Month: February 2018

Can Entheogens Cure Addiction and PTSD?

Several months ago, I spent some time researching and watching people take entheogens to cure a variety of issues. In a narrow alley in a city in Mexico, I waited with a young man named Othello. He was waiting for Matt, a man who administers Sapito (a substance derived from a certain type of toad) to arrive. Matt is not a shaman and he had only a little bit of training administering Sapito, but Othello hoped this substance would help him stave off cravings for methamphetamines. As we waited, I asked him questions.   “How long were you addicted to meth?”   “Five years.” He told me.   “Why did you choose Sapito instead of Ibogaine for your meth addiction?”   “Because Sapito is cheaper. And it works okay, but I’m addicted to Mexican meth.” He said. “I feel sorry for the people up north.” Othello inhaled smoke from his cigarette and squinted at me as he exhaled. “The meth is a lot stronger up there.”   This was news to me. I’d never considered the possibility that the best meth is imported into the states while Mexicans get the lower quality stuff. Paradoxically, Mexicans might actually be lucky to have lower access to high quality street drugs. But Othello went on to talk about how Sapito helped him manage his cravings for meth. It gives him insight, he...

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A PTSD Cure and PTSD Treatments That Everyone Should Know About

Years ago, I gave birth to a stillborn baby. This was traumatic and although I can’t say that developed full-blown PTSD from it, I was never able to view pregnancy as a magical experience after our stillborn baby was born. I had unresolved fears about pregnancy and although I never had flashbacks or difficulty sleeping or any of the other symptoms of PTSD, I did become cynical about pregnancy. And ambivalent. Years later, after I had some distance between me and the traumatic event, I realized how trauma had affected my life and how it’s even affected how my daughter views pregnancy. Most people at one time or another experience traumatic events in their lifetime, but some people have difficulty processing specific traumatic events for reasons that are fully understood scientifically. These people may have problems releasing the traumatic memories which can lead to the development of PTSD.   I can’t number how many people I know who have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I work with kids a lot and it never ceases to surprise me how many of them have mothers or fathers with PTSD. And it also troubles me when I hear how this problem affects the lives of the PTSD sufferer as well as family members. PTSD symptoms include:   Re-experiencing the traumatic event or events in the form of memories, flashbacks, or nightmares. A...

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