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Month: January 2017

The Quest for the Best Eardrum Surgery in the U.S.

John’s Ear Fungus and Perforated Eardrum Story   It was late June when we discovered that John had a fungal infection in his ear. I’m not sure how long he’d had the infection. He’d been complaining about an ear ache off and on for a little while, but it didn’t seem like anything serious. The pain was mild and it would come and go. But one night, on the way home from a trip to the mountains in Colorado, John started complaining about it more. It was really bothering him. So we stopped at a Walmart to see if they had an otoscope for sale. Luckily, they did.   When I looked in John’s ear with the otoscope, I wasn’t expecting to see what I saw. I’d shadowed General Practitioners for several years and so I’d seen inside normal, healthy ears. But John’s ear canal was filled with “mold”, or at least that’s what it looked like. I’d never seen anything like it. Black and white stringy tendrils filled his ear canal. I couldn’t even see his eardrum. A few hours later, the pain was suddenly relieved, but John said he couldn’t hear out of it very well. John’s eardrum had “popped”. We’d discovered the fungal infection in his ear too late.   I regret now that I didn’t just have an otoscope on hand for situations such as...

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Interstitial Cystitis Treatment Options for Women Who’ve Tried It All

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for cystitis or any other disease. WE’VE INCLUDED LINKS BELOW TO PRODUCTS THAT HAVE A REPUTATION FOR BEING OF HIGH-QUALITY AND APPROPRIATE FOR HOLISTIC TREATMENT. THESE AFFILIATE LINKS HELP FUND THIS WEB SITE AND KEEP IT GOING. I’m a healthy person overall. But I’ve had my fair share of health issues. Most of the people who know me probably don’t know that. When problems arise, I tend to be downright secretive about whatever ails me. This blog is my outlet though. I don’t tend to discuss my health problems when they’re afflicting me but I do like to share my experiences about treatments that work so that other people can perhaps find relief for similar problems too. I’ve written about interstitial cystitis in a previous article that was composed about 2 years ago. It has some of the same information here combined with my experiences with intestinal parasites. I’m rereading it and updating it now (2020) to include treatments I’ve become aware of since I last wrote this article. Several years ago, my daughter and I wrote a series of books called The Cancer Cure Catalog and much of this web site is now devoted to a discussion about these cancer cures. We’ve traveled to over forty countries together and in almost every one we sought out traditional cures for different diseases....

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Side Effects of Abdominal Mesh for Groin Hernia

Before I write blog posts for AlivenHealthy, I always do keyword research to try to find the best search terms that will help readers find my posts in search engines when they need them. Doing keyword research for health-related issues is always interesting because it can tell me a lot about the trends. For example, while researching keywords for this post, I first researched the words “hernia surgery”. According to the results, few people do a Google search for “hernia surgery”. On the other hand, a LOT of people search for the words, “No Mesh Hernia Surgery”. Why is that?   I have a theory…   When I was about 5 years old, I thought it would be fun to lift weights like my dad did. Unfortunately, in doing so, I ended up with an inguinal hernia. It took some time for my parents to realize that I had the hernia and then, when they took me to the doctor, he refused to diagnose me. I had chronic urinary tract infections for a year before he finally admitted that I needed surgery. This was back in the early 1980’s and, once diagnosed, the surgery was quick and simple. They used general anesthesia, made an incision in my lower abdomen, sewed up the abdominal muscles with stitches, and then sent me back to recovery. Thirty-five years later, after several years...

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On Endovascular Surgery, Fluoroscopy, No Mesh Hernia Surgery, Gallbladder Removal, and the Metal Coil for Intestinal Aneurysms

MY MOM’S STORY   As a medical writer who specializes in writing about controversial topics, I have a good sense of what’s hype and what’s not on the Internet. This ability to recognize the bullshit is really helpful to me in day-to-day life when everyone I love in the world is happy and mostly healthy. It’s easy to sift through all the crap to find information about things like toxins in shampoo, or how eating a gluten-free diet can totally change your life for the better. When there’s no time pinch and no emergency, I can wade through all the misinformation to find the good stuff. But recently, my mom started vomiting blood. She was bleeding profusely from her rectum. She passed out in a pool of blood. It happened very suddenly and there was little to no time to do research and try to figure out the best course of action for her. She was swept up into the hospital and transferred twice to bigger cities for procedures I’d never heard of before. I was on the road, driving or talking to doctors and I was grateful for every bit of information online that helped me and my family make decisions for my mom.   My mom is not someone who watches what she eats. She thinks that alternative medicine is only a last resort and that it’s...

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