Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for Candida albicans or any other disease.

The Candida Diet is the most commonly known cure for Candida albicans, but if you’re struggling with this affliction, treat it as though you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and choose from one of the alternative cancer treatments at this site. In other words, don’t do chemotherapy or radiation, but follow a cancer diet, eat apricot kernel seeds, take an iodine supplement and pancreatic enzymes and consider using the Budwig Quark recipe as well. Alkalinize your body using Cesium Therapy or Baking Soda Therapy. Or drink Jason Winter’s Tea or Pau d’Arco (Tabebuia impetiginosa). You have a lot of options, but take the time to educate yourself on how to use each one to regain your health.

Introduction to Candida Cures

The thing about candida and yeast infections that everyone should know and understand is that this disease is related to cancer. This is a scary statement, I know. This is the kind of declaration that might make people want to click over to a different page. But don’t. Cancer is curable and therefore candidiasis is also curable. In fact, it can be cured relatively quickly. But after you cure the problem, you’ll need to build up your immunity and overall health to prevent it from recurring.

Note that there are a variety of strains of Candida. Most of the treatments listed below in this article will work well against all strains including both Candida albicans and Candida auris. 


NOTE: Readers should know that using an over-the-counter vaginal yeast infection treatment or any topical steroid cream, gel, lotion, spray, or tape that contains any of the following ingredients can cause a rebound reaction called Topical Steroid Syndrome that doctors rarely, if ever, recognize in their patients:

— Clotrimazole









–Any medication that belongs to the class of drugs known as “steroids” or “corticosteroids.

These drugs can cause shrinkage of the adrenal glands and corresponding symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome as well as hypertension, diabetes, glaucoma, growth retardation in children, adrenal cancer, severe cytomegalovirus in infants, death of bone tissue particularly at the hip joint, and most importantly, itching, red, burning, peeling skin. Women who regularly use over-the-counter vaginal yeast infection creams may experience redness, burning, and itching that is identical to a yeast infection as withdrawal symptoms from using yeast infection creams that contain steroids and topical steroids. And anyone (male or female) who uses topical steroid creams (that contain active ingredients like hydrocortisone or any medication that belongs to the class of drugs known as steroids or corticosteroids) and who also suspects that they have a candida infection, should consider discontinuing their use of these medications because they have systemic, whole-body effects that are serious and debilitating. Using any of the drugs in the steroid or corticosteroid class of meds in the groin area (including in the vagina) or on the face is systemically exposing themselves to a higher dose of the steroid/corticosteroid because the skin in these areas of the body is thinner. For more information about how steroids and corticosteroids can affect your health, please visit this link.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had chronic vaginal yeast infections, a fungal ear infection, thrush, a chronic foot fungus, a fungal nail infection (onchyomycosis), or general malaise that centers around your digestive system, the Candida cures in this article will help you. If you have a fungus growing on your body, this indicates that the body is in a sort of state of decomposition. I mean, this makes sense, right? But don’t freak out about it. Freaking out won’t help. You can fix this and turn things around if you have the right tools (which are, by the way, affordable and accessible to almost everyone).


The relationship between cancer and Candida starts with something called a “somatid”. Somatids are tiny little specks that are only visible using dark-field microscopy. Normally, in a human body that has an alkalinity level of 7.3 or above, these somatids go through a 4 stage life-cycle that stimulates the immune system and keeps the body strong and healthy. But unfortunately, many Americans have an acidic physiology because the food they eat contains a lot of refined substances like sugar, animal products, and refined flours. As a result of a chronic low/acidic pH, the harmless-beneficial somatids move beyond their normal 4-stage cycles into an entirely different cycle of evolution that includes between 16 and 64 different stages. One of these stages of development is a form of Candida albicans that has the ability to form hyphae and send little invasive branches into the intestinal tissues. But don’t worry too much about somatids. The main thing you need to know is that the problem starts with low pH levels.


Raising the pH levels of your tissues and cells will reverse the fungal infection. Combine higher pH levels (higher alkalinity) with the other treatments I talk about below and you’ll have a powerful protocol that will keep you from having a relapse. This is important because, as you probably already know, Candida albicans can be hard to get rid of and hard to keep away. The key is to improve your overall health while doing specific treatments that will kill the Candida that has taken over and become pathogenic.


