cancer-causing microorganism in its wakeful, non-dormant state can be killed. The Bob Wright Protocol attempts to kill the microorganism while it is still in an infectious state. This goal can be accomplished by raising the pH inside the cancer cell very quickly and to a high level using high-pH water made using a Kangen Machine [1].


Pre-treatment with MSM/LIPH

Sounds simple enough except that raising a cancer patient’s pH can cause a severe and debilitating Herxheimer Reaction due to the heavy load of microorganisms and toxicities in the patient’s body. As such, it’s important for patients to do a 2-week pre-treatment with MSM/LIPH to remove excess microorganisms in the blood and prepare the body for high pH levels. During this pre-treatment period, patients must NOT drink Kangen water or attempt to raise their pH levels using another pH therapy [1].

Bob Wright Protocol Phases

The Bob Wright Protocol is used to raise the pH inside the cancer cell. Raising the internal pH of the cancer cell kills the cancer-causing microorganisms which allows the cancer cell to revert back to normal. Patients use a Kangen Machine to make high-pH water [1].


This protocol is carried out in two phases:


  • Phase I – 2 weeks


During this phase patients take MSM/LIPH to kill microbes in the bloodstream [1].


Kangen water is NOT consumed during this phase of the treatment [1].


  • Phase II – lasts indefinitely


During this phase, patients follow a special nutritional protocol while continuing to take MSM/LIPH supplements along with other, additional supplements. Patients also begin drinking the alkaline Kangen water [1].


Robert G. Wright founded and directs the American Anti-Cancer Institute to educate people about the actual causes of cancer and how to cure it. He wrote the book Killing Cancer Not People [6].

Safety and Effectiveness

The Bob Wright Protocol is a powerful and effective anti-cancer remedy, but it’s important that patients understand the dynamics of the treatment strategy as well as the somatid lifecycle of the cancer-causing microorganism in order for it to be successful [1].

How the Bob Wright Protocol is Administered

The Kangen Machine produces water that has a pH as high as 11.5. Patients must drink the high pH water throughout the day (and not all in one sitting) [1]. This high pH water is administered daily according to the following formula:


¾ ounce of 11.5 pH Kangen water per 1 lb of the patient’s body weight up to one gallon per day [1].

Possible Negative Effects

Patients must follow the instructions for the protocol exactly or else they risk having a strong detoxification reaction (Herxheimer Reaction) from raising their body’s alkalinity too quickly [1].

Other Important Information

Alkaline water has been shown to have a positive impact on the following diseases (click to see research supporting the use of alkaline water for each disease):


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