Month: May 2015

Can interstitial cystitis be cured?

I’ve had problems with cystitis since I was a little girl. When I was 4 years old, I wanted to be like my dad and so I tried lifting some of his weights. I ended up with a hernia from my weight-lifting escapade and I was misdiagnosed by doctors for 6 months. This supposedly predisposed me to cystitis or at least, that’s what I’ve read.   I would get a urinary tract infection about every three months after my daughter was born. Doctors theorized about my problem. One doctor told me it had to do with sexual intercourse. Another told me I had “Reiter’s Syndrome”. Yet another told me I had fibromyalgia.   Once I realized that doctors were not going to help me solve my problem, I started looking more closely at my lifestyle. I decided to stop drinking coffee.   It wasn’t uncommon for me to drink 3 pitchers of coffee a day at the time when I decided to quit. I had often wondered if coffee causes bladder irritation, but I was addicted. After months of bladder irritation, I was ready to quit drinking coffee despite my addiction. Since I’ve quit drinking coffee, I’ve had less than one UTI per year. As of the time of this writing, I haven’t had a UTI in five years.   What’s interesting about coffee though is that coffee and...

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Why Your Doctor Never Told You about Parasites

I guarantee that once you understand how our medical industry works in the United States, you’ll never blindly trust your doctor again. I can’t illuminate all of the capitalistic caveats that have caused our healthcare system to become so out-of-whack, but I can tell you some of the reasons I’ve encountered so far to explain why doctors don’t diagnose parasites.   The most comprehensive discussion of the healthcare problems and the politics that keep them from changing is offered in the book World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin. But below is a story about my own experiences with the medical system:   Let me begin this story by talking about my university days as a pre-med student back in the 1990’s when HMO’s were a hot topic and we were all worried about socialized healthcare. To build my resume and increase my chances of getting into med school, I decided to work as a teacher’s assistant for Human Anatomy at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. I worked under Dr. Woodman with about 10 other students dissecting cadavers and teaching the lab portion of the class two times each week. It was a challenging class and a lot of students struggled through it. There were two students in my lab section that did particularly well. There was one student who couldn’t even spell the word “arm”. All three...

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Treatment of Parasites for Humans

There are a number of treatment options available for people who think they may have parasites. When we first realized that we might have parasites, we took herbs. No regrets on this because a “heavy worm load” can sometimes cause an impaction if you kill too many parasites all at once. The herbal treatments offered slow and steady progress, but when I say slow I mean SLOW. After using herbs for about 2 months to work on our infection, we decided to order Pyrantel Pamoate, a drug we were able to get online easily. Pyrantel Pamoate for Parasites in Humans The pyrantel worked much more quickly, but we would have die-off symptoms for about 5 days during each treatment. We always took 3 doses (there’s a dosing guide on the bottle) over the course of 3 consecutive days because we suspected that we had a hookworm infection and the hookworms will only die after 3 doses over 3 consecutive days. Each month, the die-off symptoms got less and less and we felt better and better. It took about a year of doing monthly treatments to feel like we’d totally gotten over the problem. Albendazole or Mebendazole for Parasites in Humans In addition to using pyrantel pamoate, we would use Albendazole on alternating months. We actually took a sheep/goat medication called Valbazen. Like the pyrantel pamoate, we took a dose...

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Parasite Symptoms: Our Experience

Let me start by giving you some background information about us:   My husband (42 years), my 15 year old daughter, and I (39 years) had no reason to believe that we had parasites. It’s been about 5 years since we stopped eating in restaurants both at home in the United States and abroad. Yes, we travel overseas, but we don’t even eat the food served on airplanes. On long trips, we eat peanut butter and raisins pre-made by yours truly. We wash our fruits and veggies thoroughly, after soaking them in chlorine, we cook all our own food (or starve), and we’re compulsive hand-washers. We’ve struggled with various food sensitivities which is why we’ve avoided restaurants and food that we don’t prepare ourselves, but now, I’m learning that many of our allergies aren’t allergies at all, but rather, symptoms of a parasite infection.   Even though I completed a pre-medicine curriculum during my undergraduate degree, spent 2 years shadowing a general practitioner, a semester shadowing a psychiatrist, attended medical school camp in high school, and worked in a long-term care facility for five years, I never once encountered parasites in patients (or so I thought). I have a Master’s Degree in psychology and I’ve spent time shadowing psychiatrists in different settings. Through all my schooling, including microbiology classes, I only attended one lone parasitology seminar during my final...

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