For many years, my husband had thrush, geographic tongue, a fungal toenail infection (onchyomycosis), jock itch, and later a fungal ear infection that caused his eardrum to burst. Then, suddenly, the year we moved to Mexico (which was stressful, of course), he suddenly developed melanoma. The treatments in this article were the same ones we used to treat this problem which has literally taken over his body. It has been over 5 years now since he had cancer and once we started this Candida treatment at home, he started to get better within just a few days. (The melanoma spot literally dried up and fell off within 3 days. THREE DAYS! The Candida took longer, but it completely changed his life!)


So while it is possible for Candida albicans to live happily in the body without causing infections, and without sending out hyphae that invade intestinal tissues, the development of a systemic Candida infection that wreaks havoc on human health begins with low pH levels, which is largely the result of diet. But besides the change in pH, the typical American diet (which is low on raw foods and high in animal products) requires a lot of pancreatic enzymes for digestion. Pancreatic enzymes normally “eat” things like pathogenic Candida albicans, and a diet that requires too many pancreatic enzymes for the digestion of hard-to-digest foods leaves no extra circulating enzymes that can enter the bloodstream to stand sentinel against things like pathogenic Candida.


Vitamin B17 Treatment for Candida albicans


And then, as if that weren’t enough, most Americans are also vitamin and mineral deficient. In fact, one important anti-Candida known as vitamin B17 is illegal in the United States. This is important, so pay attention Americans! Vitamin B17 (which also sometimes known as amygdalin or Laetrile) is key to treating all chronic degenerative diseases including cancer, diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, and more. Vitamin B17 is something that exists naturally in apple seeds, grape seeds, and apricot kernels (the almond-shaped seeds found inside the pit). By far, the best source of vitamin B17 in the United States is raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels (about 40 per day, eaten in batches of 4 to 5 at a time throughout the day, ideally on an otherwise empty stomach is a good dose for someone who has a systemic Candida infection.

Iodine Treatment for Candida albicans

Iodine deficiency is another rampant problem in the states that causes problems with immune system function. There is an  overwhelming amount of scientific evidence that has demonstrated that iodine deficiency (which is caused in large part by the ubiquitous presence of bromine and fluorine in the air, water, and fabrics, citrus soft drinks, and more) is one of the primary reasons why breast cancer rates have skyrocketed. Not taking high-dose iodine supplements can lead to all kinds of major health problems including systemic yeast infection. At home treatments using iodine to enhance the immune system will improve your health in a general way, help you get rid of brain fog, banish depression, increase libido, reduce weight, and make you feel awake and alive again.

Iodoral 12.5mg 90 Tablets Yeast Free by Optimox

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Start by taking 12.5 mg of Iodoral daily (above) and increase to the 50 mg Iodoral pills (below) after 1 to 2 months of treatment. Continue taking the Iodoral for as long as you are still living in the United States. Read the article about Iodine for Breast Cancer and Other Reproductive Cancers so that you understand what detox symptoms to expect when you start this part of your anti-Candida treatment.

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Pancreatic Enzyme Treatment for Candida albicans

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Pancreatic enzymes are more than just digestive juices. For a long time, no one in the scientific community realized just how important pancreatic enzymes are for general health. Scientists thought that pancreatic enzymes were released into the small intestine to digest food and that was it. But recently, research uncovered the fact that all of the pancreatic enzymes that are leftover after digesting food are absorbed into the bloodstream. These enzymes are hard to build. It takes a lot of energy out of the body to make pancreatic enzymes, so whatever pancreatic enzymes that are leftover are absorbed into the blood and they circulate through the whole body in a recycling process so that they can be used again. For many years, scientists thought that this recycling process was due to the fact that pancreatic enzymes required a lot of energy to build, but actually, the pancreatic enzymes that make it into the blood vessels do a sweep of the whole body to seek out and find pathogens on their way back to the pancreas. Importantly, they have the ability to eat away at the fibrin sheath that normally envelopes cancerous tumors, making the cancer cells vulnerable to attack by the immune system. And they also attack other types of pathogens including Candida albicans. In a sense pancreatic enzymes work like antibiotics, but you have to have enough of them and few Americans do after they consume a lot of animal products that require a large amount of pancreatic enzymes to digest.

That’s not to say that you should never eat animal products. On the contrary, animal products are the only dietary source of vitamin B12 in the human diet and vitamin B12 is absolutely essential to good health. You’ll need plenty of vitamin B12 to overcome a Candida albicans infection, but you can take vitamin B12 supplements while you’re doing your Candida Diet along with pancreatic enzymes and avoid animal products until you’ve overcome the infection.

So now that you understand the basics of how you developed a yeast infection and some of the basic at-home treatments for Candida that you can use to reclaim your general health, we can move on to some more advanced treatment options to speed up the healing process.


