Fertility issues can cause all kinds of woe and stress in a woman’s life. One of the best ways to approach fertility issues is to make yourself healthier overall both emotionally and physically.

Introduction to Alternative Infertility Treatments

Disclaimer: Consult with a doctor before deciding on a treatment plan for infertility or any other disease.

I always felt like I’d find an explanation someday for my fertility issues. I have one healthy child but my husband and I have had two miscarriages and one stillbirth. I’m not infertile. I can conceive. But for me pregnancy usually only lasts about three months and then I have a miscarriage. As time went on, my pregnancies lasted for shorter and shorter periods of time. First, we had a stillborn baby at 5 months. Then, a year later, I had a miscarriage at 4 months. Five years ago we had another miscarriage at 3 months.


Recently, it’s come to my attention that I (and my husband and my daughter) have an infestation of parasites in our intestines. You can read more about our parasite story here but suffice it to say, I thought I was going to die from this infection and so I started looking for a solution to the problem. And I didn’t find it at a doctor’s office. I found the answer in forums and individual posts by people with stories similar to mine.

But while this article is technically about parasites, women who are struggling with fertility issues should also learn more about iodine deficiency and vitamin B12 deficiency because in addition to parasites, a lack of these two essential nutrients is very likely at the root of a lot fertility problems. Though parasites may be the most obvious problem, I believe now that my fertility problems had to do with an iodine deficiency (most American women are severely deficient in Iodine) and a vitamin B12 deficiency (I was vegan and it never occurred to my doctor to suggest that I get a vitamin B12 shot or take vitamin B12 supplements). I’ve linked to articles that I’ve written about both iodine and vitamin B12 above, but the iodine article I’ve linked to is about iodine and cancer. Don’t let deter you from reading it though because it contains information every woman should know not only about iodine and breast cancer, but also how to take iodine, how much to take, and what to expect during their bromine detox. The information in this article about cancer is the same information you would need if you were taking iodine for fertility problems.

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So what does an intestinal parasitic infection have to do with female infertility? Some worms will crawl out of your butthole to lay eggs at night and then “get lost” and go up the “wrong hole” into the uterus or the bladder. Inside the bladder and the uterus, they may lay eggs or take up residence creating all sorts of disruptions (including cystitis, for example). Parasites in the ovaries could cause the ovaries to shut down (theoretically that is, although I doubt that studies have been done on parasites and human ovaries). The ovaries are the organs that make female sex hormones and so it would obviously be undesirable to have a parasite in an ovary hijacking your body’s hormonal balance, especially if you’re trying to conceive.

Parasites in the uterus may compete with an embryo for resources ultimately leading to a miscarriage or a stillbirth. It makes me angry to think that doctors could have suggested a parasite cleanse before I became pregnant (or even following a miscarriage). Conventional medicine doesn’t acknowledge the existence of parasites. If you buy a CDC yellowbook to read about all of the major diseases worldwide, the authors make it sound like Americans and Europeans are somehow immune to parasite infections. But Americans and Europeans are, in many ways, more susceptible that citizens of other countries because we live with domestic animals as pets! We deworm our pets regularly, never realizing that we can get hookworms, pinworms, and roundworms from our dogs and cats! In fact, we don’t catch parasites directly from other people, but rather from places. Parasite eggs are often deposited on the ground or in the air and we pick them up from our surroundings and get “infested” with these creatures.

But don’t let the idea of parasites scare you to death. Everyone needs a few parasites to survive! That’s right! A few parasites in your gut will actually prevent you from developing debilitating allergies to things like cleaning detergents and regular dust. People who have no intestinal parasites will often experience crippling allergies. The only cure is to go to Cameroon to get a tiny envelope of hookworm eggs. Apparently, helminths (intestinal worms) are often simply a healthy part of a diverse ecosystem in the human gut. But if you have too many, you can end up with fertility issues, intestinal problems, headaches, foggy-headedness, lethargy, and more. So, when you do a parasite cleanse, the goal is always to reduce the number of parasites, not to eliminate them completely!


But returning to my story of infertility. At the ultrasound while our stillborn baby was still alive, my husband and I commented to each other about how skinny he was. I would guess that there were worms feeding off of my placenta while I was pregnant and our baby starved to death. But if you go to the doctor to talk about parasites, be prepared to be laughed at. To medical doctors in the United States and Europe, parasites that live in the human gut simply don’t exist to them. We’re a “clean” society. A First World Country, for crying out loud! Parasites? Not here. The CDC makes the claim that very few people are infected with parasites in the U.S., but parasitologists won’t lie to you. Parasites are everywhere! Even parasites have parasites! If you want to know why modern medicine resists the idea of parasitic infections, you can read my article, Why Your Doctor Never Told You about Parasites.


But it’s all okay. Your doctor doesn’t have to tell you about parasites because you can learn about them on your own and you can even treat them yourself. In fact, you should treat them yourself, or at least consider treating them yourself with stuff like wormwood, cloves, and black walnut that you can buy online or at the local Whole Foods, Alfalfa’s, or Vitamin Cottage.  People use many of the same plants to cure parasite infections throughout the world from the Amazon to Africa.


Before I say more, I need to make sure that you know that you should NEVER take wormwood during pregnancy because it can cause an abortion. Do a parasite cleanse before you try to become pregnant.



