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Month: March 2018

Cancer Cure Catalog: The 25 Most Famous Alternative Cancer Treatment Facilities Worldwide

  MEXICO:   Tijuana Cancer Treatment Facilities That Offer No Chemo Treatment Options:   Tijuana is a mecca for no chemo cancer treatment. This city’s location right on the border with the United States makes it ideal for people who wish to get alternative cancer treatments while still spending the night in an American city (San Diego, which is located right next door to Tijuana). Be aware that a few of the cancer treatment facilities in Tijuana listed below also offer standard chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but all of them offer integrative medicine and alternative cancer cures worth looking into either as stand-alone treatments or in tandem with a standard oncology treatment plan (depending on your tastes).   Hoxsey Clinic – BioMedical Center   Cost of treatment – $400 – $3000 In-patient facility or room availble – YES Email: info@hoxseybiomedical.com (contact “Mike”—he’s really friendly and prompt in responding to emails) Phone: (International) – 011-52-664-684-9011 ; (Local) – 619-407-7858   The Hoxsey Clinic offers an herbal treatment that’s affordable for even tight budgets.  Patients can travel to the clinic for diagnosis as well as treatment which includes an herbal tea + lifestyle recommendations. Patients can then return home with the treatment and plan to return to Tijuana for a follow-up visit 6 months later. One of my favorite things about this clinic is that it’s easy to connect with a...

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A Bedwetting Cure That Really Works

Recently, a 14-year old young man came to live us. He’s been wetting the bed since he was born and his mom told me that he was really embarrassed about it. A few years ago, our family took a trip to Alaska and brought my daughter’s friend along with us. The friend was 13 years old. On the way there, she wet the bed. She was embarrassed about it, but told us it was normal and that it “happened to her sometimes”.   More teenagers than you’d think wet the bed apparently. In fact, 2.5% of all college students still wet the bed! When this 14-year old came to live with us, I was determined to figure out the problem for him once and for all. Was it his diet? His sleep schedule? I started doing research and I found a book called It’s No Accident: Breathrough Solutions To Your Child’s Wetting, Constipation, UTI’s, And Other Potty Problems by Steve J. Hodges and Suzanne Schlosberg. The book was amazing. The information in the book was presented by a urologist and it made a lot of sense to me. This man says that the cure for bedwetting and chronic UTI’s was discovered decades ago.   Basically, the problem is anatomical. Kids often don’t use the bathroom as often as they should when they’re young, so they hold their poop. And...

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Ritalin and ADHD: What Every Parent Should Know

Parents are under a lot of pressure to make sure their kids perform according to the rules in schools. Teachers are under a lot of pressure to make sure the kids in their classes perform well on standardized tests. School administrators are under a lot of pressure to make sure the school is properly funded. And kids? Kids receive the brunt of all this pressure.   So what’s the solution to this problem? It’s a big, complex problem so the answers are likely to be similarly big and complex. While there are plenty of people who would like to solve it, few of these people are in a position to make changes that will truly make an impact on the big picture. But one powerful force in U.S. culture that has a band-aid for everything is Big Pharma and the school systems are no exception. Enter Ritalin, a central nervous system stimulant that makes kids more docile and obedient.   I have trouble with the idea of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I’ll admit that. I’ve worked with kids in classroom settings and I can tell you that I’ve been glad that some of them were “medicated” with Ritalin before they showed up for class. Their behaviors were truly disruptive and they stole attention from the kids were better able to pay attention to the instructor. I’m aware of...

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Should Your Child Take Ritalin?

Recently, my husband and I agreed to take in a 14 year old boy, Jason, from the United States who’d been struggling in school. His dad was “abusive” and his mom felt strongly that if he were in a different environment, he’d be able to emotionally calm down and focus. We were going to homeschool him in Mexico where we live.   Before he came to live with us in Mexico, we had a number of Skype meeting with him. His mom withdrew him from public school in December and his passport wasn’t scheduled to arrive until February 6th. So John and I worked with him through January doing online meetings and sending him videos and articles to read in the meantime. Often, he complained that he couldn’t watch the videos because they weren’t available or his Internet was down. His mom complained that Jason didn’t finish his chores. He’d vacuum the floor, but then he’d leave the vacuum cleaner sitting in the middle of the room. He’d wash half the dishes and the half that he’d washed were washed halfway. He’d do the laundry, but then throw it down the stairs instead of folding it. Given the problem of abuse in his home, I was undaunted by these reports. They made sense to me. I looked forward to being able to give this kid a quiet environment and...

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