Using a Candida Diet to Cure a Fungal Infection


If you suspect that you have a systemic Candida albicans infection and you’re trying to figure out how to cure it, you’ve probably seen a lot of web sites and information about how hard it is to get rid of Candida. You’ve probably read about Candida diets with dismay considering the lifestyle changes ahead of you. Many of the Candida diets are pretty restrictive and I won’t lie to you; you need to follow a Candida diet for at least 1 to 3 months. But if you religiously incorporate some of the other treatments in this article into your regime, you’ll make progress faster than you would by just doing a Candida Diet and you’ll be less likely to have a relapse and get sick again. Just be aware that the Iodine and Vitamin B17 supplements (read: apricot kernels if you’re American–in other countries you can just take vitamin B17 supplements in pill form) are something you need to continue to take for the rest of your life to keep yourself healthy and Candida and cancer-free.


You’ve likely run across forums where people are trying to get better, but struggling with the process because they’ve only changed their diet and they don’t know about any of these other treatments. It makes sense that if they’re deficient on iodine or vitamin B17, for example, that their bodies would have a hard time recovering even after they change their diet. Vitamin C deficiency, for example, causes bleeding gums and an overall weakening of tissues throughout the body. Vitamin B17 deficiency leaves the body open to a different type of degeneration that can include fungal infections in different locations throughout the body. And iodine deficiency leads to global hormone problems including low metabolism (and unexplained morbid obesity when combined with high exposure to bromine), low libido, menstruation and fertility issues, brain fog, fatigue, and other awful symptoms like that. But if you have the right tools at your disposal and you understand what you’re doing including how yeast infections develop and how they sustain themselves, you’ll be able to cure yourself. Become an expert on your disease! You won’t be cured overnight, but you will start feeling better as soon as you get past the initial detox process if you use this Candida treatment protocol. I know because I once had a severe Candida infection and so did my husband and my daughter and this is the protocol we used to get our lives back again.


The presence of Candida is a sign that the immune system isn’t functioning at its best so in addition to doing a Candida Diet and taking Iodine, Vitamin B17/Apricot Kernels, and Pancreatic Enzymes, you’ll want to also:


  • Take Bentonite to detoxify the body quickly and to collect and sweep Candida organisms out of the body.
  • Remove heavy metals from the body. In other words, get your mercury fillings removed.
  • Kill the Candida using one or more of the treatments mentioned in this article.
  • Detoxify daily at first and then weekly using enemas. If you don’t do enemas, you’ll feel awful for a longer period of time and it will simply take you longer to regain your energy levels to overcome this problem.


Building the Immune System to Fight Candida Infection


To me, building the immune system always used to seem like an obscure, or maybe even impossible task until I started learning about vitamin and mineral deficiencies (which also seemed obscure in my pre-med days) years ago. But if you’re American or European, the odds are really high that you have several severe vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Get yourself a good multivitamin and take it religiously. Make sure it contains vitamin A, B complex, C, D3, and E along with trace minerals. In the spirit of being brief, I won’t dwell on the multi-vitamin but make sure it’s high quality. When it comes to a yeast infection or any fungal infection, vitamins are definitely your biggest allies! Additionally, you’ll need to get plenty of vitamin B17, vitamin B15, iodine, and selenium. Juicing is a great starter diet if you’re suffering from a systemic yeast infection and you want to get a head start on recovery.

We’ve already talked about Iodine, Vitamin B17, and Pancreatic Enzymes, but below is a quick summary of these essential treatments. I mentioned Iodoral above as an Iodine supplement, but you can also use Lugol’s a liquid version of the same thing (which, by the way, contains potassium iodide AND iodine, which is a different line up of ingredients than Betadine or the iodine that you would use to disinfect a wound).


1. Build Your Immunity to Cure Yeast Infection and Fungus Infections


Buy 50 mg Iodoral or Lugol’s Iodine. Take at least 50 mg of iodine per day (10 drops of 5% Lugol’s or 20 drops of 2% Lugol’s Iodine).

Our Amazon links to powerful cures like Lugol’s Iodine often disappear mysteriously after we publish.
Support our outside vendors by purchasing Lugol’s Iodine here. 



Vitamin B17 is illegal in the United States. You’ll need to buy raw, bitter, organic apricot kernels and eat 20 to 40 of them throughout every day to get an adequate daily dose of amygdalin. Buy organic apricot kernel oil and put it on your skin daily as well.