It would be nearly impossible to rid your body of parasites entirely. They’re always going to be there, but the key is to do bi-annual cleanses (unless you’re pregnant and then you’ll have to wait) and to eat foods that keep your intestinal ecology balanced. If you’ve been trying to conceive and had no luck at it, consider doing a parasite cleanse. Be aware that if you don’t feel ill initially, the cleanse may actually make you feel ill. And you might see worms in your stools (you don’t have to look if it grosses you out, BUT if you see them, then you may have discovered the source of your fertility problems!) The reason why a cleanse could make you feel worse rather than better is because as parasites die inside your body, they poop and fart out waste products that your body has to metabolize. You might have headaches and feel achy and generally awful. But, after the cleanse, you should feel more energetic, if you were having menstrual problems, it’s very possible that they’ll resolve themselves (or at least change in some way, which is a good sign), and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be able to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.


In my article Parasite Symptoms: Our Experience I explain a little bit more about our story and in the article Treatment for Parasites I provide our recipe for the parasite cleanse. You can create your own too, but just make sure that you don’t take too much wormwood. Wormwood is a potent herb and it is possible to overdose and die from it. Start with a lower dose and then increase the amount that you’re taking slowly over a few weeks. If you take a high dose at the beginning of a parasite cleanse you might feel really awful from a strong die-off reaction. It’s best to go slow at first and increase the dosage amount incrementally.

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If you’re pregnant and you suspect that you have parasites, there are several things you can do. Eat apples, pumpkin seed butter or pumpkin seeds, and tahini for snacks either together or separately. These foods are aversive to parasites. Wash your southern regions several times throughout the day and perhaps once or twice during the night too. This will wipe away extra eggs laid outside the body and discourage transport of parasites into the bladder or uterus. And finally, take Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth twice a day. This stuff isn’t absorbed by your body. It just passes through your intestines and then out of the body. But when it comes into contact with parasites, it slices them open and then dries them out. Then they’re flushed from the body.


You can talk with your doctor about your parasite cleanse, but read this article first before you do: Why Your Doctor Never Told You about Parasites so that you can prepare yourself for your doctor’s reaction. If you’re looking for some of the reasons for infertility in women, parasites are a biggie in the United States. Read my article about symptoms of a parasite infection to learn more about why most people don’t realize that they’re infected.

UPDATE: If you’re struggling with infertility issues and you’re an American, it can make a big difference to take iodine supplements in the form of Lugol’s iodine or Iodoral (6 mg to 50 mg/day). Iodine is an essential trace mineral that’s needed in order for the reproductive organs to function properly. Most Americans are deficient in iodine even if they eat iodized salt and take vitamin supplements that include iodine because fluorine and bromine both compete with iodine in the body. Fluorine is in much of the water supply in the United States and bromine is used as a disinfectant in swimming pools, it’s used as a flame retardant on pajamas, it’s in commercial white breads, soda, and insecticides. So, it’s hard for the average American to get enough iodine in their diet. For more information about iodine deficiency, read Lynne Farrow’s book, The Iodine Crisis.


Be sure to supplement with Lugol’s or Iodoral. Betadine and other Povidone-Iodine solutions contain only one type of iodine, but our bodies need both molecular Iodine (two iodine atoms paired together) and potassium iodide to feed both the thyroid gland and the reproductive organs. Lugol’s and Iodoral contain both Iodide (molecular iodine) and potassium iodide.


Recently, I read about an infertility treatment that makes use of a substance called dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). Dimethylsulfoxide has been FDA approved for use as an interstitial cystitis treatment in pregnant women, but shortly after it was approved, the FDA started working to hurt DMSO’s reputation. DMSO has the potential to seriously change the way conventional medicine works in the U.S. and throughout the globe because it’s one of the most versatile, yet non-toxic pharmaceuticals on the market today.

DMSO can be used to treat a phenomenal number of diseases including cancer. It works by increasing the permeability of cellular membranes and in countries outside of the United States, some doctors are using this substance to help clear out women’s fallopian tubes. In Chile, DMSO has been used successfully in this way to promote fertility among other things. If you don’t know anything about this substance and you’re struggling to conceive, I recommend reading DMSO: Nature’s Healer by Dr. Morton Walker. DMSO is marketed in the U.S. as a “solvent” in order to scare people away from it because this substance is also a potent cancer cure that could be threatening to pharmaceutical industry profits should people learn about it and start using it. DMSO comes from trees and it has a toxicity profile similar to that of filtered water. Contact a doctor in the United States who’s worked with DMSO (there are names listed in the book by Dr. Walker above) to learn about fertility treatments with this substance. It’s something that everyone should have in their medicine cupboard because it can do a wide variety of things from opening the sinuses and curing hard-to-cure infections to regenerating nerve tissue.

If you believe you have parasites, but you’re not sure, I would also recommend looking into a product called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). MMS has also been scandalized by the media. One could argue that the scandal was created around MMS because it’s a cure for cancer (I know this to be a fact because I used it to cure my husband’s melanoma). MMS can provide a variety of health benefits. It is an anti-parasitic as well as an anti-bacterial and an anti-viral. It chelates heavy metals. If you’re having trouble conceiving, consider doing a month-long MMS protocol and see if your health improves. I’ve taken MMS for many things and had some amazing results. I’ve given it to my daughter. And I carry it with me to third world countries. I traveled confidently through Asia to Africa and the Middle East as well as to Mexico and the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic and never got sick. (I also never worried about getting sick because this stuff works really well on influenza and the common cold).

Don’t take MMS while you’re trying to conceive. Under certain conditions it might be okay to take MMS while pregnant, so long as you use the MMS in moderation and in smaller doses. If you experience a detox, back off or even stop taking the MMS completely until the symptoms pass. Since pregnancy alone can be uncomfortable, and women are already in a somewhat more delicate state during this time, the main thing to remember is to use extra caution and to favor comfort whenever possible. Serious health problems, like malaria, for example, may warrant larger doses of MMS in favor of both the mother’s and the baby’s health.


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