Pancreatic Enzymes circulate through the body and act a little like antibiotics to kill infectious yeast and fungus growing in your body. Take this supplement to make sure you don’t run out because if you have a yeast infection, you likely have too little of these enzymes!

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 2. Use a Candida Diet to Cure Yeast Infections and Fungal Infections



Quark is a recipe developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig for the treatment of a variety of chronic diseases including cancer.. It’s very simple: 1 part Barlean’s Flaxseed Oil to 2 parts organic cottage cheese. Blend in a blender. Consume immediately, ideally while sitting in the sun. This will make your cellular membranes healthy and it will increase your body’s electrical voltage which ultimately means that it will make you generally healthier. It should be a part of your Candida Diet along with a lot of raw, organic, whole foods.


In addition to taking Quark you’ll need to follow a so-called “cancer diet” to keep your body alkaline. Eliminate refined sugar from your diet and replace it with coconut palm sugar or honey or better yet, stevia. One of the most straight-forward diets to follow is The China Study Diet which allows people to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole-grain rice, and little to no meat (less than 5% of the diet should be meat). You’ll need to replace your table salt with Himalayan or Celtic sea salt. And I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you cut refined sugar from your diet permanently. Refined sugar does two negative things when it comes to candida: 1) it feeds the yeast and 2) it acidifies the body which makes the body more habitable by all kinds of pathogenic organisms including Candida.


The goal of the diet is to hyper-nourish your body while avoiding as much sugar as possible for the first 1 to 3 months. The sugar is food for the yeast so avoid it! Cutting refined sugars will be difficult for about 2 weeks until your withdrawal symptoms subside, but then, I promise, you’ll adapt to not eating sugar and you’ll feel so much better you won’t be tempted to go back to your old diet ever again.


Eat foods, especially raw or steamed foods that provide lots of nutrients because nutrient deficiency is one of the primary reasons why you have yeast or fungus in the first place. Raw foods and foods cooked at 130 degrees or less still have their enzymes intact and the enzymes will help your body battle the fungal infection. They also contain more nutrients than foods cooked at high temperatures.


Killing the Candida


Milk Thistle 1000 mg - 50 Softgels Yeast Free by Nature's Bounty

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There are a number of ways to kill Candida albicans, but while you kill the Candida, you also need to detox. If you have a severe die-off reaction, this can delay the process of eliminating the infection so you need to go at the process slowly and take care of your liver and kidneys by drinking plenty of water and taking milk thistle every day. I talk more about this below in the “Detox” section.

Sodium Bicarbonate: Alkalize the Body


For 3 weeks, one of your biggest goals will be to alkalinize the body by eating a Candida Diet and by taking doses of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Five times per day you’ll take 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 8 ounces of water 30 minutes before or after eating (otherwise, the baking soda will neutralize the acid in your stomach causing digestive upsets). Purchase some pH strips to test your saliva pH each day. Shoot for a pH of between 7.5 and 8 for these first 3 weeks of treatment.


After 3 weeks of baking soda treatment, you’ll need to take a week off and then start the treatment again. By alkalinizing the body with baking soda, you’ll be making your body uninhabitable by yeast. Take a week off from the baking soda to give your body time to rebalance itself, but continue with all other aspects of the antifungal treatment.


Here is an article about baking soda and the treatment of cancer. Note that if you have a Candida albicans infection or a fungus infection of any kind, you can treat the infection holistically in the same way that you’d treat cancer. This is what I did with my family, and it worked quickly.


If you want to supercharge the alkalization of your body, you could use Cesium instead of baking soda to do it. Cesium therapy is a more powerful alkalizer than baking soda and it will get rid of fungal infections very quickly. Once you’ve ridded yourself of the fungus, then you can continue to build your immunity and your overall health to avoid getting the fungal infection back again. Add to that the use of a Frolov Breathing Device to increase the alkalinity of your body just by breathing and you have a powerful combination to change your pH and overcome systemic Candida quickly and effectively.

Bentonite Clay


Three times per day, put together a mixture of bentonite with water (1 tsp per 8 ounces). The bentonite has the opposite electrical charge of the yeast which makes the bentonite attractive to the yeast. It sucks the yeast up into tiny porous holes and takes them out of the body. Bentonite will help right away to get rid of certain symptoms of a.Candida infection. Continue taking the bentonite until there are no signs of a yeast infection left. Then, take weekly maintenance doses.

Candida albicans can cause leaky gut syndrome and bentonite is a good treatment to begin repairing damage that’s been done by antibiotic use. You can also use the bentonite clay to do a full-body mud mask to pull toxins out of the blood through the skin. The mud mask will help alkalinize your body as well.




In addition to alkalinizing your body with baking soda, you’ll want to order some Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS—also known as Chlorine Dioxide) and DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide). Make a mixture of the MMS:


  • 3 drops of the MMS with 3 drops of the activator—wait 1 minute and then add 1 cup of water and 9 drops of DMSO: drink immediately.

Do this protocol every hour for 8 hours per day until you start to feel better. If it’s too hard on your digestive system, you can also rub this mixture on your skin (make sure your skin has been rinsed with water only because soaps contain ingredients that can be taken into the skin and deeper ares of the body by DMSO, which is a substance that opens cellular membranes). You can change where you put it on your body throughout the day to prevent the development of dry skin. The MMS will soak into your bloodstream and kill the fungus as well as other pathogens in the body. The MMS/Chlorine Dioxide stops working after about one hour though so you’ll need to continue applying it hourly throughout the day until you feel completely recovered from the infection. Be aware that the MMS/DMSO mixture may provoke a strong die-off reaction. If it does, back off to a half-dose and work your way back up to the full dose the course of a week or two.

NOTE: DMSO is an amazing medicinal substance that makes cells more permeable. This is an important feature when battling a disease like Candida albicans or fungus infection, but it increases cell permeability to all substances for about 15 to 30 minutes after application. Be sure to rinse your hands with only filtered water when you use it and avoid making contact between the treated skin and other substances for 15 to 30 minutes after treatment. If it isn’t possible for your to avoid contact with dangerous substances (including fragrances and other chemicals in soap), simply use the MMS without the DMSO. MMS by itself is less powerful than the DMSO/MMS mixture, but MMS will still work to battle the Candida by itself.


Monolaurin and DMSO / Coconut Oil and DMSO

Monolaurin is a chemical byproduct of lauric acid and glycerin that’s made from coconut fat. Coconut oil contains about 50% lauric acid, which is a little less potent than monolaurin, but the two are ultimately related. DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) combines well with coconut oil and can be used to penetrate biofilms that might be covering or hiding Candida albicans in the intestines or vaginal canal. Just be sure to read about DMSO first and understand how to use it properly. This is a powerful tree medicine that deserves respect.

In addition to its anti-Candida activity, Monolaurin can also kill other bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. The ones that have been studied include: Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, Klebsialla pneumoniae, Helicobacter pylori, and Mycobacterium terrae.

Undecylenic Acid


I was living in Mexico when I treated my Candida infection and I wasn’t able to get undecylenic acid there, but I’ve read that other people have had great success using this stuff to cure yeast infection. Thorne Research produces undecylenic acid as Formula SF722. For people who are ready to get on with their lives and get past the Candida albicans infection, it might be worth it to invest in some undecylenic acid to speed up the process.





As you kill the yeast and build your immune system, it’s important to detoxify the body to keep things moving along. A build-up of toxins from the die-off of yeast organisms in the body can stall the body’s ability to heal and recover. So in addition to building the immune system, killing the infectious organisms (Candida albicans), you’ll also need to follow a detoxification protocol.


Enemas for Alkalization


To detoxify the body more quickly, do enemas as needed. If you become constipated, you can do enemas up to 5 times a day. This will help your liver detoxify and help you to feel better more quickly as the yeast dies and moves out of your body. You can make coffee enemas to alkalize the body at the same time or simply add a little baking soda to your enema. This will make your body alkaline more quickly than if you just drink baking soda and water. To alkaline the body even more quickly, add baking soda to your bath water.


Milk Thistle – Silymarin

Take two daily doses of milk thistle per day to help your liver detoxify  and stay healthy while you treat the yeast infection.

Milk Thistle 1000 mg - 50 Softgels Yeast Free by Nature's Bounty

Nature’s Bounty Milk Thistle, 1000mg



Drink plenty of filtered water throughout the day. For extra hydration, consider adding seawater to your water once or twice a day. Adequate hydration is essential for healing and also for detoxification, so don’t skimp on the water!.


While you can expect for it to take up to one year for a Candida albicans infection to clear up using this protocol, you should start to feel better almost immediately with major improvements continuing in an ongoing manner as long as you maintain a healthy low or no-sugar diet of unprocessed, whole foods that keep the body at an alkaline pH.


NOTE: Red Light Therapy as well as Photodynamic Therapy using Red Light and Methylene Blue has been used along with other therapies listed above to cure Candida albicans. Red Light Therapy is gentle and effective and it can help rebuild cellular energy to jumpstart health quickly after a long-standing Candida infection.


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